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2014 (October to present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2014.



2014 Pages

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Adopted*** Prince (now known as Odie)  ***Adopted


When I saw that Prince was "out of time," I said we would take him.  First of all, he was gorgeous, secondly, he was young.  I felt those two things would make him very adoptable. What I did not know was when we got him, he was thin and wired!  I decided running him around the pond every day and just letting him be a dog would be to his benefit, and then we got him used to being in the house.  He did really well but was still a bit wild!  We knew he would need someone with patience and experience with retrievers and their boundless energy, and this person (and his wife!!) came into Prince's life.  Prince is now Odie, and has gone off to his new home in Nebraska.  He is doing fine, has a canine brother, and is headed for obedience classes!!!

We miss his fun energy but are thrilled he has begun his new life.



Prince is a beautiful flat coated retriever male.  He is a year old, neutered, and weighs about 50 lbs.  He is up to date on shots, heartworm negative and loves everyone!  Prince is very friendly and playful and tends to be too energetic at times.  He definitely will need someone to train him not to jump up and down joyously when he meets someone.  We feel he is smart and will be a great family pet if one can get through his "teenage" years!




Adopted*** Nick  ***Adopted


Just when we had despaired of finding the right home for Nick, the perfect person came along!  For one thing he does not like men and growls at them.  For his new owner, a single mom, it was perfect.  Plus, he loves being outside in the country and snuggled in bed at night, and he is now on an 80 acre farm.  He doesn't bother the cattle, has a nine year old human brother he can sleep with and we are thrilled he is finally settled in his new home.




Nicky is a 14 month old, male Jack Russell terrier mix of some sort!!  He is neutered, housebroken, heartworm negative and up to date on his shots.  Nicky weighs about 45 lbs and was in a large shelter and not doing well.  He needed to get out and have lots of exercise to settle down.  Nick loves women and gets along great with other dogs but is leery of men.  He warms up to them in time, but they need to be patient.  He is really a cutie pie and will make some family a great companion.





Adopted*** Freckles  ***Adopted


Thank you to this wonderful family for providing Freckles with such a wonderful, and loving home

We love happy endings!



Freckles is a Brittany Spaniel mix of some sort.  He is neutered, heartworm negative and super friendly with kids and adults.  He may do best as a single dog or his canine partner should be a female.  He is shy at first and then the best tail wagger ever.  Freckles weighs 30 lbs so this picture makes him look much bigger than he is.  We are not sure about housebreaking yet, but working on it.  He is definitely crate trained.  Freckles is the perfect size for a family and waiting for his new home!!





Adopted*** Gizmo and Sarah ***Adopted


Gizmo and Sara's owner passed away and the relatives had no room for them.  SCARS was contacted and we took them in and had hoped, originally, to adopt them together.  However, as time went on we felt their different personalities would make them good candidates for different types of families.  Gizmo is now happily settled with two adults and lots of attention.....and another dog to play with!

Sarah has gone home to four children so she will be too busy to miss another dog.  Sarah really just wanted to hog her person's attention so we are thrilled they have both gone home ...furever.


Here is our story: We were all one big happy family when suddenly our owner disappeared.  We overheard something about a funeral, and he never came home. Some nice people were feeding us, but we were lonely and then a lady came and got us and took us to the country with lots of other dogs.  This is fun and we are busy playing a lot, but we miss having our own family.

I am the white one and my name is Gizmo and I am a Shih Tzu.  I am around 3-4 years old and "fixed."  I am housebroken but I must admit I need a bit of reminding since we were left in the yard a lot.  I weigh about 20 lbs and am sort of shy.  Once I get to know you, I am very friendly!  My sister is Sara and she is only 1 1/2 years old.  She is spayed and weighs around 20 lbs and is a Lhasa Apsa mix.  She is housebroken and very friendly and outgoing.  She loves to jump up in your lap and loves to play.  We would like to stay together, but it is not a sure thing.  I think we would be fine going our separate ways if we both had loving families!




Adopted*** Diesel ***Adopted


Diesel was mislabeled at a large city shelter and a volunteer begged us to take him.  He had been there so long and barked hopelessly, that he lost his voice.  One of our fosters took him in and we had him vetted and ready to go.  At her house he did great with kids, other dogs and cats! So, the news was false on this cutie pie. He has gone to a wonderful home and we are grateful beyond words.




Adopted*** Mystic (now known as Rugar) ***Adopted


My name was Mystic when I arrived at a shelter in Kansas.  I had been neglected as had my brothers, and we were skinny and had sores all over us.  In time we healed and got adopted.  My brother had a bad habit of running in the road and was killed by a car, and I was returned.  The people thought I would do the same thing even though I told them I wouldn't.  It was tough coming back and I began to get depressed and sort of gave up.  A lady was visiting our shelter and I saw her looking at me.  I tried to look happy but she left.  However, not too long after that I was told to "come on, we're going for a ride."  So I hopped in the shelter car. I was taken to a beautiful place in the country with fields and flowers where I could play and have fun.  Right after that a pretty lady came to look at me and then she said, "hop in the truck, you are going home."  I had never had so many car rides!  I did as I was told, and we drove to another beautiful place in the country with horses and another dog who looked just like me, but he was black.  Here's the rest of the story...."I am home....forever." (and my new name is Rugar!!)






Adopted*** Fiesta (now known as Gigi) ***Adopted


OK, so I am going to be the one telling this story!  They called me Fiesta which means party, but I was not at any party!  I was stuck in a small room in a city shelter and I hated it, so I jumped up and down and screamed and yelled to get OUT!!!  A visitor heard me and decided to "spring me!"  By the time I got out of there and to my new digs, I was still pretty wired. H owever, after running as fast as my legs could take me on 50 acres several times a day, I decided I could pretend to be normal.  So, I settled in, was a good girl MOST of the time, but no one noticed me.  Time went on and I decided hanging out on 50 acres wasn't so bad, but I needed my own spot and my very own person.  Then, when I was least expecting it, this man came to visit and I saw hearts and flowers!!!  I was in love!!!  I followed him everywhere and wagged my tail really hard and when he left, I ran along the fence barking and told him to hurry back.  And guess what...he did; and he took me home!  Now I have a doggie brother and my own person and my new name is Gigi....but I am really and truly at a Fiesta at last.



Well, here we go.  Everyone asks what breed I am.  It appears my primary breed is English Pointer and the rest is up for grabs.  I am two years old, spayed and doing great on my housebreaking.  I weigh 65 lbs and am heartworm negative.  I was in a city shelter for two years and not doing well.  I wanted to run and play and I couldn't get the exercise I needed so I acted "stressed out."  Now that I have 50 acres, lots of friends and two ponds, I am on my way to being the perfect companion.  I have no aggression problems, and I love people...especially kids except I am too jumpy.  I am working on that too. Will you give me a chance to join your family?






Adopted*** Sophie ***Adopted


Sophia came and went very quickly!  Her previous owner brought her here because he could not afford to feed her, but I knew a purebred, female Dachshund would find a home soon!  We had several wonderful families who were interested in her, but we think she is settled in the right home.  She has a Doxie sister, and two kids at home to spoil her.  Her beautiful turquoise collar went with her!




Sophia is a 3 year old purebred Dachshund.  She is spayed and housebroken and came from a family with kids who cannot keep her any longer.  She is very gentle and sweet and absolutely adorable.  We have not heard her bark yet!  Sophia weighs about 7 lbs and is a perfect house/lap dog.






2014 Pages

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