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2014 (October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2014.



2014 Pages

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Adopted*** Sadie***Adopted


When I received a call from a man in Missouri and saw the picture of this cute little Shih Tzu found on the streets, I agreed to take her.I then remembered that my husband had a friend looking for one, and we called them.Before I could say abracadabra, they came over and adopted this cutie pie whose name is now Sadie.We put her in a little coat and off she went, bundled up in their arms.I bet this was a huge relief after being found alone and scared on the street. I wish all adoptions could be this wonderful and fast!




Adopted*** Harlee***Adopted


When my former student called me about finding a home for her dog, Harlee, I thought of someone right away.They had called on a similar dog who had been adopted, so I hooked this family up with Harlee.It turned out to be a great match and I wish all adoptions could go that easily!





Adopted*** Tank***Adopted


While we were on a rare and short vacation, our helpers took in Tank.One look at him and his powerful body and short legs and I knew it was not going to be easy finding the right home.I knew they would have to have had a pit bull before, (Tank is  purebred Staffordshire Terrier) and they would have to be strong and patient.He was returned twice, but we decided he had not been given enough socialization.We kept working on him and finally the perfect family came to meet him.They had the right attitude and enough experience with a Staffie, two other dogs and two older children.We held our breath for days, but it looks like Tank has found his forever home.One thing we have noticed is most of his pictures are in their bed!!!! Tank is living the good life.



Tank is a 90 lb, male Staffordshire Bull Terrier.He is neutered, housebroken and good with kids and other dogs.We have no information on cats.Tank is 1 1/2 years old and probably the most beautiful bull terrier I have ever seen.He is gentle and loving and responds quickly to commands.His last owner lost his home and had to move in with a relative who would not let Tank come along.This dog will require someone strong as he is a very powerful dog.






Adopted*** Jezebel***Adopted


When I got the plea from a Missouri shelter to help an older German Shepherd mix who was "out of time," it appeared no one would respond. She came here, very sad, and slowly started being a happy "puppy" even though she is about 7 years old.  We just figured she would live out her days here, but a wonderful family has decided to give her a forever home with them.They say she is adapting beautifully and she is definitely smiling in this picture....and so are we!!





The vet determines her age to be between 5 and 7 years old, but she looks older because of the gray on her face.However, her teeth are clean and white and she has a lot of energy.Jezebel is spayed and totally housebroken.She is so sweet and well behaved and would just be a wonderful companion for someone.Jezebel weighs about 60 lbs and obviously is a shepherd mix.When we agreed to take Jellybean from a shelter in Missouri, we said to put Jezzie on the "bus" too as she was about to be "put down."She was found as a stray, not claimed, and out of time. We are giving her all the time she wants here.



Adopted*** Rover***Adopted


Rover survived a brutal winter in what amounted to a "lean to."When his owner let him and the other dogs go, we took him in.He ended up being one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had, but did not get adopted as quickly as we expected.So, he just settled in and became one of the pack until his picture caught the attention of a family here in town.He now has a canine brother and is getting along beautifully.We miss him, but we are so happy he has his very own family now!



Rover is a beautiful, male, Collie mix who weighs about 42 lbs.He is between one and two years old and has been neutered.Rover was left on a chain for most of his life with a pathetic excuse for a "doghouse."How he survived last winter is a miracle.However, he is full of energy, happy and playful.As is true of many dogs outside, he is heartworm positive - but the good news is itís a mild case and he is already on his way to recovery.Rover has tons of energy, loves everyone and gets along with all of the dogs here.We think he is gorgeous!





Adopted*** Jellybean***Adopted


When I saw Jellybean's picture on the "out of time" list in Missouri, I couldn't let it happen.I told them we would take her and so glad we did.Jellybean quickly turned out to be quite a favorite here...we all adored her and enjoyed her inexhaustible pond swimming.Personality plus was her name.Her new family is young and energetic and she needs that!She gets to go to the family farm on weekends and dad is a soccer coach, so she will soon be kicking a ball around!!





