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2017 (November to present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2017 Pages

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Adopted *** Luna ** Adopted


Luna hit the jackpot. Several years ago a wonderful woman adopted a dog from us who is now Belle. Belle is a tri color aussie and Luna is also, but much smaller. When I got the email that this person wanted to adopt Luna for Belle's  little sister, I was ecstatic. They love each other and play endlessly. Hopefully that will take some pressure off of mom on a cold winter night when walks aren't very appealing!!




Adopted *** Mia ** Adopted


Mia came to us in very sad shape as she was covered in mange.  Our foster took her in, bathed her and SCARS paid for her medical needs.  In time Mia bloomed into a beautiful little dog and was recently adopted by a family with another Chihuahua and a little girl to love her.











Mia is a two year old, spayed Chihuahua mix weighing about 10 lbs.  She came to us in very bad shape, but has made a wonderful turn around.  She is quiet and shy, but loves people once she gets to know you.  She lives peaceably with other dogs and cats and will make someone a loving companion.







Adopted *** Buck ** Adopted


Buck was fostered for SCARS and was not young.  Our foster felt he was too big for her family, but kept him so we could have more information.  She found him to be almost perfect...housebroken, not a chewer or jumper.  He lucked out and the perfect couple came along who loves boxers and wanted one who was already tested!!

Buck is now happily settled in his new digs.







Buck is a 6 year old purebred Boxer.  He weighs 55 lbs, is neutered and totally housebroken.  Buck can be left in the house all day and never have an accident, nor chew anything up.  He is also very protective and will bark ferociously if any stranger comes around.   Please consider taking this wonderful dog into your family.






Adopted *** Shiloh ** Adopted


I cannot remember having so many applications on one dog as we have had on Shiloh!!  It has been a hard decision but she is nicely settled in her new home.  So far the news is great and she is fitting in well and enjoying lots of attention.  Fortunately there are no chickens there for her to terrorize!









Shiloh is a five month old, female St Bernard/Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and close to being housebroken.  Shiloh is timid but sweet and loving.  She is fine with cats and other dogs, and is well behaved in the house.  Good guess for her ultimate weight is probably 60 lbs??  Her coat is so fluffy it looks like Angora.  She is a real cutie pie.








Adopted *** Ernie ** Adopted


Ernie was in an isolated shelter in Missouri with limited resources.  Very few volunteers worked there, and they had no means to advertise.  A friend contacted me and asked if we would take him as he was so sweet.  Couple after couple met him and turned him down.  For some reason, he would growl and that did not go over well. Finally, the right family met Ernie and he behaved himself and is doing great. There is the right home for every dog, it takes patience on our part, and the dog's part also. So glad he waited for his new family.




Ernie is a three year old mix - probably some sort of Retriever.  It would be unfair to try to figure it out without doing a MARS test, so we will just have to guess!  He is around 3 years old, neutered, 38 lbs, and housebroken and has a wonderful, gentle personality.  If you are looking for a family dog who loves kids, and will sit at your feet and watch TV he is the dog for you.









Adopted *** Koda ** Adopted


Koda has a rough start in life like so many dogs who come here.  His family was Army and dad was posted to Korea, and mom moved in with family - Koda was not invited.  Then he was adopted to a couple who did not have another dog, and that did not work.  So back he came again one rainy Saturday night. BUT…the winds were in his favor and a family with four kids, another lively dog and a fenced yard met him and loved him, and took him home!! He is doing great and loves his buddy, Otis.  I think this is a great picture of the two of them and when I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes.  That is a Merry Christmas for sure!



This is me, Koda, in the yard at SCARS watching my family drive away.  My heart is broken.  I loved them very much, but dad is heading for South Korea (Army) and mom and my baby brother have to move in with Grandma to a place that does not allow dogs.  Maybe I should have dressed up like a cat!  Maureen grew up in a military family and she explained that this was a hard decision for the family but they looked for a long time to find just the right place for me. I am neutered, housebroken, weigh around 40 lbs, am 6 months old, and am a good boy. If you would like to adopt me so that I will have my very own family again, please call 785-256-2976. Love, Koda





Adopted *** Minie and Moe ** Adopted


Minnie and Mo were quite the popularity kids!  We had a lot of applications on them....all good.  One couple got in the car and drove several hours to meet them, gave us a deposit and went home.  I checked them out carefully (she is a high school teacher which puts her on top of my list!) and all looked good.  Two days later these two cuties headed for their new home and the news is all good!!!







Mo and Minnie are father and daughter.  He is around 4 or 5 years old, and Minnie is two. They are purebred miniature dachshunds and weigh around ten pounds.  They are spayed and neutered and I have no idea if they are housebroken, although former owners said yes.  However, the former owners do not seem to know much about them! We have had them to the vet and all fixed up, and now they are ready to go.  We would like to see them go together as they are a bonded pair, but might be able to be adopted separately. We have not decided for sure.




Adopted *** Fiona (aka Kiowa) ** Adopted


Fiona (aka Kiowa) has gone off to her new home.  This family deserves a lot of credit as Fiona had not been an inside dog before and they had a challenge ahead of them.  So far she is adapting well to being a family companion.  Fiona had a rough start in life, but her gentle personality and loving spirit is winning over prior adversity.  We are hoping she is in her forever home.






Fiona has been an amazing transformation since she came here.  She had spent her three years locked in a kennel, and she was not socialized upon arrival.  Months later, she is everyone's favorite.  She is loving and gentle, but still a bit submissive.  She walks on a leash well and appears to be housebroken.  She is spayed, up to date on shots and gentle with everyone. Isn't she gorgeous???



Adopted *** Huey and Louie ** Adopted


We received a phone call on a mother dog and her pups who were not being taken care of, and responded immediately.  The owners turned the pups over to us and wanted to keep Mom.  She was only a year old and had two litters already. We paid for her to be spayed and returned her to the home, and brought Huey and Louie to SCARS.  After getting them neutered and up to date on shots, they began to have fun and be puppies!!  In time the perfect family decided to adopt them together and they are doing great!!






Huey and Louie are 12 week old mixes....mom is a small Husky mix, dad a small Lab.  They are absolutely adorable and playful.  At this point they weigh about 7 lbs but are just starting to fill out.  They are bonded and play together and sleep together, and whoever adopts them will have a perfect little pair of puppies.





2017 Pages

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