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2010 (October to December)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



2010 Pages

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Adopted*** Russ and Charlotte (now known as Russ and Lettie) ***Adopted


russ charlotte home.jpg


Russ and Charlotte are now Russ and Lettie.  A wonderful family in Kansas City decided they should not be separated, had a family conference and took them both.  So far they are doing great.  It is quite an adjustment to go from no dogs to two humongous Rottweilers.  The good thing is both dogs are gentle giants which is good for the three daughters in the family.  Other than a wild walk with dad who thought he could take both on a leash at once, and one ended up in a neighbors yard, all is well.  This is a fabulous Christmas present for all of us since these two were on death row and now in the lap of luxury.


russ charlotte2-1.jpg

We recently took two gorgeous purebred Rottweilers from a high kill shelter in Kansas City. I got a call on Saturday night from KC telling us that they would be put down on Monday.  The boy is 4 yrs old, neutered and weighs 100 lbs.  The female is 2 yrs old and weighs 80 lbs.  They are both up to date on shots and have tested heartworm russ charlotte1-1.jpgnegative.  These two are wonderful dogs...they are both gentle giants.  They need some work leash training as they flop down on their backs when you put a leash on them – but they will slowly follow you in time.  They exhibit absolutely no aggression towards people or other dogs. We have no information on how they deal with cats.  We would love for them to go together, but will let them be adopted separately if good homes come along. 






Adopted*** Nessa ***Adopted


nessa home.jpgNessa has been adopted!  Here’s a note from her new family:

“Just wanted to give you an update of Nessa. She has become one of the family. We are really enjoying her and she enjoys us all too. Good thing we have a king size bed. She is a bed hog. We love her a lot. Thank you so much for introducing her to us. She truly is one of the family.”




nessa1.jpgNessa is a female, Whippet/Terrier mix(?).  She is up to date on shots and will be getting spayed next week.  She weighs 35 lbs and gets along nessa 102710-1.jpgwell with other dogs but has not been around many kids. We think Nessa would make a great watch dog!  She has been in a crate for many, many hours so her new found freedom and exercise will give us more information as time goes by.









Adopted*** Thor ***Adopted



thor home.jpgthor before.jpgOne Saturday night I recieved a call from a woman trying to help save some dogs at a high kill shelter in KC.  She sent me a picture of a sweet looking Rottie (right) who had two days left.  We took him in and my foster fell in love with him and actually found him a great home in Lincoln, Nebraska!!  Things fell together so well - he is now happy in his new home and has a little girl to play with (left). His new name is Thor, and believe me, he was nabbed from the brink of death just in the nick of time.





Adopted*** Lillie ***Adopted



Lillie has gone to a family who recently lost a dog that their daughter misses her very much.  They saw Lillie's picture and thought she would be perfect for them. She is getting along great lillie home1.jpgand the whole family just loves her.










Lillie is a beautiful, female, German lillie 1010-1.jpgShepherd mix.  She is 2 yrs old, housebroken, weighs 50 lbs, is spayed, and up to date on shots.  Lillie is heartworm negative and trained to obey certain commands.  Her owner is moving to Germany and no one would take her except SCARS.  She gets along well with kids and other dogs and we feel she is just a wonderful dog and could not let her go to a high kill shelter and risk losing this precious gal.






Adopted*** Kobe ***Adopted


merry kobe1.jpg

Merry Christmas 2010, Kobe


kobe home1.jpg


Kobe has found a wonderful home and is all settled in on a 160 acre farm with lots of family and two little dogs to play with. He gets to go out for breakfast every morning with dad and visit with the neighbors. His afternoons are busy running around the country with his new family and he chases frisbees and balls endlessly. We had two wonderful homes for Kobe, a dream for rescues, and picking the best was hard. We all conferred and agreed he needed lots of exercise and a family home all day. His new name is Waco and alls well that ends well.



Kobe is an 8 month old, male, American Bulldog.  He is neutered, 70 lbs, heartworm negative, and up to date on shots.  He is also good with other dogs and kids. Kobe's owner died leaving him without a place of his own.  The family began searching for a good rescue who would take him in and when we saw his picture, we were hooked.  Kobe is strong and needs lots of exercise!  He will catch a ball and bring it back to you until you fall over in exhaustion and he will still be going. Isn't he gorgeous??






Adopted*** Highway ***Adopted


highway update 121410-1.jpg

Highway went from being beaten on a daily basis to a home where he is loved and cherished.  Here he is with his first two moms from SCARS who went to visit him to today at his forever home.  It has now been a year and his recovery is complete. What a Christmas gift............




highway update1.jpg

Here’s a recent update on Highway from his new family.  “He is doing FABULOUS! He also has a tag with his name and address/phone number engraved on it now.  We love him so very much and know he is the perfect dog for us.  He has really adjusted well and loves to snuggle with us on the couch & in bed. It's so nice to have a nap partner now.  We could not be happier!”



highway home.jpgHighway had a very rough life before coming to Scars.  He bore the signs of physical abuse that had been going on for some time.  His healing was slow but he came around to being a loving and exciting member of the SCARS family.  I was not sure anyone would ever want to take on this big boy with all of his energy and odd traits. The night we had the volunteer pool party, a great family fell in love with him. They even moved to a bigger house with a yard so they could adopt him.  Highway waited patiently for his new home and he finally "moved in" last week. The news from the front is he is happy and content. He even "sneaks under the covers" in the middle of the night. He will keep this family warm in the winter!!



highway 2Highway is a 2 year old, male, neutered, Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. He is almost housebroken but not quite there yet.  He is up to date on shots and heartworm negative.  Highway weighs about 60 lbs and loves people and other dogs. He is tormented daily by the puppies here who jump up and down on his head!!  He was the victim of severe physical abuse but has maintained his gentle, loving disposition.





Adopted*** Sasha ***Adopted



sasha home1.jpgSasha has had a tough time but we think she is finally home!  Her dad is going to law school and mom is a registered nurse, so her needs will be covered should she need legal or medical help!  The person who rescued her after finding her half starved kept her briefly but was not equipped to deal with her problems and took her to a foster in a neighboring county.  The foster kept her until they had to go on vacation and we took her in and she was adopted by a family who kept her about 24 hours.  They decided they didn't want her and back she came to SCARS.  So, many months after her rescue she has finally found a permanent home.  They love her despite the fact she has torn up their living room and set off the burglar alarm twice and brought the police over.  When the new dad said "but she is our girl" I told him I needed a hundred homes like his.  He said "dogs are not disposable items."  Amen to that.  Sasha, you really lucked out!



sasha1 053110

Sasha came to us as a starvation case.  She has turned into a healthy, beautiful and loving dog. She is a two year old, (German?) Shepherd mix, is housebroken, spayed and up to date on shots. She weighs around 50 lbs and here is the great thing about her....she is so calm!!  Sasha just wants to be a gentle and loving companion.  She loves kids and other dogs. We think she knows how lucky she is to be alive.







2010 Pages

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