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2008 (September - November)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



2008 Pages

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Adopted*** Tony (now known as Gus)  ***Adopted


Tony has finally landed in a good, safe home. He was found wandering in the country and taken in by a family who had other dogs. They could not keep him and because he is a little guy and winter is around the corner, he needed a home soon. Tony is seen here snuggling with his new mom who says he is doing just fine. His new name is Gus!


Tony is a male, one year old, stray, Rat Terrier.  We aren’t sure about his shats status, but we are working with the vet and will have him updated and neutered soon.  He is real friendly with all animals, as well as people.  Tony just showed up on someone’s doorstep one day.  He weighs about 13 lbs and has a very quiet disposition.







Adopted*** Mandy  ***Adopted


Mandy was brought to Topeka by a family traveling from western Kansas.  She was one of a litter of 12 who were "dumped."  Her sister is still here but Mandy has a wonderful new home. She is now living with a family of four on a lake and her "sister" is a volunteer at SCARS so we will get to see her a lot. She is learning all kinds of new things and we know she will have a wonderful life!!




Adopted*** Cookie  ***Adopted


Cookie has a wonderful new home and gets to stay inside with her "dad." who is retired and has time for her. Cookie's family consists of two parents and grandkids who come to visit and play with her. She has a nice big yard and gets to ride in the truck a lot too!! I think she has finally found a forever home and we are so pleased and happy for her.





Cookie is a year old female Setter mix.  She is really a special dog...perfectly behaved and housebroken.  Cookie is up to date on her shots, spayed and weighs 47 lbs. She loves all people and animals and has a quiet loving disposition and she misses the kids in her family.






Adopted*** Laddie  ***Adopted


Laddie had a new home, is an only dog and gets lots of walks. He also gets to sleep in bed with his new owner and likes being the center of attraction!



Laddie is a purebred registered Shetland Sheepdog.  He is one year old, neutered and housebroken. He weighs about 20 pounds.  Laddie's owner fell on hard times and is unable to keep him. Laddie is shy and anxious to belong to someone. You just could not find a more wonderful dog!








Adopted*** Ivy  ***Adopted


Ivy has gone to a wonderful home in Kansas City where she is an only dog, which is what she has wanted all along. Her owner loves German Shepherds and has been waiting until she got her own home with a fenced yard. We are all so happy for Ivy who was not appreciated before for the beautiful and sweet girl she is.







Ivy is a female, 2 year old, purebred German Shepherd.  She is housebroken and needs to be an inside/outside dog. Ivy has come from a neglectful environment where she was not fed adequately and her ears were bitten badly by flies. She is gentle and loving and is now on the mend. She will be spayed when the vet says her weight is normal.






Adopted*** Davis  ***Adopted


Davis has gone to a 250 acre farm and is being spoiled rotten.  He has his own lazy boy recliner and a little dog and a cat to run around with.  When I called to check on him, he was busy picking tomatoes with his new mom.  We weren’t sure we would ever find the right home for Davis, but he now has a forever home.





Davis is a 6 month old, Labrador Retriever/Blue Heeler mix. He is friendly and loving, but shy around people at first. Davis was abandoned on a dirt road in the country with a small bowl of water and a handful of dry dog food in the dirt. He refused to leave this spot because he believed his owner would come back for him. After both dog and people rolled around in the dirt for awhile, he gave up and came here to SCARS. He is now neutered and UTD on his shots.  Davis deserves a home and family – can you adopt him?







2008 Pages

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