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2006 (Sep – Nov)


Here are the original stories and information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.




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Adopted***George ***Adopted



George is a very thankful doggie this holiday season for he has found his new home. He has moved in to a home that he will share with a Yorkshire terrier,  where they can run safely in a big fenced backyard and go everywhere with his new family. 



George is a male Cocker Spaniel, aged somewhere between 4 and 6 years, weighing about 25 pounds.  He is up to date on all shots, on heartworm preventative, and has been neutered.  He is housetrained, but may have a small accident if he gets over excited (some time and training may help this).


George has had a very sad life.  He was chained in a back yard and not well treated.  When initially picked up he was under weight and his hair was falling out - and what hair he had was matted with matts bigger then golf balls.  At that time he was very, very shy.  We took him to the vet got all his shots, neutered, cut his hair and gave him a much needed bath.  While in foster care he has learned to walk on a leash, sit, shake, and lay down on command.  George was staying at a foster home where there were five large dogs that caused him some stress.  We moved him to a less stressful place and he has recovered fine.  He loves kids and women, but is a little shy around men at first.  However, he is doing much better in this area.  George is a handsome dog and loves to have someone sit and pet him or brush his coat or take him for walks.  A home where he is the only one or maybe with one other dog his size would be good for him.  He seems to get stressed when there are lots of dog or big dogs. 




Adopted***Keisha (now known as Lucy) ***Adopted




Keisha is now Lucy and has two little girls to love her, a horse and cat to play with. Her family has a beautiful place in the country for her to grow up and she will be very spoiled!


Keisha came to us from Missouri from a family who thought she was going to be an 80 lb German Shepherd and found out she will only be 35-40 lbs full grown!





Adopted***Aggie and Rusty ***Adopted


The 2 little rescues we recently acquired have found a new home...together!!  Rusty is a 10 lb Minpin mix male, and Aggie is a 5 lb rat terrier female. They are best friends and we dreaded separating them. Fortunately, this nice couple is giving them a home together!! We will miss the little guys we were calling our "rug rats!"







Adopted***Bud and Twist ***Adopted



Both Bud (left) and Twist (right) have gone to very similar families. They have several children to play with, a fenced yard and will be ‘inside’ dogs (and spoiled). Messages from both families have confirmed that both are fitting into their new families perfectly. We are so happy for them!!"



Twist is a three year old, male, purebred Bassett Hound.  He is housebroken and up to date on shots.  Twist is good with kids and other dogs.  We need to find a home quickly for this cute little guy, so give us a call if you’re interested.




Bud is a three year old, male, Basset Hound/Beagle mix who needs a new home.  He is neutered, housebroken, and up to date on shots.  He loves children and is good with other dogs.  Wouldn’t he just make a great family pet?? 





Adopted***Chili ***Adopted


Chili has been adopted by a a family with 3 children, a fenced in yard and a stay at home mom. Chili will have lots of love and attention which he deserves!!  Good goin’, Chili!



Chili is a three yr old, male Cocker/Brittany Spaniel mix. He weighs about 30 lbs. is housebroken, neutered, and up to date on shots.  Chili is great with kids and other animals. This little boy is fun to be with and has lots of energy. What a family pet!










Adopted***Casper & Bear ***Adopted


Bear (on right) has gone to a great new family where he is the "only dog" and will get lots of attention.  He has a big house and his very own yard to play in and lots of friends!


Casper has been adopted, too!  Caspar is now living happily in the country where five humans (four of them are kids) are taking good care of him! He sleeps in the sun on the porch before moving inside to jump on the bed!!



Casper                                                                             Bear


Casper and Bear are both purebred, registered Jack Russell Terriers. They are both unneutered males (will be sterilized) and housebroken, up to date on shots and great with kids and other dogs. They are each a year and a half old. Although their owner loves them very much, she is experiencing health problems and feels they need to find a home where they can receive more attention than she is able to give. As you can see, Casper is a smooth faced Jack Russell while Bear is wire haired.  By the way, neither has the hyper personality often associated with Jack Russells!!






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