Jellybean is an 8 month old, 15 lb, female Manchester Terrier mix.She is spayed and housebroken.She landed in a shelter in Missouri and was "out of  time."We could not let that happen and brought her here.Jelly loves everyone, is well behaved and loves to swim for hours in the pond.She adores catching dragon flies and is quiet and good in the house.She plays with our other dogs and crawls quietly into her doggie bed at night and is zoned out from playing so much.







Adopted*** Meesha***Adopted


There were many applications for Meesha, but none seemed quite right until the couple from Colorado contacted us.They had experience with Danes and were physically active.Meesha has a lot of energy and just would not work for everyone, although quiet in the house.So, her prospective parents drove all day from Colorado Springs arriving in Kansas on a soon to be storm evening!!This was a perfect match and we are receiving wonderful pictures of Meesha in her new Colorado home.





Meesha is a gorgeous, female, Harlequin (or Merelquin) Great Dane mix.She is a year old, weighs about 90 lbs and is spayed and housebroken.Meesha's owners moved to a smaller house and had no room for her.  She has a lot of energy, but is well behaved in the house.She loves other dogs and kids. Meesha has one brown eye, and one blue and turns many heads when she walks by. She is a great dog and will make someone a fabulous companion.






Adopted*** Presley***Adopted


When we were called regarding a puppy found half dead in a crate in the back of a truck, someone had to step up and pay the vet bills if he were to be saved.SCARS took him in and paid for his care which became expensive as he had some chronic issues.He finally got well and a wonderful family waited for us to get him neutered and "all fixed up" so he could be adopted into their home.Finally Presley was ready to go!!The news so far is good.He is "really smart, and growing fast and a wonderful addition to their family!!"



Presley is an adorable puppy who is about 8 weeks old.We are not sure what breed he is, but we think he is a Puggle (Pug and Beagle mix).He was left for dead in a crate in the back of a truck until a passerby noticed he was moving. Presley was rushed to the vet, but the people could not keep him.SCARS was called and we took him in.He is bright and healthy now and loves everyone!!We can discuss his weight, but it will rapidly change and he will be neutered in a few weeks. He is one smart little cookie too!






Adopted*** Trey***Adopted


Well, our little Trey has gone off to his forever home!We thought maybe he was going to hang out here permanently but along came a woman who fell in love with his picture!The first day was rough and he wouldn't eat (typical behavior) and then he began to realize this lady was pretty nice!So, he is fitting in well, likes the grandkids and is eating like a little trooper!!!







Trey is a 6 year old, male Chihuahua.He is neutered, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, 4 lbs, and crate trained.Trey is one of those wonderful Chi's who you can hug and kiss and he won't bite your face.He has a lively and bouncy personality and plays with all of our dogs.When you put him to bed in his crate, he doesn't make a sound.He is also happy to be a lap dog!He will make someone a wonderful companion.






Adopted*** Roz***Adopted


When Roz came to us, she was still very thin.She had been found half-starved in a cornfield and taken in by a kind young woman. However, the woman was unable to keep her and brought her to SCARS.She gained weight and we quickly saw she was a wonderful dog, with few, if any, problems.When a couple from a town 3 hours from here called and wanted to meet her, I knew they would love her, and they did. Roz immediately took to them and climbed in the woman's lap.I did not do a good job getting a good picture, but last report was they found her to be the perfect dog for them!!



Roz was found half-starved in a cornfield near Manhattan, KS.The kind woman who saved her is the wife of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan and has a full time job and is taking college classes.She put weight on her and wanted to keep her as a companion to her lab, but her landlord won't allow two dogs.The good news is she is spayed, up to date on shots, great with kids and other dogs and also likes cats!! She, according to the authorities, is a Vizsla mix with a little lab thrown in.Well, we just think she is a beauty and will make someone a wonderful companion.






2014 Pages

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