October 2006


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Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402



October 2006




Dear Friends of SCARS,


When writing a new edition of our newsletter I always wonder where to start.  Our days are so busy and the calls for help so relentless it is difficult to capture the challenges of a dog rescue organization such as ours. We constantly hope that the pleas for help will decrease, indicating more owners are keeping and caring for their dogs.  But each year the numbers get larger, the need more desperate, and we forge on. As discouraging as it gets at times, the rewards come when depressed dogs become energetic; thin, starving dogs eat heartily; sick


Enjoying an afternoon walk


dogs become healthy with medical care; abused dogs let you pet them; and dogs who have been isolated roll and play within a welcoming pack.  Watching a dog freed from a life on a chain in the dirt, ignored and unloved, is worth all of the work and dollars it takes to save each life.  And of course the best news of all is when a dog is successfully adopted into a loving home.  Although we encounter many sad and painful situations, our intention in this newsletter is to focus on the good news.  Let us share with you some of the happy endings


Happily ever after…


Ollie’s Story


Ollie was probably our greatest triumph this year.  Abandoned in a backyard, he dragged himself to the door of a neighbor who called animal control.  He was literally carried to the pound where it was evident he would not live without immediate care.  After considerable maneuvering on our part on a Sunday, Ollie was transferred to our care and he began his journey to recovery. (A heartfelt thank you goes out to the two women who held him and kept him alive on the long drive to SCARS.)  He was treated by the vet for mange, severe flea infestation, dermatitis, staph infection and hind leg paralysis.  Shortly thereafter, Dr. Jernigan and I were called as witnesses in an animal cruelty hearing for Ollie whose sole custody was subsequently awarded to SCARS.  See below, the old and the new Ollie.  He is a hero to us and a testimony to the indomitable will of all living beings.


              Ollie before…







                                  Water Therapy





         Ollie now…

P.S. These days Ollie wags his tail continuously – while he eats, walks around the pond, or gets a hug. Thanks to LABMED, Inc. for their kind donation of medicine to help Ollie get back on his feet.

More Happy Endings…















                    A new sofa for the dogs…                                   Porthos (right), quite the lady’s man…





Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

(785) 256-2976


“Do I need a reservation?”

SCARS is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization, located on 50 fenced-in, acres allowing the dogs unfettered access to two ponds and large, grassy fields.  SCARS’ budget is solely reliant on donations sent by people like you.  Your monetary contributions are critical for the success of our sanctuary.  We are also always in need of volunteers and supplies necessary for the daily care of 50 dogs.  If you (or somebody you know) are interested in volunteering please call us at the contact number above.  We also accept donated supplies, including collars, leashes, rope toys, stainless steel dog bowls, and canned food (please, no towels).



Thank you to those who…

Adopt our dogs,

Spread the word about us,

Make donations,

Help with grants,

Provide veterinary care around the clock,

Maintain our web page,

Help transport our dogs, and




Terry and Maureen Cummins

(and their dedicated office staff)



Special thanks to the students of Christ the King School for their generous donations




Olivia and Friends…



In Memoriam



Ziggy Stardust

199?- 2006



Thank you to the National Humane Society in Delaware for their continued support and encouragement.






If you are interested in adopting (or know of someone interested, and willing to adopt), providing foster care,  sponsoring one of our furry friends, donating some of your time and energy, or simply sending a tax-free donation to help our canine family, you can write us at:


Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS  66402

(if donating, please send checks or money orders only – we cannot take responsibility for any cash sent through the postal mail)


You can also call us at:

Tel: (785) 256-2976


Or email us at:


If you would like to donate to SCARS online, using your credit card, click on the banner below

and you will be presented with our donations page within this charitable donations web site.  It’s easy and completely secure.  Just follow the directions.



(When you have completed your donation, just exit the JustGive

page to return here)


All donations are tax deductible.  Receipts will be provided for all donations.


Thank you so much for your help!!


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