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Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402




September 2004







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Tel: (785) 256-2976






As you can see, Terry and Maureen have a rather large family. These are only the dogs that they have kept for a variety of reasons (health, per-sonality, etc.).  Many, many more arrive at SCARS daily, and the Cummins work very hard (and with great success) to find forever homes for all of them.  Remember, SCARS is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization, barely managing through donations sent in by people like you.


They are always in need of volunteers and supplies necessary for the daily care of more than 40 dogs.  If you would like to volunteer, or know of somebody with an interest in lending a helping hand, please call us at the number in the middle panel of this newsletter.  We need volunteers to help groom, feed, and love the dogs. Some of the supplies of which they are in constant need include collars, leashes, rope toys, (no towels), stainless steel dog bowls, canned food and, of course, monetary donations to offset our many costs.



Thanks so much for all your help,

Terry & Maureen Cummins



You can contact us at:


Second Chance Animal Refuge Society (SCARS)

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS 66402

(785) 256-2976



Check out our web site at:


or send us an email message at:



Dear Friends and Family,


I would like to introduce myself and tell you how I came to be the newest rescue dog at SCARS. I had been living (if you can call it that) for seven years confined in a small cage when Maureen and Terry found me. Even though there was “no room at the inn” they did not turn me away.  Apparently, I was in something called “dire straights.” I must admit I didn’t look like much in the beginning.


I went straight to the vet who said I had infected teeth, toenails curling into my feet, and my hind legs were nearly atrophied from living in a cage.  I had to have most of my teeth pulled and I seem to have forgotten how to eat, so Maureen feeds me baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The vet thinks in time I will learn to eat by myself.  I hope so because I sure am getting tired of these peas. 


I guess the baby food is working, because I’m definitely getting stron-ger. It wasn’t very long before Maureen gave me pool privileges.







I’ve heard some awfully sad stories from my new dog friends at SCARS, but they are all healthy and happy now.  They sleep in the house, swim in the ponds and get plenty of good food and treats. They know if the perfect new home isn’t found for them, they have a forever home at SCARS.



There are a whole bunch more, each with their own sad memories that they have all but forgotten now that they are safe and happy.  But all are happy, now that they’ve found a home with Maureen and Terry.


I hope you will find it in your heart to send a contribution to SCARS so that Maureen and Terry can continue to help little guys like me… and big ones too.  Thanks to caring people like you I have a new family, a new home, and a new name.  And when the world seems a bit too big for someone weighing three pounds, I have two furry arms to hold me.





Thanks for all your help,


Ziggy Stardust






If you are interested in adopting (or know of someone interested, and willing to adopt), providing foster care,  sponsoring one of our furry friends, donating some of your time and energy, or simply sending a tax-free donation to help our canine family, you can write us at:


Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402

(if donating, please send checks or money orders only – we cannot take responsibility for any cash sent through the postal mail)


You can also call us at:

Tel: (785) 256-2976


Or email us at:


If you would like to donate to SCARS online, using your credit card, click on the banner below

and you will be presented with our donations page within this charitable donations web site.  It’s easy and completely secure.  Just follow the directions.



(When you have completed your donation, just exit the JustGive

page to return here)


All donations are tax deductible.  Receipts will be provided for all donations.


Thank you so much for your help!!



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