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Here’s some more of our wonderful SCARS family.


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Chase He only has 2 1/2 working legs. We do not know what happened, but  he has lived with us for eight years. His one leg was damaged and  had to be amputated, the other is almost useless but the vet says he needs it for balance. He gets around twice a day to take care of business, barks loudly at the other dogs from the safety of his Kuranda bed!!








FredFred was chained to our gate with a heavy logging chain early on a December morning. We took him out of the frigid temperatures, got him warm and fed and off to the vet the next day. He is heartworm positive, underweight and his hindquarters are somewhat of a mystery. This could be the result of a severe infection, hot water scalding or chemical burn. Whatever the case, he is safe and happy now!



Lena Heyden


Ongoing 2014




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Carley -Carley is getting old! Unfortunately she has been returned from four homes and we feel enough is enough and she is staying here. She has supposedly nipped two male owners and peed in the bed several times. Here at SCARS she has not exhibited any of those traits and we love her!!



Dennis Weinbeck


Ongoing 2014/2015




Thelma and Louise - came to us about 8 years ago as a result of a woman being evicted.  It was a blessing for them as their living conditions were horrible.  They were in the dirt and had no food or water and needed to be removed immediately.  The two of them cling to each other and have for all of these years, they cannot be separated.  No one has wanted both of them together, so they are here!!



Karla Van Noy






Zoey - Zoey has been with us for 12-14 yrs now. She came here as a 6 week old pup and over the years battled a ruthless skin condition that had all the vets baffled. Finally, we got to the bottom of it, but by then, her adoptable years had flown by! Her coat is now healthy and she is a happy, but elderly, dog!





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