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2016 (November)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2016 Pages

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Adopted*** Crystal ***Adopted


Crystal was another dog found running along a country road...where do all these little guys come from?  And why does no one claim them?  We wonder if they are dumped, but they won't tell us!  So, she was taken to SCARS, settled in and spayed and socialized. I thought she would be adopted right away because she is so pretty, but as time went on, it seemed there was just not a good choice.  Finally the perfect family found her and decided to adopt this cutie pie.  As you can see from the picture, she is loved by a little boy and she also has parents who love her and an older dog to follow around!!  We are so happy for her...what a great Christmas present! 





Crystal is a 2 year old, white, female Chihuahua mix.  She weighs 10 lbs and is super friendly and beautiful.  Crystal wants to be a lap dog and follow her people around the house!  She was found wandering down a country road, covered in fleas (all gone now!!) and was found by a caring family who could not keep her.  She is spayed and gets along well with everyone...dogs, adults and kids.  I know she will be a wonderful addition to a family.





Adopted*** Manny ***Adopted


Manny was a "problem child" at several shelters and we were asked to take him in and exercise him so he could calm down.  He was beautiful, for sure, but a hand full.  Manny settled in and ran the 50 acres and became a part of our family. However, we knew it would have to be a special family to work with him.  Fortune was on our side, and along came a family who loves him and is working with him. He has 10 acres, horses, cats and chickens to entertain himself!  Fingers and paws crossed he will live there forever!






Manny is a memorable, male, Great Dane mix.  He is neutered and housebroken.  Manny has been asked to leave two shelters and one prison program for training, dubbed too hyper for management!!  So, we took him in with great concern.  The one good thing is we were assured he showed no aggression towards people or animals, and this is definitely true.  The first week was crazy as we learned he will not be kenneled without protest...and this means a HUGE kennel with a doghouse.  So, we gave up and let him run the 50 acres.  He can outrun the Gator and is not sure about the pond. We are learning that he LOVES to be inside as part of the gang and wants his people to notice and adore him!  I think of him as a silly goofball, who is very loveable.  He weighs about 80 pounds which is mostly legs.  In truth, he will be a fun dog to have as a member of an active and flexible family.




Adopted*** Lucy ***Adopted


Lucy is a gorgeous chocolate Lab mix puppy and she has gold eyes!!  The family who adopted her is very active in sports and wanted a dog who they could run with and would enjoy outside activities.  She wiggles so much, the picture is blurry, but she is doing just great and it looks like she has found her forever home!







Lucy is a gorgeous 5 month old, female, Chocolate Lab mix.  She is spayed, housebroken, and loves everyone!  Lucy is so darn cute that whoever adopts her will have a fabulous companion.  She is presently living with a few cats, a few dogs and a few people.  Lucy was abandoned in an apartment but her luck has changed and she is anxiously waiting for her new home!!






Adopted*** Mattie ***Adopted


Mattie was found along a dirt road and so heavily matted, she was unrecognizable as a dog.  She resembled a swamp monster!!  So, we had her groomed, some growths removed, got her spayed and her shots and she turned out to be the cutest thing ever!!  Along came a woman and her little girl and they decided Mattie would be a perfect fit in their little family and she is!  The news is glowing and we get pictures of her smiling for the camera!!




Adopted*** Captain (aka Nugget) ***Adopted


Captain (aka Nugget) went to a fabulous home on 180 acres today!  His new canine sister looks so much like him, it is amazing.  He has the run of acres of rolling hills and pastures and can look forward to such a wonderful life.  We are so blessed to have so many good people who adopt our dogs.  Thank you so much to this couple for giving this precious dog a loving, safe home!!!







Captain was adopted from SCARS when he was three months old. He seemed so small, but as time went by, he grew....and grew....and grew.  The end result was that he came back because he was "too big!!"  He is now 70 lbs, neutered, up to date on shots, and a gentle giant.  Captain is some kind of mix...maybe Pyrenees, maybe Brittany spaniel.  Whatever, he is gorgeous.  Captain is housebroken and came from a family with small children and cats so he is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!





Adopted*** Shortie ***Adopted


We really thought Shortie was here for good since she has some interesting quirks! However, one of our staff decided it was time he and Shortie made it legal and he has adopted her.  Shortie is now spoiled rotten and spends much of her time luxuriating in bed watching TV.  We find her new outfit to be most fetching...a pink sweater coat with a fancy fringe. You go girl.




Adopted*** Hazel ***Adopted


Hazel came to us with her mom who had been on a chain most of her life.  Hazel was one of a litter of gorgeous Australian Shepherd mix pups.  SCARS took one pup and mom home, and the rest went to a rescue and have been adopted.  Good friends saw her picture and felt she would be a good match for their family and she is!!  She has a canine sister, Lulu, and two little girls to shower her with love.





Adopted*** Angel ***Adopted


I got a call one day from a local man who was looking for a home for his grandson's dog. The dog, Angel, was living with his new grandpa, but grandpa wanted to travel....without a dog!  So, I drove over and met the dog who is absolutely adorable.  The next day one of my former students, now a teacher, came over with a few of her fellow teachers.  One was looking for a dog as a companion and running partner.  Woohoo...Angel popped into my head and off we went.  It was love at first sight and Angel now has her very own home and two people to love and protect!







Adopted*** Nikki ***Adopted


Nikki has gone off to a wonderful home, thanks to the Lawrence Humane Society.  They contacted us about a "problem child" and we decided to trade.  I knew their county was pit friendly and Nikki would get more exposure. We had exercised her for months and she calmed down and became a wonderful candidate for some family.  No sooner did Nikki land in Lawrence, that she got adopted.  The staff there loved her because she looked like a piggy! No pictures, just good news!!



Nikki is a two year old Staffordshire Terrier.  She weighs around 80 lbs and is spayed and housebroken.  Nikki is not aggressive with dogs or people, we have no information on cats.  She was in a shelter where every town had a ban on bully breeds and she languished in a cement run for far too long.  SCARS took her in and here she has been able to swim in the pond, meet people and run off her energy.  We do not recommend a family who has a lot of trees with low branches as she will jump and jump to try to grab them!  We would also recommend a family with a member in it who has big muscles...this dog is strong although she walks well on a leash!






Adopted*** Toby ***Adopted


Toby was picked up by animal control and the owners did not want to pay to get him out.  He is a gorgeous purebred Lab and the vet clinic neutered him and got him fixed up with all of his shots.  I actually posted him on Facebook and the applications came rolling in!!!  A great family adopted him and the only picture I have that is not blurred was taken at the vet's office!



Toby is a beautiful purebred blonde lab.  He is two years old, neutered, housebroken, and weighs about 35 lbs.  Toby gets along great with all dogs and people.  His owners declined to pay for his bail when he escaped from the yard (he is not a runner here) and so he needs a new home!  Toby weighs about 60 lbs and loves to play and swim in the pond.  He is a real gem....you will love him!








Adopted*** Rosie ***Adopted


Rosie was found by the landlord of a rental house one very hot summer day. She was without food, water or electricity and time was running short.  We took her in and found out what a loving and adorable little dog she could be.  SCARS got her spayed and updated all of her shots - and before we could post her, she got adopted by a wonderful retired woman who adores her.  We love happy endings!!!





2016 Pages

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