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2015 (August and September)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Aspen ***Adopted


When she first came to us, she had a litter of fat little 6 week old roly-poly puppies.  She was in a tiny apartment with a woman who could not keep her or the pups, so we loaded her and her little family up and brought them to SCARS.  In time all of the pups found great homes, but "Mama" did not.  We could not understand it since she was almost the perfect, beautiful dog.  Dogs came and went, and Aspen never got chosen until finally, the right family met her and loved her!  We went to visit her recently and she and her canine brother, Griswold, are doing just fine.  She is sporting a fancy rhinestone collar and seemed happy in her new digs.



When we were asked if SCARS could take Mama dog and her five surviving puppies, we could not say no.  She had three litters of over ten puppies in a year and a half.  Her owner did not believe in spaying dogs, or neutering the dad.  Fortunately a family member said enough was enough and took her to their apartment but were not allowed to have dogs there.  When we moved her here, she and her puppies had lots of room to play and eat!  The pups thrived and were fat little bundles, some brindle, some solid, and all beautiful.  One by one they got adopted and Aspen found herself a free soul.  She is now enjoying her empty nest by just being a dog and having fun, no longer a teenage mother.  We will have her spayed as soon as the vet gives us the go ahead, and in the meantime she is about 70 lbs, housebroken, turned two years old in November, gentle but playful, loving, HW negative, all of her shots are up to date and her breed????????  Maybe she is part boxer, pit, mastiff, lab or just all around Heinz 57 variety. Whatever the mix, she is beautiful inside and out.




Adopted*** Hank ***Adopted


Hank had a rough time being dropped off at different shelters.  I finally got a plea from a rescuer in Missouri to please give him a chance.  Although not a movie star, he has a winning disposition.  He settled in here nicely and when a “would be” adopter came to look at Bonnie, she fell in love with our Hank, the cow dog!  Off he went to his home with the plan that, if he chased or hurt the resident cat, he would be heading back.  The good news is they are now best buds!! Woohoo!!!!





I am not a movie star like James Dean, but I have everything you need to make the perfect companion!  I love, love people and other dogs and I am not very big.  I don't think I shed much either.  I have had a rough time being moved from shelter to shelter so now I am happy at SCARS where I can play in the fields and swim in the ponds.  This is great for now, but I would love to have my very own home soon.  Kids and cats are fine with me, too.  I weigh 38 lbs but need to gain a little more and I am "fixed."  I am wearing my scary Halloween collar since it is right around the corner.




Adopted*** Rocky ***Adopted


It is interesting to find out "the rest of the story" after a dog has been adopted. Such is the case with Rocky.  The couple who came over already had two dogs and seemed happy, BUT we later found out that DAD saw Rocky's picture on the website and fell in love.  He filled out the application and confessed to his wife later!!  As luck would have it, she loves Rocky too and he has settled in nicely with them and his two siblings.  We enjoyed our follow up visit and saw what a wonderful home he now has!





Rocky is a 25 lb, male, Llhasa Apso mix is about 5 years old.  Rocky is neutered, housebroken, and up to date on his shots.  He is gentle and loving and gets along with all people and other animals.  Rocky is in excellent health and is playful, but quiet.  His owner became ill and was unable to care for him, so he came here to SCARS.  We have to keep an eye on him because he is adventurous and likes to explore the property.  He is so darn quiet, you really have to look carefully, but he does come when called!! He is ready for a new home where he can cuddle in his owner's lap.




Adopted*** Lab Retriever Pups ***Adopted


All 8 Lab/Retriever pups have gone to a wonderful home!!  Two families took two together and the rest went to homes with another dog. We could not have asked for more wonderful homes that these 7 girls and one boy found...thank you everyone who helped pass the word about these cuties!












6/22/15 - There are 3 remaining female pups and they are growing fast. They are now up to 35 lbs and we suspect 50 lbs will be their weight as adults.  All 3 pups are extremely gentle and have wonderful dispositions and will make great family pets. We encourage adopters to have another dog as they will miss being in their "pack."



