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Our Dearly Departed Friends


These beautiful dogs lived out the final days of their lives as residents at the SCARS compound.  They were part of the SCARS family, enjoying a loving, and comfortable environment – many after coming from terrible circumstances. 

We will miss them all.

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There is simply no way to avoid what I have to tell you....Remy is gone….

   (March 28,2019)  Today I knew something was wrong.  I came in and he did not lift his head and look excited to see me, and his breathing sounded different.  I became alarmed.  He refused to eat and stumbled when he walked.  My heart was racing and I tried to stay calm and tell myself he was fine, this would pass like all of his other problems, but it was not to be.
   I headed for the vet and his breathing was labored and heavy.  Dr. E took X rays and came back with a worried look.  He said Remy had acute onset pneumonia in both sides of his lungs.  His temperature was only 92 degrees and he told me anything below 96 was critical.  I knew inhalation was the biggest threat to dogs with Mega Esophagus and pneumonia took many of their lives.  But not Remy...surely he was invincible, wasn't he?  He had always beaten the odds, so he couldn’t he beat this too. 
   Dr. E gave him a long acting antibiotic shot and an oral meds to give in addition and told me to get him home and get him very warm.  After driving for a while, I called my husband who could hear Remy breathing in the background and I began to cry and I told him I thought Remy was suffering and he didn't deserve that. Terry agreed and said we had always promised not to let them suffer and to give them a dignified death since we could not do it for humans. 
   I turned around, went back and Dr E said I had made the right decision.  I held Remy tightly and Dr. E said "Maureen, this dog is so tired."  I knew he was right. I had seen some signs of his decline of late which is why we were giving him fluids.  I had hoped the Bailey chair would undo all the damage he had been born with, but some things are too huge to overcome.  At some point his little body was just too tired and too weak to combat the forces of disease.  And so.... I let him go. 
   I let him go so he would be free of pain; free of being tired and I pray that somewhere he is safe and strong and no longer fighting to breathe.
   I looked up at the sky as I drove away without my beloved little companion and envisioned him flying far away and beyond this world to a place where he will be strong and well for the first time. 
   For all of you who have loved him and cheered him on, I hope we will all meet him one day and he will finally be able to tell you how much your love meant to him.  Tonight I walked into his room and his kennel was still full of his blankies and his fluffy bed.  His water bowl still sat next to his pillows and the remains of his last chicken nuggets were sprinkled around where he liked to throw them.  His brand new chair sat empty. 
   The pain is unbearable but I will learn to accept his absence, but I will never forget the joy he brought to me and so many others. I will never forget how his funny little face lit up when he saw me.  He was a gift, for only for a moment.  It is my greatest sadness that this moment is forever gone.







Jenny: Addison's disease







Alex came to us in very bad shape.  He had been shaved too close and infection had set in. It took months of antibiotics and vitamins to turn him around.  Then there was the thyroid deficiency, the collapsed trachea and the chronic cough.  Through it all he remained cheerful and happy...a role model to us all.  Finally old age crept in and he succumbed to the ravages of time and died peacefully curled up in my bathrobe in his favorite laundry basket.






Emma died just as she lived...quietly and peacefully. She was 12 years old and we loved her very much





Sailor came to us as a senior citizen.  He was brought to a city shelter old, tired and having been attacked by another dog.  We took him in and healed his wounds and adored him for the few short years we had him. In fact, he stole all of our hearts and letting him go was incredibly hard.



Terri Lammers


11/2014 – 3/2015


The Johson’s

Brandy, Tyler, Brooke, Macy, and Bella






Prissy was incredible. She also came to us as a senior citizen and beat all of the old age odds. We thought she would live forever, but one day  she just gave out. Although a tiny soul, we all still look for her.



Kerri Zimmerling

2013/14 (ongoing)





Sebastian passed away quietly during the early morning hours of Mother's Day at his home of 13 years.  He was the patriarch of this sanctuary, and adored by all who met him. He was the embodiment of the rescue dog who rose above his adversities to become the ambassador for all those without hope.



Sebastian - Sebastian is a 12 year old St Bernard who came to us as a starvation case.  He is now 200 lbs so that is no longer a problem!  He suffers from a rare congenital defect having to do with his nasal passage which has hemorrhaged twice.  When that happens, he must have emergency surgery.  We hope he is now past the danger of it happening again, but we cannot be sure.  He also now has arthritis and has a limp, but is enjoying life on our couch most of the time!!




