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2016 (September and October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2016 Pages

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Adopted*** Roadie  ***Adopted


His name was such because he was "on the road" and could not be caught for weeks.  Someone finally nabbed him, called us and Roadie came here.  The beagle in him worried me as they can be runners, but Roadie liked it here and stuck around.  He was so darn cute and the perfect size, that he caught the eye of a wonderful family who decided to give him a chance.  We have resisted posting until we knew he would be a keeper, and as you can see in the picture, Roadie is home.




I came by my name fair and square....I was found running loose on a country road.  I think I ended up there by accident but now I am at SCARS and having a lot of fun.  I am a 2 year old, Beagle mix and weigh 35 lbs.  I am neutered and get along perfectly with kids and other dogs.  However, I need to quit jumping up on people, but I also do not jump fences nor do I ever run off now.  I like to hang with my new friends and play in the house. Other than the fact I am adorable, I am the perfect dog for an active family.




Adopted*** Lorenzo  ***Adopted


Lorenzo came to us weighing 4 lbs.  He was found, miraculously, running down a country road.  I wonder how they even saw him.  We began with putting weight on him, healing his fly bites and generally improving his health.  After being "fixed" and gaining two pounds, he was adopted by someone who loved him at first sight. Apparently she will not let anyone have him, so I guess he is home for good!!!






Lorenzo is a 3 lb Chihuahua found running down a dirt road.  It is amazing anyone even saw him!!  Lorenzo is just about the cutest dog we have ever seen, and he is a great favorite here.  He is now neutered and had his shots and likes to cuddle in your lap...actually, he likes to hide behind you when you are watching TV!!!











Adopted*** Poppy  ***Adopted


Poppy has a wonderful story to tell!!  She left a big shelter where she was going nuts and came to SCARS with lots of energy to burn off!  Her first adoption ended when she was found standing on their dining room table. Upon arrival she said "But I was hungry!!"  So it seemed no one who understands heelers were going to find this cutie.  However, one day I got the perfect call and I knew it - Is Poppy still available?"  From then on, after making various plans, I felt she was going to the right home.  She has two heeler siblings and a big family to love and protect.  Patience often pays off!!



Poppy is a ten month old, female Red Heeler.  She is spayed and heartworm negative. Poppy was in a city shelter and not doing well.  She is high energy and wants to play all of the time, and they reached out to us to take her here.  Poppy loves running and swimming and is doing really well.  She settles down nicely and is not a barker.  At night we do not hear a peep out of her. A t 38 lbs, she is a good size for most families!





Adopted*** Pepper  ***Adopted


Pepper had a rough start.  He was locked in a kennel 24/7 and finally rescued. Upon arrival, he had parvo and spent a few days on IV's at the vet.  Then he ran in front of the Gator a volunteer was driving and injured his hip and had surgery. Through it all, he bounced back and maintained his fabulous personality.  We wondered if his leg problems would keep him from being adopted, and it did slow a few people down.  However, one family saw his beautiful self and took him home where he is thriving.  We are so grateful to them for their patience and understanding!





Pepper is a gorgeous 6 month old, neutered, male mix of a variety of breeds.  We think he may be a Leopard Catahoula, but we’re not sure.  He also resembles the body of a Whippet, and the ears of a pit bull.  Whatever he is, Pepper is as cute as they get weighing about 30 lbs so far.  He adores people and other dogs.  He plays and plays and has a fabulous disposition. We are all in love with this adorable puppy!






Adopted*** June  ***Adopted


Remember our little dog found running down a country road miles from any town? We named her June Bug and found out that she was probably the sweetest dog we ever had here. She was great with everyone and never had an accident, but time went on and she did not get adopted. Finally, a wonderful family came along and saw in her what we saw and took her home. She is settled in nicely and is the great protector of the children!!




I was wandering down a lonely, country road and very tired and hungry.  I am not sure how I got there, but I stumbled along as cars zoomed by.  Finally, I heard one slow down and a sweet voice asked me if I would like a ride!  I happily hopped in and we drove away together.  It was a long drive and when we got to her house after a few hours she tucked me in and said goodnight.  The next day her husband said I had to leave so the lady put me in the car again, and off we went.  This time I was welcome at a doggie rescue and the lady at SCARS gave me lots of food and a bath.  I am feeling much better and have had shots and some pills. I weigh about 40 lbs and she think my crooked legs are part basset and my head might be lab or something. I did hear someone say I was an "odd mix."  Here is the good news...I am gentle and sweet, I never bark or bother anyone and am happy to just lie around and watch TV.  I am around two years old but my life has made me older and wiser because it has been a tough one.  I think things are looking up and hope to get a forever home soon.  In the meantime, I am safe and loved.





