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2015 (November/December)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2015 Pages

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Adopted*** Darla and Spanky ***Adopted


Both mastiffs adopted together by our veterinarian and her family.  So far they are doing great and are so happy they finally have their own home and four children to love!










Darla and Spanky are five year old English Mastiffs who are a bonded pair.  They are spayed and neutered and weigh well over 100 lbs!  They are inside dogs who love to curl up on the couch.  Both are gentle giants who live now with a St Bernard and 3 year old mastiff.  Everyone gets along well.  They are not used to being kenneled and do not need to be.  They will be wonderful companions for someone special.






Adopted*** Noelle ***Adopted


Noelle was returned twice to a big city shelter.  The reason??  The same old standard ones...too much energy, they don't have enough time.  I wonder what people think when they adopt a big dog?  So, she came here and ran off tons of energy and settled into a well behaved family pet as most of them do when released from a cage. (wouldn't you?)  The family who adopted her came to meet a different dog, but decided Noelle was a much better match, and boy were they right.  The pictures are so sweet and touching, it will make the hardest heart cry.  The children love her, and you can sure tell she loves them. What a wonderful Christmas gift for this sweet dog.




Noelle was returned twice to a large shelter.  Her adopters did not "have time for her."  This seems to be a common statement so we all wonder why anyone adopts in the first place.  Anyway, according to one of the employees she was "shutting down."  I went to meet her and saw her sadly shaking violently.  I said we would take her and picked her up the next day.  Noelle is a Boxer/Shepherd mix.  She is spayed, housebroken and good with kids and other dogs.  She runs and plays with all of the dogs here and has limitless energy.  Like so many of the dogs we get here, they run and play all day, and are quiet and peaceful in the house at night.  We feel the main problem with most families who complain about the dog being too hyper or destructive is they do not get enough exercise.  Why get a dog, put it in a crate all day while you work, and come home to give it one pathetic walk a day?  It is just dumb.  We love her and she is now lying at my feet as I type. What a wonderful companion she will be for some lucky family!!!




Adopted*** Clifford ***Adopted


When his owner died, Clifford had nowhere to go.  His owner’s relative called my husband and asked if we could pick him up, which we did.  It turned out he is a gorgeous, purebred three year old Chocolate Lab.  Wow!  Everyone loves them. However, Clifford had to endure 8-9 hours a day in a metal crate and lie in his urine all day.  The result was that it would take some time for him to get into shape and "fix" some of the problems resulting from prolonged confinement.  A family came along willing to work with this beautiful dog, providing he got along with their grandchildren.  I knew that was a no brainer due to his wonderful disposition.  He is settled happily in the country with lots of room to run, also spending hours inside...but no crates for him ever again.  What a great Christmas present!




Adopted*** Sadie ***Adopted


Sadie got bounced around a few times by life, but has come up smiling every time...this gal is a survivor.  Her new home is a fun one.....she is now an official sorority girl with Alpha Gamma Delta!!  She has 40 girls hovering over her and spoiling her all day long. Her official mom is a senior from Australia and Sadie will go with her on graduation.  Her mom is staying in America which is fine with us!!  All reports are good and it looks like Sadie will have a very merry Christmas!






Sadie is a beautiful, two year old, spayed, housebroken black retriever mix.  She is possibly part flat coated retriever, but whatever she is, she is gorgeous.  Sadie weighs about 45 lbs and is 2 years old.  She is a family dog and has a cocker spaniel buddy so she gets along well with other dogs and kids. But, she is able to jump the fence and despite all efforts to the contrary, she outsmarts the entire family.  The neighbors are not particularly understanding and although she is friendly and adorable, they are complaining.  We think she is a doll and will be a great addition to any family who adopts her.  She is used to being in the house but loves the great outdoors also!




Adopted*** Jasper ***Adopted


When I first met Jasper he was in a rural shelter and I was told he had been there for over two years.  The pit bull ban precluded him from being adopted in that county.  He was too sweet and too pretty to be left any longer, so he was transferred to us. It didn't take long to figure out he was the perfect dog and everyone adored him.  But something was lacking...he needed his very own family.  Finally, the right people came along and appreciated him for the wonderful dog he is.  Now he is safe and sound with his family and we could not be happier for that wonderful boy!!






