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2017 (October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2017 Pages

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Adopted *** Mia ** Adopted


Mia was left behind when her family moved to California.  She went to a SCARS foster and settled in nicely.  The information the original family gave us was really not accurate, so we started from scratch with her.  Some friends of ours adopted her who are retired and she is working out fabulously. They love her and she loves them!




Adopted *** Zeus and Duchess ** Adopted


Zeus never made it to the website, but he is a darling German Shepherd puppy.  Our family came around and decided to take not one, but two, puppies!!  They chose Duchess who is now Xena, and Zade is now Zeus!  They have the perfect family for these two cuties....fenced yard, people usually home, four animal loving children. We are thrilled!











Duchess is a 9 month old, female, black Lab mix.  She is spayed and mostly housebroken, weighs around 40 lbs and is a real love.   She and Tanner (see below) play endlessly and she will be a perfect addition to a lively family.  She came from an abusive home, but has put that behind her and is one  happy puppy!






Adopted *** Pipsqueak ** Adopted


A few years ago we rescued four dogs we referred to as the Dodge City Gang!  Among them was a cute little dog we named Festus.  He was adopted and his name is now Ollie and his parents decided it was time for a playmate.  After viewing our website, they decided little Pip would be perfect.  So here is the new family of four and so far, our little crew is doing very well!!











Pip is a four month old Chihuahua mix female of about 7 lbs.  She is a lively soul and runs around nonstop.  She is not a barker, which helps and we are hoping she will settle down a bit when she gets more secure.  She loves to play with other dogs and has a darling curled tail, and white feet.  Give her a try....she is fun!





Adopted *** Toby ** Adopted


Toby was an overnight success.  He came to us one day and was gone the next!!!  The family was working long hours and had no time for him, so  he came here. The next day a woman came to look at another dog who she decided was too small, so I introduced her to our newest resident!  The rest is history.  They hit it off and she now refers to him as her prince. I wish they were all so easy.






Toby is a three year old, male, Cairn Terrier mix.  He is neutered, UTD on shots, housebroken and does well with dogs and kids.  Toby weighs about 35 chunky pounds and has lots of energy.  I think he will be a super companion for a family!  He came from a family with two children under 2 years of age and did great.











Adopted *** Timber ** Adopted


Timber is 8 years old and when her owner's wife died, she found herself homeless. Sadly, the husband had to move overseas and could not take her with him.  When I was asked to help, I did not feel confident I would be able to find anyone to take her, and, because we have so many elderly dogs here, it would not be practical.  However, after posting her on our FB page, a wonderful man came forward and offered to adopt her.  She is now settled happily in her new digs and we are so grateful!!




Adopted *** Danielle ** Adopted


Danielle was turned over to us by the owner because she could no longer care for her.  Danielle is a small Great Dane, but sweet and loving so we felt she would be adopted immediately.  However, weeks went by and we never seemed to get the right home for her.  Finally, the application came along that was perfect!  The pictures we are getting are fabulous...and she is doing great!!






Danielle's owner brought her to us because she was on a chain most of the day when the owner was at work.  She realized this was no life for her and surrendered her to our shelter.  Since then Danielle has been spayed and is playing with other dogs.  She is gentle and affectionate and a real jewel.  She weighs around 75 lbs and is housebroken. She will be a wonderful companion for some lucky family!!






Adopted *** Lexi ** Adopted


Lexi came to us in pretty bad shape.  She came from a breeder who had abused her and neglected to get her medical issues addressed.  Threatening to sell her to another breeder, he gave a rescue one day to save her, and we were approached by a group who asked if we would take her.  Yes!! We will, was our answer.  It took several months for her to gain weight and trust, and slowly she began to be the dog she should have been all of her short life.  She is now settled in her new  home and is happy and healthy. 








