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2015 (October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Apache (now known as Pepper) ***Adopted


Apache aka Pepper, finally, after months of battling a variety of issues, has a new home.  First he was abandoned by his family and left in a back yard with limited social interaction.  Then a kind person took him home to find he was terrified of being left alone and bonded tightly with her to the point she feared he could never be adopted.  And whoever says looks don't count wasn’t thinking about Pepper.  His unique and gorgeous coloring caught the eye of a family many miles from Topeka.  After much discussion, emailing, and visits from their extended family, he headed west a few weeks ago...and the news is reassuring!  So far, he is happy and loves his family and the best part is they love him also, and are patient with his transition. We wish him joy in the years to come.



Apache is making great progress.  After his owners lost their home, Apache was shipped off to a relative who left him in the back yard with little interaction.  As a result he became withdrawn and unsociable.  It was very difficult to even get a collar on him and getting him in the car was a struggle.  However, now that he has been removed from the environment that did not suit him he is beginning to blossom.  He has a huge yard and lots of dogs to play with and never shows any sign of aggression at all.  He is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix with, perhaps, a dash of Catahoula Hound.  His first family consisted of two adults and several small children.  He is neutered and weighs about 75 lbs. He will be a great dog for a family who has the time to win his trust, because once they do, he will be their strongest protector and beloved companion.




Adopted*** Tiny (now known as Little Duke) ***Adopted


Tiny was one of the Doxie/Minpin pups rescued from a hoarder.  When he and his litter mates arrived, they were heavily infested with worms and we were not sure Tiny would survive as he only weighed one pound.  But, after three treatments, he was still hanging in there and was eating like a trooper.  His new owner keeps him in her sweatshirt most of the time and he goes to work with her at a nursing home.  Tiny is now "Little Duke" and I am quite sure he feels like royalty!




Adopted*** Millie ***Adopted


We are so happy to report that Millie is settled safely in her new home.  As you can see from the pictures, she has two sisters just about her size.  Her new owner was kind enough to foster her after she was found in an alley, filthy and scared. E ven though Millie was up for adoption, it became clear, she had found her forever home right where she was!! Yippee and happy days ahead!!!







Millie is an adorable 4 lb, female, Japanese Chin.  She was found on a dirt road, out in the country.  How did she get there? No one knows!  Millie was picked up, taken to a vet and cleaned up.  She has had all of her shots and will be spayed soon...the vet is waiting for her to get a bit older.  Millie thinks she is a big dog and chases two golden retrievers around the house.  She also likes to chase a laser pointer...ha ha!!!  Millie is lots of fun and needs a doggie playmate!




Adopted*** Stormy ***Adopted


Stormy is a beautiful year old black miniature german shepherd who came to us from Missouri. He was "out of time" and a kind  man rescued him, took him home, and drove him to SCARS. Stormy has boundless energy, a loving personality and one of our volunteers took him to her sister to see if he and her golden retriever pup would be friends. The good news is they are best buds and it appears Stormy has found his forever home!!






Stormy is an 8 month old, male, miniature, black German Shepherd mix.  He is neutered, weighs 30 pounds, is up to date on shots and heartworm negative.  He is also almost housebroken.  Stormy was found as a stray in a town in Missouri and taken to the local pound where he remained for several weeks, in a basement, in the dark.  I was told the dogs do not see "the light of day" there.  His time was up so we brought him here.  Today he got to run free on 50 acres and swim in the pond.  Stormy, to say the least, is ecstatic!  He is full of boundless energy, ran like the wind for a few hours, swam in the pond and told me he had a marvelous time!!  He shows absolutely no aggression to anyone or any other animal.  When he shakes off all of the dust, he is going to be a great companion.




Adopted*** Pippa and Ophelia ***Adopted


These two cuties hit the jackpot because they were adopted together!  They are the first to go of the five we took in from a hoarding situation.  The five min pin/doxie mix 8 week old babies were so full of worms it took two treatments to even get started.  Now that they are feeling better, they are full of energy.  Pippa and Ophelia will be spoiled rotten and have two older siblings to terrorize!