Adopted*** Tucker ***Adopted


A friend called to tell us he had a purebred Golden Retriever puppy that was too active for them and could we find him a home.  Now, let's face it folks, how many times does a rescue get a call like that?  Needless to say he was snapped up fast by some golden retriever lover friends who had recently lost their golden to old age.  Tucker is really the best puppy ever...mild mannered and practically housebroken.  In addition, he is drop dead gorgeous. He is now with a family of six and being spoiled rotten...which he deserves since he is a movie star.




Adopted*** Dallas ***Adopted


We had almost given up on finding the right home for Dallas.  He seemed happy here chasing his ball and going to the pond, but we knew he needed his own person.  Finally, the right guy came along!  He is from Texas and loved the name Dallas!  As you can see from the picture, his new dad has the perfect T Shirt for adoption day.  All reports are good...so far he is staying in the yard, following new dad around and no accidents.  We are so proud of this beautiful dog who had spent two years in a cement run, and came out of it with his wonderful disposition untouched.





Dallas is a 4 year old black Lab/Flat-Coated Retriever mix.  He is neutered, heartworm negative, and weighs about 43 lbs (he needs to gain a little weight).  Dallas landed in a city shelter, did not get adopted and was transferred to yet another shelter where he lived for over 2 years.  I saw him and thought "What the heck?  That is a wonderful dog" and he was transferred here.  His days are spent playing in the grass, running to the pond and endlessly retrieving a ball. If you want a dog who has great manners and will give your arm a workout, he is for you. He comes when you call, and he will bring that ball back and drop it at your feet forever! He is also gentle, gets along great with other dogs and kids. (no info on cats)



Click here for a short video of Dallas





Adopted*** Lucky (now known as Remington) ***Adopted


Lucky really lived up to his name today.  Although his owner sadly had to turn him in to us because he lost his job and home, Lucky's luck turned quickly.  The same day he came to us I received a call from a man looking for a dog for his family - a wife and two daughters.  They recently bought a house in the country and had acreage and felt it was time to add a dog to the mix.  Although they came to look at a different dog, they met Lucky and decided he was the dog for them!!  His new name is Remington and so far, all is well.





Adopted*** Rex ***Adopted


Rex has been a difficult dog to place due to certain "issues." He has separation anxiety in many situations and is the one who was famous for opening the door with his teeth turning the knob!! The he ended up with grain allergies and had to go on special food, not to mention multiple trips to the vet for prednisone shots and various and sundry medications. He was beginning to be our million dollar dog. But, it was worth it because his skin cleared up and his hair came in luxuriously. Finally the right family came along and so far all is well.





Rex came to us from a large city shelter where he was not doing well.  He could not stand the confinement and noise so they reached out to us in hopes of moving him to a place where he could run and play. Rex is an Anatolian/St. Bernard mix.  He is neutered, weighs 100 lbs and is heartworm negative.  He is a gentle giant, quiet in his demeanor and good with children and other dogs.  Rex is in the stage of just exploring the territory and it is my guess he could jump a fence with ease as he is so tall.  We see him as the perfect companion inside and out.





Adopted*** Bailey (now known as Baby) ***Adopted


Baby spent her first 9 months on a chain.  I do think they let her inside at night off and on.  She had NEVER been to a vet.  I drove over to the other side of Topeka and saw her and thought she was darling.  She has the softest puppy fur and the sweetest nature.  She is brindle and white.  In the meantime, I got an application on a dog we no longer had, but was similar to Baby so I called them about her.  They came to meet her and who could not love her?  This all happened fast...we got her spayed and her shots and off she went today to her new home.  The fun thing is she has a brother who is 10 months old and an adorable boxer mix.  The grapevine tells us they are already good buds!!



Bailey is a precious 35 lb., spayed, female mix of some sort!!  We have all guessed at her lineage, and she could have a dash of this and that.  I see some Basenji, although wrong color, and whatever breed has the fabulous curly tail.  She is high energy, but calm and housebroken and well behaved in the house.  Her owners simply could not keep her from jumping their four foot fence.  She is having a blast running around our 50 acres with the other dogs.  Bailey would do well with a family who enjoys exercise. She does not jump fences or dig, which is a plus!!







2015 Pages

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