Julie and Wayne’s Retirement Trip

Spring, 2006



The Second Chance Animal Refuge Society (SCARS)

 4/30/06 - 5/1/06


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Terry leads the welcoming committee….

Maureen, Wayne, and the kids…


Come on in…


Terry has to sit on the coffee table…


Julie gets some loving


(see Chelsea hiding behind her Daddy?)


A Pied Piper leads a walk around the grounds…


A quick swim in one of the ponds (Max holds onto his shoe!)


Julie with her new friend Pooh Bear


Reid joins Maureen, Wayne, and his new friends in the rock garden


When you visit SCARS and Terry & Maureen Cummins, you experience a true Family "Pack"age.  We always suspected it, but now having seen SCARS in-person, we know that Maureen and Terry are real-life heroes, devoting so much time and energy to saving abused or abandoned dogs.  They know every heart wrenching story of the dogs they have saved (in addition to the approximately 50 that live with them, they save another 100+ each year).  They know every detail of the adoption stories, as well, and are so happy when dogs and owners find each other.  They know every name, every bark, every special need, every favorite sleeping spot (one exception: per Terry they do need a DNA sample to figure out the gifts to the lawn :).  Terry handles the maintenance and the money and serves as The Pack Alpha Male.  (The Dog Whisperer would be proud - exercise, discipline, affection keeps everyone happy.)  Maureen is the help line, rescuer, adopter, publicist, launderer, house cleaner, groomer, and feeder.  Two words come to mind:  perpetual motion.  They are the ultimate partnership.  Oh, and all of this is accomplished in addition to both working full-time (obviously no time for TV!).

After hearing the stories of abuse and then seeing how well adjusted the dogs are, you know the Cummins are very special people.  After meeting the dogs, you can't imagine this world without Pooh Bear, Gypsy Rose, Shadow, Casey Jo, Zoey, Porter, Belle, Brandy, Blazer, Dillon, Barley, Ollie, Max, Smokey, Olivia, Angel, Cherokee, Katy, Nugget...Yes, I'm sure you're wondering, is there a lot of hair and drool associated with 49 dogs?  Of course, but there are even more wagging tails, happy eyes, and wet kisses.  You are overwhelmed by only one thing from the minute you step on to the property:  love.  And after a few minutes, everyone settles in to their places and takes a good nap.   That is, except for Terry and Maureen.

Please check out the SCARS web page (maintained by Wayne) – and feel free to donate!





Cheyenne, one of SCARS long time family members, died the day we left from complications during surgery.  She was a wonderful girl and will be sorely missed.




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