Jasper is a handsome 5 year old American Bulldog.  He has been in a rural shelter for over 2 years and could not be adopted because the entire county has a pit bull ban.  I could see immediately how sweet and loving he was and asked to have him transferred to SCARS.  Jasper is neutered and weighs about 70 lbs.  He is very well behaved and gentle.  It amazes us here how a dog, locked up for such a very long period of time with little social contact, could be so well mannered and happy. He never shows any aggression with our dogs, trots off to the pond with everyone and goes swimming. Anyone who wants a wonderful, loving companion, will hit the jackpot with this dog. (He is not good with cats, however!!)






Adopted*** Beauregard  ***Adopted


All adoptions are memorable, and all are cause for celebration.  But today was an adoption that I will never forget. A month or so ago I got a text message late at night from a friend who lives alone in the country.  A HUGE dog was staring in her window and she was scared.  In fact, she said "there are four of them, because he is at every window."  After she calmed down and described the dog, I told her it was a coonhound and they are gentle and non-aggressive.  She gingerly opened the door and he bounded in!  After several days of his leaping and twirling around she realized she could not keep him from running off again.  She had removed a very tight shock collar and fed him multiple meals, but would I please come get him.  So, Bo came to SCARS. Weeks of him howling and baying at trees and generally being disruptive, I despaired of finding him a home.  So my husband took over, brought him in and Bo sat on his lap watching TV and slept next to him in bed.  This is what he needed...to be worked with by people who cared about him.  We came to find out that he is housebroken which is amazing considering he had probably never been inside.  Then one day I got an email from someone wanting to meet him. From the sound of it, she knew hounds and she loved his picture.  Today, he piled into the car with them and the three kids and went home.  I now have a picture of him beneath their tree and there are no words for my joy.  No words to tell you how wonderful it is to have a dog, alone and unloved, be embraced by a family.  Merry Christmas, Bo!



Bo is a purebred, male Walker Coonhound.  He weighs 70 lbs, is about 4 years old, and like most coonhounds, he howls!!  However, he is quiet and well behaved in the house and walks well on a leash.  He loves people and gets along with other dogs.  Typical of his breed, Bo is a gentle, loving soul who will make someone a great companion.  I love to take him for walks, because he does most of the work!!  He is soon to be neutered and will be updated on all of his shots and then be ready for adoption!






Adopted*** Rosebud  ***Adopted


I got a call from a woman in a nearby county who told me her son had left a pup with them, and her husband was going to shoot her.  Why??  I don't know ....I guess because they didn't want her and there is no shelter in her area.  When I saw her sad little face, and how skinny she was, I said we would take her.  As luck turned out, one of my fosters was in her area and picked her up and brought her home.  Before I could say abracadabra, I got a text from a friend saying she had seen the picture I posted on Facebook and her  good friend wanted Rosebud!  They came to meet her, fell in love and took her home.  She is one happy puppy now and safe in her new family!!





Adopted*** Winnie  ***Adopted


Winnie was out of time in a neighboring county.  We had to either pick her up fast, or she would be put down.  I saw a picture of her, realized we were full but had no choice, so she came here.  In the meantime, a friend of Terry's saw her picture on Facebook and plans were drawn up via texting while we were at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  Winnie was in the car as it pulled into our driveway, and her prospective adopter was waiting.  They met and yes...it is a story book romance. They had the same color hair...red!!  Off she went and the rest of the family said "Let's keep her!"  It just doesn't get any better than that.  From being abandoned, scared and cold to the embrace of a loving family. This is a Christmas miracle.




Adopted*** Christmas Pups  ***Adopted


The first of Destiny’s pups to go to new homes were Tobias and Daphne.  Their homes were screened very carefully and we know they will be well taken care of.  Destiny still has three of her babies to keep her company and lots of dogs to play with during the day!!!





Adopted*** Penney and Piper ***Adopted



Penney and Piper went off to their new home today, where they have a bed and new clothes waiting for them. ...and lots of love!  Dad really loves Piper's gray color and is a fan of Dachshunds.  It looks like a great match for all.


