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2016 (December)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Mama (now known as Kash)  ***Adopted


Another Christmas miracle!!!  Remember Mama Boxer who was rescued from a drug group and given to us at eight months....pregnant?  She had her beautiful 6 puppies who were all adopted, but the right home just did not come along for her.  Everyone adored her, including us, so we held out for the perfect family.  Santa knew just who that would be and Mama (now named Kash) is settled safely with four boys, a boxer brother named King and two parents who love her.  To see our dogs in loving families reminds me why we do what we do...and I am going to throw in a plug here which I do not normally do!  Last summer Steve Bonner brought the boys in the basketball team he coaches, the Kansas Hogs, to SCARS.  They had so much fun and the dogs had a blast.  Kudos to Steve for his dedication and commitment to these great kids.  AND, many thanks to Steve and his adorable family for coming back to SCARS when they decided it was time for King to have a sibling!  Merry Christmas to all.



Mama needs a real name!  All of her puppies are happily adopted and now it is her turn.  She is about a year old, housebroken and spayed. She was a perfect mother, gentle and understanding and all of her pups have the same sweet disposition.  Mama is a boxer mix and weighs about 40 lbs.  She is friendly with everyone and shows no aggression. She will make a wonderful companion.





Adopted*** Eva  ***Adopted


Eva came to us with her pups after having been chained for two years of her short life.  This was her second litter and the pups were gorgeous. A local rescue took four and we kept one with her mama.  The pup, Hazel, was adopted and we waited for the perfect family for Eva.  We began to think this gorgeous girl would never get adopted but along came the best family ever!!! She has lots of grandkids to protect and a family who loves her. The grapevine says she is spoiled rotten!





Eva is a 2 1/2 year old female, spayed, Brittany Spaniel mix. She is gentle and loving and weighs 58 lbs.  Eva lived on a farm where she had to be on a chain, and the neighbor dog kept visiting and she has had two gorgeous litters, but this is now over.  Eva can now be a young dog who enjoys a life of freedom.  She is wonderful with kids and adults, and shows no aggression at all with other dogs.  We think she is absolutely beautiful, and you will also when you meet her.





Adopted*** Stewie  ***Adopted


When I first met Stewie, I just shook my head. His home was a mess and he was timid, not to mention he never had any medical care....no shots, not neutered, nothing.  But, at least his owner had the decency to reach out for a better future for him, and he got it.  He went to our foster who taught him to love and be loved in return.  He played with other dogs, and became the dog he was supposed to be...happy and healthy.  Now he has his very own family for Christmas!  He has a doggie brother, a teenage brother and a mom to spoil him.  Thank you Santa, I am glad you read Stewie's letter!





Adopted*** Maggie  ***Adopted


Maggie finally got her Christmas wish!!!  First she was being starved and neglected before she was rescued, then she was adopted by a family who brought her back after more than a year but we will not go into why...  She needed time to settle back down and become the dog she was before she left here, which helped her get ready for her new home.  Good vibes with this family - they are gentle and understanding and think she is beautiful, which she is, inside and out.  Merry Christmas and thank you Santa for an early Christmas present!!




Maggie is a 2 year old, female Basset mix.  She is spayed and housebroken. Maggie came from a family with several young children and is totally non aggressive.  She weighs about 40 lbs and is a wonderful, gentle companion.  She should not be around rabbits, but other than that, we think she is just about perfect!!!






Adopted*** Romeo  ***Adopted


Although Romeo is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, he is not the hyper type as are most of them.  So, Romeo settled in comfortably with a SCARS foster and their dogs and cats. We thought he would be adopted fast, but several families came to meet him and he was not adopted...although nothing he did was wrong!  Finally, the right family saw him as a perfect fit, adopted him and took him home.  Thanks Santa!!!






Romeo is a 2 year old, neutered, Jack Russell Terrier.  He is absolutely adorable and not hyper like so many of them.  He is presently residing in one of our foster homes with several dogs and a few cats, kids and adults.  He has passed the test on getting along well with everyone. Romeo weighs 30 lbs and is really a fun dog. He will be a great companion for a family!







Adopted*** Sacha and Faith  ***Adopted


This is a true story of a Christmas miracle.  Two dogs with "issues" were looking at the possibility of not having their very own family.  Thanks to SCARS, they were both rescued and safe, but they  longed for their very own home and family to love.  Faith came from a filthy living condition....indescribable.  Sacha was abandoned and then adopted, but returned.  She was discouraged.  Faith was shy and not well socialized.  

I really thought they would be with us forever.  But then I answered the phone and began talking to a woman who wanted to meet Sacha so we set up a time at Petsmart adoption day for her and her husband to meet this gal.  At the same time, she mentioned loving Aussies so I asked my foster to bring Faith, which was not going to be easy as Faith does not "get out  much!"  However, luck prevailed and when this fabulous couple met Faith and Sacha, they decided to take them both!!!!!!  So, with trepidation, they embarked on an adoption of these two pups and the end of the story is magic.  Faith is coming out of her shell and they heard her very first bark in the other room.  When they went to check on her, she was watching "Pit Bulls and Parolees" on TV and barked at the screen!!  Sacha loves them and insists on sleeping with them as long as she can touch them in bed and not be lonely.  In addition, they tell me she "talks" to them.  So  you see, Sacha and Faith, there really is a Santa Claus!!



Sacha is a 4 to 5 year old, spayed and housebroken female, of about 50 pounds.  She is truly the perfect dog!  Sacha gets along with other dogs and loves children. She has never had an accident here, is laid back and happy and would be perfectly content as an only dog. We are not sure of her breed, but maybe a little bit of Rottie, Shepherd or mutt???  We really do not get many dogs as well adjusted as she is, and any family will be fortunate to bring her in as a loved member of the family.




Adopted*** Cooper  ***Adopted


Cooper is an 8 week old mini Aussie, and as cute as he can get.  We lucked out and got him just as a friend contacted me looking for a dog. I suggested this baby, she came and met him and decided he was perfect for her family which includes a canine brother.  What can we say? He is a cuddlebug according to this new owner and we are sure he will be a joy as a companion.




Adopted*** Juliet and Penney ***Adopted


Another Christmas miracle has come to SCARS!!  Penney had to be relinquished because her owner was ill.  She came here, all 5 lbs of her, and became best friends with Juliet who had just lost her best friend, Alex.  Along came a family who wanted to adopt just one dog, and Penney was their choice.  I dreaded Juliet being left alone again, but did not want to deny a good home to Penney.  But...when they saw how much the two girls loved each other, they adopted them both.  That is what true animal lovers do!!  So Juliet and Penney, as I told Sacha and Faith, and Manny and so many others lately, there really is a Santa Claus!!




Penney is a one year old long haired Chihuahua mix.  She is spayed and housebroken and adorable.  Penney is not yippy at all and is not an ankle biter.  She weighs 5 lbs and is really a lap dog.  Looking for a companion? She is perfect.






2016 Pages

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