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2018 (November and December)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** KiKi ** Adopted


Kiki came to us as, what I call, a "train wreck.  She survived hurricane Harvey and contracted a serious case of mange and heartworms.  She had aggression issues with other dogs and all of this combined ended up as her being labeled "UNADOPTABLE!"  But as we have learned here, if one is patient, there is truly a home for every dog and along came a wonderful woman who has taken her in, nursed her back to health and adopted her.  Now Kiki lives in a beautiful house with a huge fenced yard and grandchildren to love her. Is she blessed or what?????????







Adopted *** Zoey ** Adopted


In my book, “Under A Kansas Sky”, there is a story about Honey, a rock carrying dog!  To make a long story short, she had a grand daughter who ended up at the local humane society and she wound her way to SCARS.  Time went by and the right home did not happen UNTIL one glorious day the owner's of the famous Marvin of book and movie, ha ha, said he needed a pal.  Well, a good looking girlfriend is what he needed and she has taken over his care and protection.  They are good buddies and he succumbs to her bossiness. Thanks to this wonderful family for providing safety for yet another soul in need of a home!!







Zoey is the granddaughter of the famous "Rock Star" in our book, Under A Kansas Sky!  She somehow ended up in the local pound and Honey's original owners called me to bail her out.  She stayed there for a month and although a HUGE favorite, she did not get adopted.  She is a year old Pit mix, spayed and housebroken of about 50 lbs, and gets along great with kids and other dogs.  So far she is behaving herself with the cats in her foster home.  Isn't she too cute for words?







Adopted *** Lebo ** Adopted


Lebo was abandoned in Lebo, Kansas, thus his unoriginal name!  He was so cute, but time went by and he did not get adopted which confounded all of us.  Now we know he was waiting for the perfect family, and along it came.  Years ago a wonderful young woman volunteered here, went off to Cornell Vet School and started her own vet practice.  Now she is in New York, and came back to Kansas to visit family AND return with a SCARS dog!!  Since she had adopted two dogs many years ago, I believe she was honoring them by taking yet another from this sanctuary.  Of course, we are eternally grateful and here is one of her boys with Lebo in his new home back east!






Lebo (dumped in Lebo, Ks.) is a year old, male, Shepherd mix.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, and only weighs 35 lbs.  (He looks bigger in the picture!)  Lebo has a lot of energy, loves to run and play with other dogs and gets along fine with kids and adults.  Lebo is not housebroken yet, but he is smart, and anyone who works will him will be able to train him fairly fast.  We will continue working on it here also.  He does well on a leash, but loves to run away from you when you want to catch him.  We think he is adorable!!!







Adopted *** Thunder ** Adopted


I really did not think this gorgeous dog would ever find the right home.  He came to us missing hair, having had no vet care and growling at everyone.  Not a good profile for adoption.  However, as time marched on he mellowed a bit...started to let me feed and pet him.  In time he even got friendly toward two or three people.  Then one day I got an email from a couple very interested in adopting him...wow.  I could not believe it and they said all of the right things!  My favorite was "There are not bad dogs, only bad owners."  OK...that works for me.  They showed up, spent a couple of hours with him and it was a done deal.  He liked them and actually jumped voluntarily into their car.  All reports are great and it appears Thunder is home!!!!





Thunder is a gorgeous, male, Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix.  He is three years old, neutered and seems to be housebroken, but no guarantee.  He weighs about 80 lbs and has beautiful blue eyes.  He greets people with a low growl!!  Thunder is going to take an experienced, strong owner.  He was confined in an abandoned house and was isolated to the point he does not trust anyone initially.  Once he knows you, he is fine.  I love him and have no problem at all with walking him or brushing him.  He needs someone kind and gentle and he will be fine, but also someone strong.  I really think he would do best as an only dog and he will be a fabulous companion.





Adopted *** Marley ** Adopted


Marley's family decided, with a baby coming, they did not want to keep an energetic dog so they called SCARS.  I hooked her up with an old friend and she and her daughter met Marley and made her the new member of their family.  She loves playing ball and having a youngster to play with really meets her needs!!



Adopted *** Clover ** Adopted


Clover was either dumped at a camp at the lake north of Topeka, or she somehow was lost with her buddy, a black lab.  A friend of ours was in the area, took her to the local humane society, where she sat and was not adopted after a week.  I saw her and thought she was beautiful and offered to take her here.  Once here we had her spayed and got to know her and before she was even posted on our website, someone called and asked to meet her.  Off we went to her new home where she stayed and is living happily ever after!!




Adopted *** Jasmine ** Adopted


Jasmine is a tiny purebred Yorkshire Terrier.  She is the product of a puppy mill and, as a result, not socialized. Subsequently, she cowers in her cage and is afraid of everything.  But the wonderful family who adopted Lily, has also taken this little precious dog into their home.  So far she is still scared, but they are not giving up  hope that they can turn this around and she will one  day be a happy , normal dog.




Adopted *** Rudy (now known as Louie) ** Adopted


Rudy is now Louie.  This one was tough to let go.  He is a purebred Shih Tzu rescued from an auction...puppy mill dog.  When he came here I was so tempted to keep him, but I knew of a family who loves this breed and would give him a wonderful home.  He is now happily settled with them and has a Shih Tzu sister to play with!!




Adopted *** Ringo ** Adopted


We were contacted by a local humane society to see if we would take this adorable, year old dog.  He had a spot (tiny) on his foot that they were unsure about, so he was to be euthanized.  We could not let that happen!!!  He came to our foster and was a fun and sweet little dog, and one bath and the spot was gone forever.  Now he is happily settled in his new home and doing just fine.




2018 Pages

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