October 05


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October 2005







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Dear Friends of SCARS,


We were just putting the finishing touches on our newsletter when Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.  Like you, we watched in horror as stories of in-calculable loss and grief flooded the air waves.  And, as a rescue organization, we immediately wondered what would become of the animals left behind or washed away in this storm of un-paralleled ferocity.  It wasn’t long before national and local humane societies had mobilized and were heading for the region from places as far away as California and Utah.  The “theme” of our September 2005 newsletter was gratitude - ours and that of our 50 dogs.  Now we understand and appreciate more than ever how truly blessed we are. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered so grievously and rallied so bravely in the early fall of 2005.




SCARS is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization, barely managing through donations sent in by people like you.  We are always in need of volunteers and supplies necessary for the daily care of 50 dogs.  If you would like to volunteer, or know of somebody with an interest in lending a helping hand, please call us at the contact number in this newsletter.  We need volunteers to help groom, feed, and love the dogs, supplies include including collars, leashes, rope toys, (no towels), stainless steel dog bowls, and canned food, and, of course, monetary donations to offset our many costs.



Thanks so much for all your help,

Terry & Maureen Cummins




You can contact us at:


Second Chance Animal Refuge Society (SCARS)

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS 66402

(785) 256-2976



Check out our web site at:


or send us an email message at:



Why is this dog smiling?



Pooh gets a bath and brushing


Pooh Bear, our 150 lb. Newfoundland (res-cued from a puppy mill in MO) and the rest of us at SCARS have much to smile about this year. Despite another brutal Kansas winter, 47 canines and two rather weather beaten humans lived to see another spring. While we kept the little dogs warm inside and the big dogs in heated dog houses with lots of hay through ice storms and below freezing temperatures, it was the three day power outage that made us truly one big family. The addition of a generator assured us that both we and our animals would survive the next onslaught.



Some of our friends enjoying one of the ponds


A blistering summer presented yet another challenge. With the help of a groomer who gave all of our dogs some serious haircuts, two ponds, and an air conditioner that never stopped running (our $670 electric bill in one month attests to that) we continued to count our blessings.



Blackie gets a bath from our volunteers


We are grateful this year, as every year, for our supportive community, our volunteers, our wonderful veterinarian, and our one-in-a-million webmaster who keeps threatening to retire but continues to maintain the SCARS webpage.



Our webpage continues to get over 40 hits a day and draws from states all over the Midwest, as well as states back east. In addition to onsite adoptions, we placed over 50 dogs in good homes via our website – dogs that were never on our property. The heartfelt thanks of their owners was all the reward we needed.


We are also grateful for another year with Ziggy Stardust who is now up to 3.4 lbs. While he is still fed baby food four times a day, he now announces his presence with a tiny bark.  He is looking forward to donning his preppy sweater again and enjoying a beautiful Kansas fall.


Each of our dogs is special, and all are loved. Last year we featured Ziggy and this year we would like to tell you about Lola, our beautif6ul, three year old brindle boxer. Lola came to us last summer and was skin and bones. After much TLC she flourished to become a gorgeous 80 lb boxer.



                Ziggy the “Preppie”



On a very black day this summer, we found several lumps on her back and the news from our beloved vet was not good. Her biopsy revealed a virulent, untreatable, and terminal form of cancer common to boxers. Lack-ing any medical recourse, we took her to church. As Lola stood before the altar and the pastor and congregation prayed for her, she must have known how much she was loved.





Lola Cummins

2002- September 15, 2005




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