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June 12, 2015 - It is with great sadness I report that my beloved friend, Pepe, (in picture) passed away quietly yesterday.  He was about 15 years old and quite the fighter.  In his day, he was the alpha dog of SCARS and loved by all...especially me. 





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Scooter was with us for almost 13 years. She was found on a dirt road and we brought her here. She died quietly one afternoon and the vet said her heart just gave out.




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Jill finally succumbed to her incessant seizures.  We’re very sad to see her move on to the Rainbow Bridge.


Jill - Picked up staggering down the road

in over 100 degree heat in July.  Matted and covered with fleas, some wonderful people helped get her in the car. She began having seizures from heat stroke.  Here she is after being rushed to the vet where she was being shaved and treated for a variety of ills.  Jill could barely lift her head for days and it was weeks before she had the strength to do much more than a slow walk. The vet feels she may be as old as ten, but she doesn't look it. She now chases me on the four wheeler around the pond!


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: jill now1.jpg

Here is how Jill appeared before her death, enjoying life at SCARS.




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07/2015 - His life was one of abuse until he came to SCARS where he was loved and cherished for 17 yrs.


Maxrescued by police from boys who had him tied to a tree, blindfolded, legs hogtied, mouth duct taped shut while beating him with a pole



The Creager Grandchildren

Carli, Alex, Anoki, Nita, Jesse, Jacob








Friend and companion of 15 years.  He passed away on Jan 5,2015




Goldie passed quietly on an October morning in Kansas where she had lived with her beloved family.  Rob Richardson was her only remaining family member and he did not feel it was fair for her to be shipped overseas to his home at her age.  A kind family in Kansas took her in after her "mom" passed and loved and protected her until the end of her days.



Rob Richards

2014 (ongoing)






On April 30 my beloved Rufus left us, his pond, his friends, to continue his journey. He was only 8 years old and I wanted him to stay much longer, but cancer takes the young and old.  I love you always, Woofer Boy.






After 19 years our beloved Phoebe finally wore out. Her younger years were spent racing up and down the gravel road and her antics brought her fame in the neighborhood. We loved her greatly and will still look for her in her favorite spots


August 2014



Hope - Cruelty case, suffered from severe starvation and physical abuse. Heartworm positive, anemic and had mange - her puppies were all stillborn.  She is coming along nicely but will never walk again.



This is Hope upon arrival at SCARS.


We lost Hope on September 17, 2013.



Carolyn Hull


Jan 2013


Remy’s Fund


Jan - Dec 2013


Description: Description: nuggetnew1

Nugget – abandoned in backyard, left

on a chain


Nugget had nine lives and finally used them all up.  He left us quietly one afternoon while sleeping on his kuranda bed.  He was a loyal friend and beloved companion of 15 years.


Nugget left us in December, 2013




Terri Lammers

2008 – 2013 (ongoing)




Description: Description: amelia3

Amelia – dumped in the country at 3 mths old,

found in a culvert


September 20, 2013

Amelia succumbed to cancer at the age of 12.  She was living in a culvert under a road as a puppy when we rescued her.  In 12 years she only trusted a handful of people and lived quietly in our house and backyard and whiled away the days.  As in life, she died quietly and with dignity



Joe and Linda McFarland

December 2006 – (ongoing)

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Charley – came to SCARS missing one eye, one leg and had a broken jaw. One of our volunteers took him home to her parents, and he has lived in love and safety ever since. He died of a heart attack on April 6, 2013. We all lost a very special friend.


Charley died March, 2013



Description: Description: Bubba grass1


Bubba - from an abusive home and was heartworm positive


Bubba died September 2013




Coral Baumgarner

November, 2008

BRONZE  (1 year)



Description: barley new1

Barley - We lost Barley on August 20, 2008.  He had been with us a long time and was part of the family.  We will miss him.



Nina McGarry

November, 2003




John, Jill, Lizzie, & Emma Hurst

December 25, 2003

BRONZE (3 Months)


Description: blinkie%20best1-1

Blinkie – thrown over our fence, with badly infected eye, in 104 degree heat


Blinkie Died September 2009



The Seawels

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008

SILVER  (3 months)


Jeff Scott & Kirk Slusser

March 2009

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Description: poohbear on dock1

Pooh Bear – rescued New Foundland

Our Beloved Pooh Died: June 2009



George, Cathy, Mark, Steve, & Tom Hurst

December 25, 2003

BRONZE  (3 months)



Description: rudy

Rudy – back legs paralyzed from shotgun blast when found. Walks great now!


