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Can you help out the wonderful dogs at SCARS?



Description: Description: osage pups1Our canine family continues to increase.†† We now provide a home for over forty dogs.Understandably, we still need to add dog runs and fencing, and the related expenses continue to grow.In spite of our full time jobs, the costs are escalating beyond our ability to cope.Since we do not take a salary for ourselves, your donations are used only for improvements at the shelter, the animals, and their care.


Donate, Adopt, Foster, or Sponsor!


If you are interested in adopting (or know of someone interested, and willing to adopt), providing foster care,sponsoring one of our furry friends, donating some of your time and energy, or simply sending a tax-free donation to help our canine family, you can write us at:


Second Chance Animal Refuge Society

P.O. Box 22

Auburn, KS66402

(if donating, please send checks or money orders only Ė we cannot take responsibility for any cash sent

through the postal mail)


You can also call us at:

Tel: (785) 256-2976


Or email us at:


If you would like to donate to SCARS online, using your credit card, click on the banner below and you will be presented with our donations page within this charitable donations web site.Itís easy and completely secure.Just follow the directions.


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If you donít see the banner above, click here to access the SCARS JustGive account.


(When you have completed your donation, just exit the JustGive

page to return here)


Or, you can donate through our Razoo account below:






All donations are tax deductible.Receipts will be provided for all donations.


You can also donate every time you shop online using go to SCARS iGive link click on the icon below.



Thank you so much for your help!!


You can also help our dogs by visiting the SCARS On-line Store.


Click here for details on sponsoring one of our 40+ resident dogs

Check out our Facebook page (click on the button above)





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