Adopted*** Troy ***Adopted


Troy is such a wonderful dog and we were looking for the perfect home, and found it!!  He now has a canine sister who adores him and a human dad who appreciates what a jewel he is.  Troy has a big yard with a fence and lots of trees and has commandeered the sofa!!  He came for a visit today and I am including a video of the two dogs and their flapping ears in the wind!!


Watch the short clip of Troy here.




Troy is a gorgeous, two year old, 75 lb, yellow Labrador Retriever.  He is neutered and up to date on shots.  Troy is fine with cats and other dogs and tends to be submissive.  What really gets my attention is that he is so POLITE!!!  He doesn't bound out of the gate or jump around, he moves slowly and carefully and knows several commands.  He sits when he is asked, so someone has worked with this dog.  He simply showed up one day at a country vet clinic and all efforts to find his owner failed.  He was not wearing a collar or any ID.  Whoever gets this beautiful dog will hit the jackpot.





Adopted*** Jack ***Adopted


Jack came to us having never been to a vet in his four years.  He was not neutered, no shots but was beautiful and knew many commands.  Jack was forced to leave his home because he was chasing the neighbor's chickens.  He had brought so many applications to us that we could not even keep up, but one worked out perfectly!  The good news is they were dog people and did not return Jack when they found out he was heartworm positive.  We were going to treat him, but they took the responsibility themselves and have taken care of this serious problem.  Jack is well on his way to being a wonderful companion and we are so thankful to have been able to find him a great home.


Jack has a sad story, as so many of the dogs at SCARS do.  He has had his own family since he was a little puppy, and they have ten children and another dog.  He loves them all, but he lives in the country and the neighbors have chickens.  Jack chases them, but has never killed one.  Nevertheless, they want him gone.  He is a 4 year old, male, Labrador/Retriever mix and weighs over 80 lbs.  He will retrieve a ball and drop it at your feet forever. If you hit a golf ball, he will run get it and bring it back. He knows many commands.  Jack has never been to a vet, so as soon as the holiday weekend is over, we will make an appt. to get all of this done. In the meantime, he is missing his family and wants to belong to someone.




Adopted*** Memphis ***Adopted


Memphis came to us five  years ago after being abandoned (and found) in an apartment after his owner had been put in jail.  He had torn up literally hundreds of Dairy Queen paper cups and decorated the apartment with them. When he came here he was terrified of everything, but in time settled into a routine and was beloved by everyone.  Well, along came a family recently with two daughters and Memphis took one look and fell in love.  He showered them with attention and, despite his rather large size, climbed up on their lap!  So, all is well in Memphis land at this point. Although we greatly miss him, we are thrilled he has his very own family to protect and love.





Adopted*** Clementine ***Adopted


Clementine and her brother were picked up in a neighboring county by animal control and taken to a local vet clinic.  The owners never picked them up, so they were out of time.  Clem had ONE DAY to be rescued after her brother was taken by a local rescue, so SCARS took her in.  She was flea ridden with missing patches of hair and not spayed.  We had all of that taken care of and she was adopted today. Her new family adopted a lab puppy from us 6 months ago and they decided she needed a playmate. What a wonderful beginning of her new life!!




Adopted*** JD aka James Dean ***Adopted


JD is named after James Dean because he "lived on the edge."  He is a gorgeous mastiff mix puppy and came to the local pound as a stray.  He is loving and playful, but someone at the shelter decided he was "aggressive" and he was put on the euthanasia list.  When my friend heard this wonderful dog was going to be killed, she called me and asked us to pull him fast, which we did.  He does not have a drop of aggression in him and is living happily with a family and their two daughters. They are thrilled he was saved in time to share his life with them.




I am affectionately called JD because I am named after the movie star, James Dean.  You see, he lived on the edge and, until today, so did I.  I was labeled incorrectly at a city shelter and they were going to euthanize me because I jumped up and down too much on another dog.  However, I was saved by SCARS and am now at one of their foster homes and playing happily with four dogs and two cats.  I am only 7 months old and my legs are way too long since I am part mastiff.  I love toys and everybody I meet.  I weigh about 45 lbs already, so I think I am going to be a big guy.  I am "fixed" and had all of my shots.  Life is so good now, and I am so happy to be alive. Would you like to make me a part of your family???


Watch a short video of JD (click here)




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