Adopted*** Daphne  ***Adopted


Daphne came to us as a stray wearing a collar that was too large and too heavy for a dog of her size.  From the minute we got her, we knew she would be wonderful for some family. Daphne loves everyone and plays well with all of the dogs here.  I received several applications for her but one came along that sounded perfect....lots of understanding about issues that might come up regarding new dogs.  So off she went in the new blue gingham bed and her new toys. So far the news is all good and we hope it stays that way!







Daphne is a one and a half year old, 45 lb, spayed, female Shepherd mix.  She was found in the country and the people did not want to keep her. Daphne is a wonderful, sweet and loving dog who gets along well with kids, adults and other dogs. She does not run off and does not have accidents. Everyone here adores her! Someone is going to get a great dog.




Adopted*** Pebbles  ***Adopted


Pebbles is a gorgeous blue mix of probably Great Dane and Boxer.  She arrived at a foster for SCARS and no one really noticed her until she was posted on our website.  A wonderful family saw her picture, went to meet her and Pebbles showed us a new side of her...she LOVES kids!!  Pebbles, according to the family, does not even want to go outside and leave her family ...she just waits to come back in.  We think she is home for good!




Pebbles is an 8 month old, spayed, female Boxer/Pit/Lab mix. She weighs about 60 lbs and loves everyone!  Pebbles gets along fine with all dogs and cats and has a gorgeous blue/lavender coat. Pebbles is housebroken so what more could anyone want for a family pet?









Adopted*** Tucker  ***Adopted


Remember Tucker, the cute little Heeler, who was "Out of time" last winter?  We drove to a neighboring county and got him out of "jail" and brought him home.  He is so sweet and fun, I figured he would be gone really fast.  Oddly enough, he kept getting overlooked.  Time went on and we all settled in and Tucker stole all of our hearts.  Then along came a family whose dog we rescued some months ago, and their granddaughter was looking for a pet.  She gave it a lot of thought, came back a couple of times, met a bunch of dogs and decided to adopt Tucker.  The deal was....no chasing her cat!  Well, we sure give no guarantees but the good news is he is leaving the cat alone, and they all seem to love this cute little dog. Happy future to our friend, Tucker.






Tucker is a darling, male, Blue Heeler/Basenji mix.  He is around two years old, neutered, and seems to be housebroken.  He weighs 38 lbs and bounces around. Tucker loves everyone and is just the perfect size.  His time "was up" in a neighboring county, so we brought him here to SCARS and hope he will soon find his own family!






Adopted*** Boxer Pups ***Adopted


Our adorable Boxer mix pups are now ready to be adopted, and Gibbs, who is now Barleigh, was the first to go!  He went off to Illinois with a Boxer loving family and a new Boxer mommy named Bessie.  Gibbs was the first to be born at SCARS and it was several hours before the siblings decided to come along.  Since he was #1 it is only appropriate he would be the first to find a new home!  We are receiving wonderful videos of him playing in his new home and so far, he seems just fine.







Pup number two, now known as Cleo, went off to her new home with a graduate student in Accounting!  Cleo will probably never be late paying her bills or make mistakes in her checkbook!  She will have a cat to play with and the friend's dog as a playmate.  Her future looks bright and she will be moving to Kansas City in the near future!  We think Cleo will be spoiled and loved as she should be!







Lucy and Daisy are snuggled safely in their new home, just a few miles from SCARS!!  We are so excited the family gave in and took two, which the dad told my husband was "not negotiable!!"  We wanted them to stay together so badly, and just knew those two teenage girls would be so good for them. The news is all good and those two pups are growing like weeds.







We have six of these beautiful, eight week old, Boxer mix pups.  There are four girls and two boys. Since mom is so gentle and beautiful, the pups have the same disposition.  They are gentle, soft and total cuddlebugs.  We think they are gorgeous and will be ready for adoption within a couple of weeks.




Boxer Momma





2016 Pages

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