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2009 (November - December)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2009.



2009 Pages

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Adopted*** Barbie and Ken (now known as Lilly and Oscar)***Adopted


Ken and Barbie got out of SCARS and headed to their new home in Wichita just before the blizzard of 2009 hit hard!†† Their new owners left with both pups in an ice storm and thank goodness all arrived home safely!!The three children had a big surprise for Christmas and you can see how happy they all are.When this family called and wanted both pups together and had three children and a fenced yard, I knew we had finally found the perfect home!



Barbie and Ken appear to be about 3-4 months old.They are possibly a Boston Terrier mix . They are up to date on shots and not yet spayed/neutered due to their age.They were found abandoned at a park and seem happy and healthy and love people and other animals.









Adopted*** Emma***Adopted


Emma is a beautiful three year old purebred German Shepherd whose family decided to find a home for her after three years because mom got pregnant.Sadly, rescues, like ours, hear this story all of the time. Nevertheless, we found a wonderful home for her with three children and a doggie sister who looks like her twin! She is working out wonderfully and they love her. As you can see by the pictures, she is happy, happy, happy, and so are we.





Emma is a 3 year old, female, German Shepherd.She is spayed, housebroken and great with kids and other dogs.She weighs 80 lbs and is up to date on shots. Emma is, according to her family, the "perfect dog. Unfortunately, they do not feel they have room for her anymore with a new baby coming.She will need a loving and forever family who will cherish her for the wonderful dog she is.





Adopted*** Black Lab Pups***Adopted


The pups have been adopted but, unfortunately, no pictures. SCARS posted them as a courtesy to a farm family who wanted to keep them on their property but no one who adopted them had a digital camera. The adopting family says, "Your rescue found wonderful homes for all of our dogs...we cannot thank you enough!"



Two black Labrador Retriever pups just arrived at SCARS and need a good home. One is a male, and the other a female.They are 12 weeks old and wormed and had their shots.  They have great dispositions and are playful and healthy. What else can we say...their faces say it all...this is just one but they look alike.Are you looking for a puppy?





Adopted*** Marvin***Adopted



Well, I went to visit Marvin in his new home today and he is certainly a lively one! After attacking me with kisses, he then went around visiting the rest of the family. He has two other dogs to play with and two little girls and a big fenced yard. After being on death row twice, Marvin is finally home and we are so happy for him!!!




Marvin is a 2 year old male, neutered and housebroken Boxer who weighs about 80 lbs.We do not know much about where he came from.We know that he loves other dogs, is totally housebroken, gets along great with people and kids, is up to date on shots BUT chases cats.Therefore, he must go to a cat free home.As you can see, he has had his ears cropped and he is not deaf as are many white boxers. He is a great dog Ė possibly for your family??






Adopted*** Bart (now known as Charlie)***Adopted


Our beautiful husky pup (once a starvation case) has a wonderful new home with one of Maureen's former students who has his own tile business.Of course, he could not keep coming over and working on the house without finding the perfect dog!The Husky pup's new name is Charles Winthrop Pennybottoms III, a.k.a. Charlie.He does indeed look like a prince so we think this is very fitting.So far, he is doing very well and adjusting nicely.He has his own big yard and gets to be inside most of the time too.



This, now 8 month old Husky came to us as starvation case.He has now gained weight, had his shots, and been neutered.He loves kids and other dogs and would not have survived much longer where he was "living."He has one blue eye and one brown eye and is absolutely gorgeous.




Adopted*** Yorkie***Adopted


We have found a home for a young Yorkie found in the country on a gravel road.He is a five pound puppy and is missing a paw.The wonderful family who adopted him is looking into getting a prosthesis for his foot. They love Yorkies and we thought of them immediately when we got this little dog.





Adopted*** Jena***Adopted


Jena has been adopted and is happy in her new home. She was adopted out of a foster situation, and we have not been given any extra information - other than she is working out well in her new surroundings.And thatís whatís most important to SCARS.



Jena is a loving and well trained, 2year old, female, Border Collie - high spirited and eager to please, but also a bit stubborn at times.She is territorial about food and treats so she may need to be separated from other pets when she eats.Jena loves to play Frisbee and is a wonderful retriever.When you toss a ball, she is quick to bring it back to you.When we say "enough" she respects that command and will stop bringing the ball.


She sits and waits to be released at the door before she goes out and she waits at the side of the road until given the voice command for her to cross the street.Her previous owners have worked hard on manners and obedience and we believe she would make a great dog for a family that only wanted one dog in the home.She has been around cats and loves to lurch and get a rise out of them, but she is only playing and has never been aggressive with them.Jena sleeps in her pet carrier at night and we have no trouble getting her to go into it on command.She loves to chew dog toys and rawhide and leaves other things alone if she has her own things to chew on. Jena weighs 35-40 lbs., has been spayed and is current on all her shots.





Adopted*** Oreo (now known as Charlie)***Adopted


Oreo came from a student of mine who found this little guy on the side of the road.However, his family could not keep him and after running an ad for weeks, they gave up.He is a Papillon mix and is absolutely adorable. They call him Charlie now and he has a Maltese sister...they are learning to be siblings. Charlie is going to doggie training classes soon and it looks like he has a home of his own at last.




Adopted*** Button***Adopted


Button came to us hairless and covered with sores...she was a sad little dog.SCARS kept her for a long time and she slowly started getting better, but not good enough.I sent a picture to a friend of her on a cute bed and she wrote back and said "who is the dog?" Well, she and her husband adopted her and Button hit the jackpot!!Button is the sweetest little dog and she has such a great home and two Shelties to play with!She even has her own car seat!!!They have taken her to their vet and finished getting her well with all sorts of vitamins and she looks great!!


Button was the pitiful looking Yorkie with no hair. She went to a fabulous home and they have spent a fortune on her.She gets allergy shots every week and has her own Sherpa car seat.Hasnít she just blossomed into a beautiful little girl??



Adopted*** Jack***Adopted


Jack didn't make it to our SCARS adopt me page! He is neutered , UTD on shots and a cutie pie. We participated in Petsmart's adoption weekend and Jack was there with some of our dogs. A great couple from Abilene fell in love with him and took him home. Sure wish all adoptions would go so smoothly and we know he is going to be one spoiled puppy!!!




2009 Pages

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