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Our Departed Friends







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Our Four Legged Friends


(Available for adoption or fostering)


Work at SCARS continues to be both challenging and rewarding.  Many more wonderful and deserving animals have found their way into our lives, some temporarily, others permanently.  The dogs listed below are presently available for adoption.


If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs you see here,

go to our Adoption Application page and fill out an application.


Adoption donation will be determined on a case by case basis.


Click here to read about our friends who have gone to permanent homes.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix (Cavapoo)



This is an adorable 4 month old, male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Poodle mix.  He is also known as a Cavapoo!!  He weighs 12 pounds and is soon to be neutered.  He is shy and will need a patient, loving home as he was rescued from a puppy mill in time to have a chance to be normal pet.  We all know they are isolated and he is getting a lot of attention here, but his new home will have to be understanding, knowing he needs a happy, structured environment.




Adoption Application



Welsh Corgi



This gorgeous, purebred, female Welsh Corgi is 8 months old, spayed and weighs about 15 lbs. She is friendly and playful and came to us through a series of interesting events! So far she seems to get along with all ages of people, dogs and we have no information on cats.  We have not come up with a name so her new, and very lucky family, can choose one!









Adoption Application





Sadie is a one year old, female Terrier mix.  She is spayed and housebroken. She is great with kids and other dogs, but cannot be around cats. Sadie is a small dog weighing 28 lbs but could stand to gain some weight.  Her owner is off to college and is gone for many hours a day and she is lonely.  We hope to find her a family with kids and another dog as that is her dream!










Adoption Application





Tobin is a 3 year old gorgeous Mastiff mix male.  He is neutered, housebroken, good with kids and other dogs but no info on cats!  Tobin weighs between 80-90 lbs and his family feels they simply have no time for him. We think he is a beautiful dog.











Adoption Application





Joey is a 40 lb, male, Aussie/Husky mix.  He is neutered and used to be housebroken in his old home but not here!!  He needs to gain weight, but he has tons of energy, loves to play and is great with kids and other dogs. (no info on cats, we do not  have cats here, but there is no aggression with him at all )







Adoption Application






Olivia is a 7 month old, female, Husky/Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and up to date on shots but very timid.  She is afraid of cats and big dogs, but shows no aggression at all.  Olivia weighs about 50 lbs and is lean.  She takes time to gain her trust and shakes when confronted with new situations.  She will thrive in a quiet home with a lot of attention.



Adoption Application





Prolo is an odd name, for sure.  However, he was rescued by the staff of an orthopedic clinic and this is a shot they give to restart your system.  Hence the name meaning a new start to his life.  Prolo ran into the street and was hit by a car and his leg severely injured.  Upon returning to his home, his owner dragged him and blamed him for being hit, closed the door and left him outside bleeding profusely.  Animal Control was called and the owner said he was a stray.  He ended up in the local shelter but before they could diagnose his leg, my husband intervened and said SCARS would accept him.  What followed has been about 12 trips to the vet and emergency clinic where his leg has been bandaged and cleaned, the bone still visible.  However, he is mending well and we hope he will be up and at ‘em soon.  Prolo is a Lab/Pit mix who is about two years old and neutered.  He has no aggression at all and loves people and all sizes of dogs. (NO information on cats)  He weighs about 70 lbs and is very strong.  He would do well on a harness and or a gentle lead collar.  We all love this boy and are so glad he has been saved/.


Adoption Application



Bentley and Scruffy


Bentley (left) and Scruffy (right) are two of what we call the "Freedom Five."  They were in a condemned house for months on end, with a vat of dry food and water full of rats.  Needless to say, it was a nightmare life.  But we have had them here for two months and they are adjusting well.  Bentley is probably a Fox Hound mix, 40 lbs, neutered and probably not housebroken.  Scruffy is some sort of male, Wirehaired Terrier mix, 40 lbs, neutered and probably not housebroken either.  They are loving and sweet but not young.  We are guessing their ages to be around 6 or 7 years old.  Both would be fine in the country or just a quiet life with a family who will love them.  They do not have to be together!  Please consider one of them as you will be adopting a true rescue.



Adoption Application



Medical Hold


Ellie May: recovering from surgery.  A one year old, has been spayed and her cherry eye removed.  She loves to run and play in spite of her deformed leg and shoulder, which is a birth defect. She weighs 12 lbs and loves everyone. It will take a patient home for her with another fun dog. 


Oreo: male from abandoned , rat infested home

Blondie: 6 year old spayed female who was left in the rat infested home and seems to be the friendliest of these three.  She is timid around strangers and would require patience and time to heal.

Isabelle: waiting on bladder surgery

Rambo: working on skin allergies

Roxy:  blind and recovering from starvation



Laika: recently had hip surgery due to being severely kicked. She will be up for adoption as soon as her leg heals and she is using it well.


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