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2018 (August to present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Bobo  ** Adopted


Bobo ended up being rescued by a grandmother and her daughter, but they really weren't in the position to keep him.  However, they took good care of him, called us and I asked them to hold on until I could be more helpful.  I then had a woman call who was interested in him after seeing his picture on our website, so she went over to meet him and fell in love. Here he is with her son and so far the news is great!!!







Bobo was rescued from a homeless person who could not take care of him.  He is soon to be neutered, between 5-7 years old, totally housebroken and great with little kids.  He has a pleasant, happy personality and really would make some family a wonderful companion.  Bobo is larger than most cockers and weighs about 40 pounds.  He is not fat, but a bigger purebred than most.  He really needs his very own home!










Adopted *** Auggie and Missy  ** Adopted


Several years ago one of our volunteers was accepted to vet school and was moving.  She said "Give me your two hardest to adopt dogs, and I will take them both."  That has never happened again.  By the way, they lived to be over 15 years old and she is now a practicing veterinarian back East.  Although no one has ever volunteered to take the two most problematic dogs, a couple of weeks ago we did have a wonderful family adopt two huge dogs together!  They are both gorgeous, but quite large.  I have been holding my breath for some time, but it appears all is well in their world and the family says they love both Auggie and Missy and are keeping them!!  Although we miss both very much, we are so happy they are together and have completed this great family!




Auggie is a two year old, male, purebred Anatolian Shepherd.  He is neutered, housebroken and good with kids and dogs.....we have no info on cats.  He weighs about 110 lbs and his claim to fame is he is a couch potato extraordinaire. Although he can run like the wind behind the gator, he loves to chill on the couch.  His former owner bought him from a breeder but now he suspects maybe a lab got into the act, but not sure.  Whatever he is, he is absolutely gorgeous!





Missy is a year old Retriever mix of some sort...maybe a dash of Anatolian or Lab?  Her six pups are now all adopted and she is ready to have her own life and family.  She weighs about 75 lbs., will be spayed before she leaves here, and is up on all of her shots.  Missy loves to run and play with the other dogs and has a lot of energy!  She has never shown any aggression and is a fun dog!










Adopted *** Molly  ** Adopted


Molly reminded me of a Kansas windstorm....here today, gone tomorrow.  When I got a call from a friend asking me if I would take an 8 month old, spayed, housebroken, female Yorkie mix, the answer was a no brainer.  Most of my calls are asking if I will take a blind , deaf, diabetic, pit bull or some such dog who will be difficult at best to adopt!  And as I suspected...she was not here for very long.  Her new mom was a riot....she said "Don't tell me I am too old for this dog because I golf and run and am busy every day. And, I have three sons and who live near me, 5 grandchildren, and they will take Molly if I keel over.” She was not kidding...she and Molly have not stopped since they two of them marched out of here.  And do you know how wonderful it is to listen to your messages and hear, "Just wanted you to know how happy Molly and I are. We are having so much fun together.  I love her."  How kind of her to take the time to share good news. As all of us know who rescue dogs, the news is not always so good.  So to you and Molly I send an Irish blessing:


May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face..
and may God hold you and Molly in the palm of His hand



Molly is an 8 month old Yorkie mix, maybe Cairn terrier?  She is spayed and housebroken and loves everyone.  Molly has a lot of energy and runs around energetically.  She does quiet down and sleep peacefully in her crate, but here she has had a lot of exercise so she is tired like the rest of us!  She weighs 13 lbs and really is a total delight.  She also loves to sit on your lap and watch TV!






Adopted *** Eli  ** Adopted



Remember Eli? The adorable King Charles Spaniel mix who practically broke my computer with applications pouring in?  For one thing, he needed another dog and most people wanted him as an only dog.  We knew he would be returned if he did not have another dog to keep him busy, and that is exactly what happened the FIRST time!  In spite of protestations that he would be "perfect," the phone call came that he was "not working out" and they had made a mistake.  So, back to square one and going through all of the apps, most of whom had found a dog by then .  The next home sounded great - she had another dog, but when the phone call came announcing he had THREE accidents, the writing was on the wall and back he came.  I had visions of this person with a pencil and pad of paper lurking behind him making a slash mark for each potty dribble.
For those of you who know me, you also know I screen people very carefully and give NO guarantees on housebreaking assuring them that dogs are not washing machines, and do not come with warranties.  Many times I have had to bite my lip to keep from suggesting they go to Toys R Us when I am told there can be no accidents, no shedding, no eating, no pooping, no breathing...well, you get my drift.  We are living in a very demanding society.
But after two failed attempts at being the bride's dog, never the bride (or groom in this case), Eli got yet another chance.  This time both the foster and I escorted him to the home with dire warnings to him in the car.  The mom instantly loved him and after an hour hanging out in their house, I said "If it does not work, call me."  Her response was "We will make it work."  Now THAT is what I always love to hear because those are the people who will make it work!  They have realistic expectations.
The house is beautiful, the children well behaved, their other dogs boisterous and jumpy (really gorgeous dogs) so all in all, it is a normal household which is alive with real people and animals.  I even saw two guinea pigs who probably aren't housebroken either because I spotted a tiny poop in the corner of their crate!
I have refused to post his adoption, waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far, so good.  Eli has had a few accidents, but they are working on it.  He has jumped on the counter which they find amusing.  Life is certainly all about perspective, is it not?
I used to be fussy in my other life (lived in big houses with white carpets) so a part of me understands those who want perfection, or something similar.  But when I found myself in the interesting position of being divorced and having to get a job if I chose to eat, I had to get over myself.  I also became a real person thanks to the wonderful teenagers I was privileged to teach every day. They kept my feet firmly planted on the ground.
So to all the imperfect dogs like Eli, and the teenagers out there driving teachers crazy, (not to mention our own children), we are better people because of you.



Eli is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix and so adorable.  Weighing in at about 15 lbs, he is neutered and housebroken and gets along fine with kids, dogs and cats.  Eli is fun and loving and about 3 yrs old.....Freckles would be a cute name for him too!













2018 Pages

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