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2019 (September and October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Hogan  *** Adopted


Hogan was rescued from someone who was not kind to him.  He came here with his little sidekick, a Pekingese named Meka.  We thought she would be the first to be adopted but lo and behold, Hogan was!!  Anyway, I worried about him even being adoptable since he growled and acted shy...but he is doing great with savvy dog people who love and understand him!


Adopted *** Max  *** Adopted


It may seem strange to see an adoption picture with someone in bed, but here is the story.  This woman lost her sight and her leg two years ago and has soldiered on alone.  She has a live in helper now and her most ardent wish was to get a puppy to "give her something to live for."  I took a Pittie puppy to her apartment with great misgivings, but everything has worked out just fine.  She adores this pup and all the neighbors pitch in and help her exercise him and take care of him.




Adopted *** Kimber  *** Adopted


Kimber came to us as the runt of a litter of purebred German Shepherds.  She was thin and had a bad infestation of worms so we went about taking care of all of that.  The son, and his family, of one of our fosters adopted her and she is surely one of the prettiest shepherds we have ever seen!


Adopted *** Millie  *** Adopted


Millie was actually picked up by some firefighters, put on the fire truck, and taken to my foster's house.   Millie was very thin and not spayed, so since no owners ever appeared, we got everything done.  In time a great person decided to adopt her and she is doing just fine!










Adopted *** Saber  *** Adopted



When Saber arrived at SCARS we thought he would be gone overnight.  However, he is young and energetic and not everyone can deal with that.  He is a purebred, registered, neutered and up to date on shots...friendly with everyone.  What a deal!!  Then along came this couple who have had Labs and know how to train them and work with them.  We think Saber will be very happy on his new 130 acres in the country!!







Saber is a registered, purebred, male, black Lab.  He is a year old and neutered.  He has temporarily forgotten his original house training and needs a brush up course.  Saber LOVES other dogs but especially kittens who he can play with endlessly.  He has had some sort of training according to owner, but we are trying to get more details. Isn't he gorgeous??








Adopted *** Violet  *** Adopted


We have been unable to get a picture of Violet and her family but we sure have talked to them.  Poor Violet came from a puppy mill and was neglected and dirty and matted.  Her new family saw through that to the darling dog she is and now she is all cleaned up and settled nicely in her new home!











Adopted *** Stella  *** Adopted


When on my way to KC, I received a phone call that a beautiful blonde lab was found sitting in the middle of the highway about 20 miles from our shelter.  With nowhere to take her, she ended up here with my friends who were taking care of the dogs while I was gone.  The owner surfaced but after a conversation, she decided to surrender her to SCARS.  In less than 24 hours I had a new home for her with someone who was waiting for the right dog and it worked out great.  Stella is now in her new home and I wish all adoptions could be so easy!!








Adopted *** Stash  *** Adopted


Stash and Lucy (see belwo), the rat terrier, were living a sad life as their owner was never around.  They spent the hot summer in the yard and the neighbors fed and watered them.  Both dogs have now been adopted and both had adopted dogs from SCARS before.  If you remember Stubbs, the one whose mother chewed off  his back feet, he is now the brother to Stash!"



Stash is a 9 yr old purebred registered Chihuahua.  He is neutered and very healthy with clean white teeth.  He just wants to be someone’s lap dog










Adopted *** Tank  *** Adopted


TANK!!!  Tank is finally settled in his new home and it has taken a lot of screening to find what we thought would be the perfect home.  Here he is with his new family and they look so happy!!







Tank is a one year old English Mastiff mix of 100lbs.  He is gentle but strong and we have seen no aggression.  He is kennel trained and walks well on a leash, as long as you have good control.  Tank came to us in poor condition and has gained weight and confidence.  He has a gorgeous brindle coat and will make a large dog lover a great companion!



Adopted *** Cookie  *** Adopted


Cookie was a stray in a nearby town and she probably wore the people out - they let her run off and did not look for her.  I was not sure anyone would be up to training her but one of our volunteers was here and took to her.  I asked her to foster Cookie for a few days and a miracle happened...she kept her!  I know it is challenging with this little fireball, but in the long run, she will make a great companion.








Cookie is a two year old mix of some sort.  Our best guess is Pittie/Boxer/Boston Terrier.  She is very friendly and there is no aggression with other animals.  We do not have cats, but I doubt she would bother them but if that is the primary concern, please pass.  Also, she is waiting to be spayed but is up to date on all shots and heartworm negative.  Cookie is lively but settles down nicely in the house.


Adopted *** Leo, Lola, Mr. D, Sadie and Gracie  *** Adopted


These five puppies are too adorable for words!  They are Poodle/Shih Tzu mixes and all five are happily placed in their new homes.  Two went to a friend who named them Leo and Lola, and she drove the other male, Mr. D all the way to New Mexico to her twin sister!  Then the other two in the litter went together to friends of ours.  They are now Sadie and Gracie.  I know puppies are a big effort, but so far these cuties are doing fine!



Adopted *** Huck  *** Adopted


Huckleberry was relinquished by an owner who had him since he was a puppy and now he is 7 years old.  We worried he would not get many adoptions but the apps just kept rolling in! He is now with his new owner who adopted a SCARS dog years ago and he is going to be very spoiled!


Adopted *** Lucy  *** Adopted



My daughter is a sucker for Rat Terriers so when this little gal came along, I just knew she would want to adopt her.  For some reason she fell in love with this breed probably years ago when I rescued a wiry little gal named Squirt.  Next came Scooter and then Pinky and now Lucy!  So all is well in Lucy's world now....and she has a sister Pinky to play with and a big, big sister named Belle.


Adopted *** Toby  *** Adopted


I was quite upset when I got an email saying a family was returning Toby the next day after three years!  Wow...no warning.  We were too full, it was too hot and I had no room.  So, I thought of a woman looking for a medium sized dog and jumped on the bandwagon. I bundled him into the car, drove to the other side of town and she loved him. They are still together and all is well and I look at his adoption as a flat out miracle.



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