3/20/09 – Rudy died today of old age.  He was a great dog and will  be missed…



Description: kiska1

Kiska - abandoned and left chained to cistern during an ice storm.  She’s doing fine now!

Kiska died June 2009



Seanna Viggers

November  2006

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Description: elvis1


Elvis – blind in one eye, found in field half starved


Elvis died June 2009



Jan Hull

January, 2008




Description: Rusty


Description: Rusty and dad1

Rusty – rescued (being used to bait Rottweilers)



12/31/09 - We were snowbound for 5 days and unable to take Rusty to the emergency vet. He finally died after 4 days on his sofa where he felt safe and warm.

Rusty Died December 2009



Nina McGarry

November, 2003




Andy Hurst &

Gail Weisbaum

December 25, 2003

BRONZE (3 Months)



Description: angelnew1

Angel – so starved when rescued that she almost did not survive


Angel died – December 2009



Kayla Keitel

March to present, 2007



Curley, our poodle of 14 yrs, died quietly on Jan 3, 2010 of what appears to be a heart attack.   Here he is with his grandmother who loved him as we all did.


Description: curley departed1


Description: curley21

Curley – found in field, emaciated, and terribly matted




Description: romeo and me1


On March 26, 2008, Romeo lost his final battle. Never has a dog fought more valiantly to live, nor has any dog ever been loved by so many people.  He touched every heart with his gentle and loving nature. We rescued him too late to undo the damage from the prolonged starvation and lack of care.  But he knew finally how much he was loved and he died peacefully - but too soon.  He will never be forgotten.


Read his story below:


Description: romeo3-1

Romeo - cruelty case. When SCARS got him, we immediately took him to the vet. On IV's for complications of starvation for two weeks and now on antibiotics and enzymes. Weighed 8 lbs when we got him, and should have weighed at least 20 lbs. Unable to  digest his food properly because of the prolonged starvation.


Despite all of this, he remains cheerful and determined to live. His medical bills will continue to add up, but we are determined to give him every chance to live a life he was denied.


See the special flyer on Romeo by clicking here.

(You will need to have Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer to read this.)






Description: bunny maureen1


We lost our beloved golden retriever, Bunny, on March 16, 2010 after she ate a piece of plastic and bled internally. She was the sweetest and gentlest dog who ever lived.


Text Box: ~OLLIE~


Ollie left us on May 21, 2008.  He was a very noble dog, and had been through a great deal of trauma prior to arriving at SCARS.  He has been a total joy to have with us and will be sorely missed.  See his story from the 2006 Newsletter here.


Debra Winter


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Description: ollie at the end1Description: ollie sponsor


Debra Winter

January, 2008




Jan Hull

January, 2008




Jan Livingston

January, 2008




Jan Hutt

Jan - June, 2008




Kramer and Blazer left us in September 2010




Description: kramerout1


Kramer - Running around a grocery store parking lot on Memorial Day and no one claimed him!


Jan Hull

January, 2008




Description: blazer1


Blazer – given up in a divorce



The Seawels

Oct 2007 - Mar 2008

SILVER  (3 months)




Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: porter%20skinny1

Porter – rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: porter2

Porter died, January 24, 2013



Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: heidi new1

Heidi – left with her puppies in an abandoned house.  Shot and blinded in one eye by burglar


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: heidi 110410-1.jpg

Blind in both eyes as the optic nerve was damaged when she was shot and it ultimately affected both eyes.


Died, January 2013


Vicki Wells


May - June 2012



Carolyn Hull


Jan 2012




Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: greta1

Greta – found running down a country road with no collar

Died, January 2013



Description: Description: katy1

Katy – shot in hip and left on side of the road

Died, 2011


Marti Hurst

December 25, 2003

BRONZE  (3 months)



Description: Description: casey jo1`

Casey Jo – given up by owners due to severe separation anxiety. 

Died, 2013



Description: Description: cherokee


Cherokee - found lying in a puddle of water, presumed dead. No one would even stop.

Cherokee left us in May 2013.



Kerri Zimmerling

August 2005





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