Piper and Penney were rescued from a hoarding situation.  The "breeder" says they are dachshund/min pin mixes.  They are both females, around 8-10 weeks old, weigh approximately two pounds and have had their first set of shots and wormed three times.  They need a good diet and follow up care, but are lively and healthy and race around like little bullets.  We prefer these two stay together as they are best buddies and keep each other warm at night!!






Adopted*** Dexter ***Adopted


When we got Dexter, he had been picked up by AC in a town in Missouri and the owners decided not to go get him.  Apparently they let him out and he visited the dogs in the neighborhood and became the local socialite.  This did not go over well with AC so he was "out of time" and we saw him on the website and took him in.  We began to think the right home would never come along, but patience is a virtue in this business and the right family appeared!!  They say he is doing great and love him.....he has a sister dog who visits off and on and he has had no accidents!!  We are thrilled this beautiful boy found his home.




Dexter is a year old Boxer/ St Bernard mix. He weighs 90 lbs and is heartworm negative and neutered.  He came from a family with 5 children and they let him out the door continually and AC kept picking him up.  Since the family had no fence, he wandered around meeting everyone.  The last time he was picked up, they said they did not want him back. So, here he is with SCARS!!  He is good with kids and cats, and fine with other dogs unless they "bug" him and then he gets grumpy.  He loves to play fetch and will run and run with the ball.  We think he would be fine as an only dog, but whatever, he will be a great companion.





Adopted*** Pete ***Adopted


We had many applications for Pete, but none were a good fit.  Even though he is a beautiful purebred Boxer, he just didn't seem to be the right dog for families who called.  Then we got the perfect application from a couple who adopted a deaf dog from us two years ago and they wanted a larger dog who the little dog could follow around!  In addition, they did not seem too overly concerned about his “dribbling" problem and are going to follow up on it.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Pete will turn out the be the perfect second dog for them!






Pete is a one year old purebred brindle boxer.  He was surrendered because he was too hard to housebreak.  They trained him to use a bell, and he would forget.  They had a brand new house and could not put up with accidents, so he is now waiting for his forever home!  He is neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and, according to his foster, doing great on housebreaking.  Pete is gorgeous and has a lot of energy!!!



Adopted*** Moses ***Adopted


Moses was breaking our hearts.  We knew he was a loving, big fluffy overgrown puppy dog, but he has a few issues.  It seemed no one would give him the time and patience he needed after spending the first 18 months of his life on a chain.  But then, miracles do happen.  I got an email from a woman who said she loved his picture, and she and her family would be driving over 3 hours the next day to meet him.....and if it worked out, they would take him home.  I had my doubts but they were dispelled when the family met Moses.  He loved them and they loved him! They are not concerned about his protectiveness and will guard him carefully when he meets friends of their kids who come to visit.  Latest report... he is afraid of their cats and getting along fine with the other dog. We want him to be happy!!!



Trying to understand why dogs do what they do when they have been neglected is a challenge.  Many shelters, rescues, and adopters misunderstand dog behavior and do the easy thing....call them aggressive and write them off.  Moses is not aggressive.  He is probably too protective of those he loves, is not crazy about large male dogs getting in his face, and definitely has some barrier issues (barks ferociously behind a fence).  After all, he was chained for 18 months of his 18 month life until coming to SCARS. Here is what we see - a gentle giant who would never hurt a child or an adult he knows.  Moses in a male, Great Pyrenees mix and weighs 120lbs.  He is good in the house, neutered, just about housebroken and has no food aggression.  He is quiet and well behaved, but loves to play with our big dog, Jimmy.  Moses was recently adopted and returned by a family who truly loved him.  But he was sleeping with the kids and doing great.  However, growled when a neighbor child reached to pet him.  Of course, this is most disconcerting to a family with many kids coming and going.  So, maybe an adult home with a female dog?  Maybe a single person who wants to be very safe and have a big fluffy friend to snuggle with?  The right person is out there for Mo so please help us find them.






2015 Pages

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