Lexi is a 3 year old purebred German Shepherd from a breeder.  She will be spayed and have her ears treated from chronic ear infections.  She is gentle with all dogs and cats, and kids.  Lexi weighs about 50 lbs but we are hoping to put some more weight on her.  She has had a rough life, but is now free and happy.  Thanks to all who worked on her rescue.








Adopted *** Clyde and Piper ** Adopted


We took in two dogs last month whose owner passed away.  The family could not keep them and one is a purebred Irish Setter named Clyde and the other is a purebred English Setter named Piper.  They are gorgeous and they have been running nonstop on our 50 acres since arrival.  Piper was spayed, but we had to get Clyde fixed with shots, etc.  We fed and exercised them and then posted them. I have had apps for Clyde all the way from Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Rhode Island, New Jersey and finally, Kansas.  The problem with the previous ones were they did not want to keep these guys together, and I did.  Also, they want transport.  Are you kidding me?  I am taking care of 50+ dogs daily and a huge house, etc, and I am supposed to hop in my car and drive over 1000 miles. I don't think so. I can barely get to the grocery store.  If someone wants a dog badly enough, they can drive here.  We have had people fly out from back east and rent a car to drive back.  And transport is not an option unless I know the driver.  Today, they went to their new home TOGETHER!!!  Now, I know it will be tough for this family and I told her not to call me at midnight...at least wait until daylight with any bad news.  This is mom with her son who is a senior at KU and her husband is a runner.  He had better put on his fastest running shoes because these guys are Speedy Gonzales 1 and 2.



Clyde is a three year old, purebred, male Irish Setter.  He weighs about 60 lbs, is well behaved, friendly, and great with other dogs.  Clyde came with his pal, Piper (see below), because their owner passed away.  He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on all shots.  Other than the fact he is drop dead gorgeous, you might say he would be perfect for any household.







Piper is a two year old registered English Setter.  She is spayed and housebroken, friendly and energetic.  Her owner passed away and the family was not able to provide for her.  She weighs about 45 lbs and plays well with other dogs. Her owner did not use her as a hunting dog, but as a companion.





Adopted *** Patches and Tanner ** Adopted


We were so excited when the family who came to meet Tanner decided to adopt two dogs!  They loved Patches, the cute Pit mix with a black circle around her eye and Tanner was everyone's favorite.  So far all is well.  One of them likes to chew the kid's shoes so they have to go to school barefoot (ha ha) and the culprit may just be Patches.  Tanner is such a good boy and falls asleep on the treadmill.  He thinks that is plenty of exercise for him. 





Tanner is a five month old Rottweiler mix puppy.  He is neutered and housebroken and weighs about 30 lbs...but that will change!  Tanner loves his buddy, Gretchen who is a black lab female, and they play endlessly.  He has a fun personality, really sweet. He needs another playful dog and would be sad if he were an only dog. 







Adopted *** Duke ** Adopted


Duke and his brother, Jack, came to us due to the fact their elderly owner was no longer able to take care of them.  Jack has gone off to his forever home, and Duke followed close behind.  His new mom has been a long time Sheltie owner and drove all the way from Oklahoma to get this great dog.  All reports are good, as we expected!!











Duke is a two year old neutered, housebroken Sheltie/Aussie mix. He weighs 25 lbs and is a beautiful dog.  Duke is very well behaved in the house unless there is a cat and then he breaks bad and chases them.  It is recommended he not go to a home with cats. Otherwise he is superzzz!!









Adopted *** Jack ** Adopted


Jack came to us because his owner could no longer care for him or his Aussie brother.  As it turned out, Jack was the perfect lap dog so when we got a call looking for one just like him, it was an instant success.  They came to meet him - "Grandpa" and Jack became fast friends.  They are now great buddies and we wish all adoptions could go so smoothly!








Jack is a four year old Rat Terrier mix.  He weighs about 15 lbs and is neutered and housebroken.  He would be happy to be a lap dog but not sure how he is with young children.  He is very sweet and quiet and would make a great companion for someone living alone






2017 Pages

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