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Hope and Faith both came from the same house. We were called by the police to take them into our custody. They suffered from severe neglect, starvation, dehydration, heartworms and Hope was crippled. Despite Herculean attempts to save them, they both died after a year from related causes. We just got them too late, but not too late for them to know love and freedom.



If you are interested in sponsoring one of our dogs you can email us at contact@scarsusa.com, or

call or write us at:



P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402

Tel: (785) 256-2976


Include the name of the dog you would like to sponsor, and the desired program level (Hope or Faith).  Let us know if you wish to be acknowledged and we will annotate your dog’s picture with your name and program level (otherwise, we will just annotate that the dog has a sponsor at a particular level).


You can donate monthly to keep a particular dog sponsored, or pay in on lump sum for a number of months.  If you do not want to sponsor a particular dog, you can donate to the general sponsorship fund and we will add you to the newsletter list, and send a certificate identifying you as a general sponsor.



You can also use your credit card, online, through our online payment service.  Click on the banner below to go to the SCARS payment page at JustGive.org.  You can indicate the program level (Hope or Faoth) in the “Designated Donation” field of the payment form. You can identify the name of the dog you are interested in sponsoring in the “Gift Recipient” field of the “Add to Basket” page.


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(When you have completed your donation,

just exit the JustGive page to return here)



If the dog you’re interested in already has a sponsor, you can sponsor them, as well!

Any additional donation will be used for a myriad of other needs - like improving grounds and facilities, vet care for new arrivals and the dogs without sponsors, etc. The additional donations still benefits

your sponsored dog, both directly and indirectly.  You will be recognized as one of your dog’s

sponsors with all the same rewards.


Thank you for your participation!


(to return to the sponsor picture page, click here)



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Please contact us with you questions/suggestions at contact@scarsusa.com.