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2004 (Oct – Dec)


Here are the original stories and information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.




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Adopted*** CHLOE ***Adopted


Chloe has been adopted!  Thank you all for your interested in this cute little girl.  Check back to our ‘Adopt Me’ page for more wonderful dogs looking for a new home.


Chloe is a 3 year old, female Beagle.  She is housebroken and spayed with a wonderful disposition!!  She would make a wonderful house pet.  Give us a call if you’re interested in taking Chloe home.







Adopted*** HARLEY ***Adopted

(now called Charlie)


Harley has been adopted! Hopefully we can get a picture of his family to post.  Check back!


Harley is a 5 year old Lhasa Apso mix. He is housebroken, neutered and up to date on his shots. Harley prefers to be inside and is well behaved!! (and a bit plump!)









Adopted*** MOLLY and STELLA ***Adopted



Molly and Stell have been adopted by tow teachers, the Schultz’s, in Missouri.  They have a sister, Annie the cat, who they better be nice to! They will get lots of walks, rides in the car and time to play in the yard. Have a wonderful life, girls!!


Molly and Stella are three year old female Australian Shepherds.  They are housebroken and spayed with wonderful disposition - very quiet in the house, but playful outside. Their owner had to move and cannot take them with her and she wants a wonderful home for "her girls."  We would really like to have these girls adopted together, as they are very attached.  Give us a call if they would fit into your family.






Adopted*** BANJO ***Adopted



Banjo has been adopted by a great family in Kansas City.  He now has to children to play with and take care of him.


Banjo is a male, 8 month old, Lab/Terrier mix. He is neutered and weighs about 35 pounds.  Banjo is great with kids and other animals and has a beautiful, soft glossy, coat. He needs a home where he can be an outside/inside dog where he can get lots of attention. He is a ‘cuddlebug’ and likes to sleep with his owner, in bed. Is this the dog for you??









Adopted*** DONNY ***Adopted



Donny has gone to a great home and has found his forever family.  Way to go, Donny!


Donny is an 8 month old, male, Basset Hound/Beagle mix. He is very gentle and kind of shy. He really needs someone to love him.  Still a puppy, He needs a bit of training.  Wouldn’t he make a great family dog?








Adopted*** BISCUIT ***Adopted


Biscuit has a new home with a family on 20 acres in the country.  He has a Dachshund  playmate and lots of aunts and uncles. His new "Dad" works at home so Biscuit will have company all of the time. Enjoy your new family, Biscuit!


Buscuit is a 4 month old, male, Yellow Lab mix with a slight silver color in his coat. He has the best disposition and loves kids and other dogs. He appeared at a girl’s house up north and she didn’t want to take him to the shelter. We just adore him here. He has the most wonderful eyes and he is a lover. This beautiful boy needs a home, and a forever family.  Wouldn’t he be great for your family??





Adopted*** CASSIE ***Adopted


Cassie has been adopted by a great family.  She has three other dogs to play with, and has taken a real fancy to her new Grandpa – jumping up on his bed each morning to wake him up.  She’s doing great with her new ‘forever’ family!


Cassie is a 6 month old, female, Cocker Spaniel mix.  She is spayed, housebroken and great with kids, as well as other animals!!


Cassie is extremely shy and gentle. A friend of SCARS found her in Kansas City where she was going to be put down at a terrible shelter. She was real thin, but is filling out nicely and needs a nurturing home.





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