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Our Departed Friends







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Our Four Legged Friends


(Available for adoption or fostering)


Work at SCARS continues to be both challenging and rewarding.  Many more wonderful and deserving animals have found their way into our lives, some temporarily, others permanently.  The dogs listed below are presently available for adoption.


If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs you see here,

go to our Adoption Application page and fill out an application.


Adoption donation will be determined on a case by case basis.


Click here to read about our friends who have gone to permanent homes.







Barry is a male, Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix of about a year old.  He weighs 50 lbs, is housebroken, and is fine with other dogs and cats.  He has a lot of energy and needs exercise.  Barry was out of time in another state and rescued just in time.  He will make someone a fabulous companion.





Adoption Application





Chief is bit of a challenge. He is only going to work for certain people. He is a Pit/Lab mix and is just beautiful.  Chief is neutered, heartworm negative, up to date on shots.   Chief a house dog although he also enjoys being outside.  He is protective of his person and really needs to be an only dog with someone who wants a running partner and a dog to hang out with.  He weighs about 50 lbs and will bond with someone and be a fantastic and loyal pet.





Adoption Application



Shepherd Mix Pups


We have eleven beautiful puppies who will be up for adoption around January 18th.  They will be spayed/neutered and will have had their first round of puppy shots. Mom is a cross between a Staffie and, maybe Basenji, and dad is a purebred German Shepherd.  The mom is gentle and loving and just about as sweet as she can be. The pups are much like mom, laid back and gentle and PLUMP!!! There are five tan boys and six brindle females!!!




Adoption Application





Frankie is a neutered, nine pound, eight month old, male Corgi/Chihuahua mix. He is so much fun!!  He is playful but absolutely no nipping or yipping which is a wonderful combination.  He loves people and other dogs and deserves the absolute best home ever.  We do not yet know for sure if he is housebroken, but he is up to date on shots and ready for his brand new home!!







Adoption Application





Roy is an eight month old, male Boxer/Pit mix.  He is smaller than he appears in this picture, weighing around 42 lbs.  Roy is neutered and up to date on shots and is a real lover.  When a dog first comes here, he has to be introduced slowly so as to integrate into the pack.  We always use caution with new dogs, but Roy just fit in really fast.  He is friendly and wants to play with all of the other dogs.  We do not foresee any issues with beyond being a great, super and wonderful family pet.









Adoption Application




JJ has been adopted.  His Success Story will be posted shortly.


JJ is a Cairn Terrier of about 25 lbs.  He is neutered and almost housebroken.  He is confusing.  At one family he was not good with the kids, and with another he was fine.  He is good with adults and plays great with other dogs.  JJ is so adorable, he will be great for the right family.










Adoption Application





Sparky is a gorgeous, male Aussie/(perhaps) St Bernard mix.  He is a year old, neutered, heartworm negative and almost housebroken.  He weighs 48 lbs and is gaining weight, but lively.  He shows no aggression at all to people or dogs.  Sparky is a bouncy, happy puppy!






Adoption Application





Lyka is a 2 year old white, female, Australian Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and housebroken and only weighs 32 lbs.  Her owners were going through a divorce and neither one could keep her.  Lyka loves kids and gets along well with other dogs.  However, she is shy around men and will warm up in time.  Lyka has a lot of energy so would need an active family.  She settles down nicely in the house which is a real plus. This girl is really beautiful!



Adoption Application



Dodge City Gang


SCARS recently took in four adorable dogs whose past is a bit murky.  Their home consisted of jail, eviction notices, poker games, saloons and dancing girls.  All of the dogs, except one, are around a year old and are just darling. They are sweet and loving and have been inside dogs!!  They have never been to a vet until this week, and soon they will be totally up to date on everything medical.  We cannot answer about housebroken yet, but it looks promising.



Marshall Dillon is the last of these cuties, still looking for a home!!


Dillon is the eldest of the gang...and therefore the wise one.  The other three go to him for advice, which he dispenses sensibly.  He is probably around 6 or 7 years old, which is not really old for a Chihuahua.  The great thing is he is so loving and gentle, and definitely not an ankle biter!!  Dillon weighs about 7 lbs and adores being around people, and sitting on laps!






Adoption Application




Scooby is a one year old, male German Shepherd mix.  He is neutered and great with dogs and kids weighing in at around 60 lbs!  He was at a local shelter and not doing well....too much energy and guarded his food.  How can you not love this face? He is so sweet and anxious to please, but sort of goofy so he fits his name.  He can jump a 6 foot fence easily!  He does not like to be crated but seems to be ok loose in the house.  He would do best with another dog as a friend or kids to be with. I would not recommend him for a family who is gone all day.



Adoption Application






Bonnie is a two year old, spayed, 50 lb, female, Red Heeler mix.  She is gentle, sweet and housebroken. Bonnie gets along great with small children, cats and other dogs.  Bonnie has that wonderful curled up smile, showing her teeth, when she meets you!  She loves to play in the yard and is enjoying her new found freedom from spending her life in a kennel.





Adoption Application




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