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Our Adopted Friends

2007 (October – present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2007.



2007 Pages

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Adopted*** St. Jack  ***Adopted


St Jack home1Jack has been adopted and is doing very well in his new home.  He has one other dog to play with and a cat.  The cat still hasn't figured Jack out yet.  He gets to play with his new owners on a regular basis, and has home cooked meals everyday.  He gets to go on walks and play with his other roomate in the yard everyday.  Jack is so happy, in his new home, and gets so much attention from his new friend Anne.  She takes great care of him and he takes great care of her.  Jack couldn't of asked for more, and he knows what a lucky dog he his.  His new owner says, “He is the biggest lovebug I have ever had, and about the most adorable, too!”


Looks like Jack has fund his forever home.



Jack and Friends 009-1JackandFriends013-1

This is Jack.  Jack is a year and a half old, male, St. Bernard. He’s a great dog - still has a lot of puppy in him but once you get to know him you'll fall in love with him.  Jack is 1 1/2 years old, neutered, and is great with other dogs, and cats.  He tends to be a little hyper around new people and other dogs but at home he lays around and nothing really bothers him.  He is housebroken (every once in a while he does have an accident).  He is kenneled at night and that seems to help.  He really like cats and other dogs.  When we got him he had no obedience training at all.  We have  been  working with him and he has come along way, but he still could use some more training.  




Adopted*** Baxter  ***Adopted


baxter homre1Baxter has a wonderful new family to love him. He has two little boys to play with and a big, big dog as his friend too. At first Baxter decided to "scare" the big dog away but barking and growling but learned that wasn't working well. His manners are improving and if all goes well, he gets to go on a long car trip with the family real soon!





baxter boy1

baxter boy2-1Baxter Boy is a one year old Terrier mix. He weighs about 8-10 lbs and gets along with everyone, humans and animals alike. He has a quiet, laid back personality and is a joy to be around. No one knows where Baxter Boy came from, he just appeared in a Missouri shelter and his time was up. A kind soul took him out just in time and here he is at SCARS. Surely he would be the perfect pet. (he is up to date on shots and almost housebroken.)





Adopted*** Gizmo  ***Adopted



gizmo home1

Gizmo has a new family in a town near Topeka. He has kids to play with and another Chihuahua for a sister. After leaving SCARS, Gizmo got to go to Petsmart and get a new coat, bed and toys. So far, all is well and he is adjusting. We wish Gizzy a wonderful life!




Gizmo is a 3 year old, male, chocolate Applehead Chihuahua. Gizmo is not yet housebroken, but we are working on it. He is Mr. Personality and loves everybody. He is neutered and up to date on shots and weighs about 7 lbs. Gizzy really needs a home of his own since his owner recently passed away







Adopted*** Princess & Carly  ***Adopted


princess carly-1These two little gals are now placed safely in a good home,. The little brown dog has a new name, Princess, and was a puppy mill rescue. Her main problem is that she has bonded so strongly with her new little girl, she doesn't want to share. The little black and white gal is named Carley and is fitting in well. They have a big brother, Cooper, who is a tri color Australian Shepherd (adopted from SCARS about 4 yrs ago!!) We know these little guys will be very happy.




Adopted*** Colonel (now known as Hershey)  ***Adopted


hershey and family1

When I went to take pictures of Hershey with his new family today, I was so happy to see how well he looked. His coat is shiny and he has a wonderful new, loving family. A cat ran by who momentarily distracted him, but he continued greeting me exuberantly. All reports are good...he is a good boy and not having accidents. Hershey has come a long way from the parking lot at Kentucky Fried Chicken!!



colone1lColonel was found wandering the Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot. All efforts to find his home failed, so he was obviously dumped. He is now safe here and we are learning about him. Colonel will be neutered  this week and we believe he is around one year old. He is gentle but playful and loves everybody. We think he is some sort of spaniel cross, but really not sure. Colonel is handsome boy and will make someone a great companion.









Adopted*** Boxer Pup  ***Adopted


boxer baby1When the mother boxer (Lady, below) was found in the parking lot, she had a 3 month old pup with her...the spitting image of mom. Two such gorgeous dogs and where did the come from? We never found out as no one ever claimed them. Here is our boxer baby with her new "sister." Her name is Brooklyn and she has two human sisters and parents who love her.  It sounds like she is doing great and has found a forever home!




Adopted*** Lady (now known as Izzy)  ***Adopted



Lady (now known as Izzy) is now happy with her new family. As you can see from the picture, she has a loving family to take care of her. According her new parents, it is like she has always belonged to them and has not had any accidents. Where she came from will always remain a mystery, but we sure know where she is now and we are so happy for all concerned



lady boxer-1

Lady is a beautiful, purebred, fawn colored, female Boxer who needs a home. She is about one year old and has recently had pups so is not yet spayed, but almost housebroken. She has a calm loving nature and is well behaved in the house.  Lady was found with her pups, lost and wandering. Her owners have not claimed her so she is up for adoption.  Fill out and application if you interested in this pretty girl.










Adopted*** Baxter  ***Adopted


baxter home-1Baxter the beagle was adopted by a family who lives in Western Kansas, almost to Colorado. He has adjusted quickly and, as you can see from the picture, is getting along beautifully with his new pal. Other than loving to sneak in the closet and steal mom's shoes, Baxter is being a good boy. We are thrilled at a happy ending for a dog who had a very sad beginning!





Baxter is a beautiful purebred Beagle. He is about 9 months old , neutered and up to date on his shots. He is almost housebroken and absolutely loves to play with other dogs. Baxter behaves well in the house and is anxious to please. Everyone who meets him just falls in love with him as he possesses an unusually gentle nature. Although Baxter came from an abusive home, he is loving and holds no grudges against humans.






Adopted*** Jill and Jane  ***Adopted


Jill and Jane are now in their new home in Colorado. We spoke to the family tonight and they say all is going well. Mom said "We are old folks and don’t know how to use a digital camera" so pictures will not be forthcoming. With several children and 15 grandchildren, these dogs are now members of a big family and have lots of kids to keep them company. We appreciate them making the long drive from Colorado to Kansas to give these dogs a new home and keep them together.


golden1-1These two beautiful purebred, female, Golden Retrievers are in need of a new home. For a variety of reasons, their owner is unable to keep golden2-1them. They are two years old, will soon be spayed, are up to date on shots, and love people and other dogs. As far as we know, they don’t bother cats and will be great family pets.  We are still determining if they are housebroken.  They are about 50 lbs each and are just beautiful girls. 









2007 Pages

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