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2013 (August to November)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2013.



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Adopted*** Max  ***Adopted


When we first saw Max, all of us were very upset.  He was covered in fleas and losing hair.  His skin was raw and he was miserable.  The owner was oblivious to his suffering.  We took him in, had him neutered and updated his shots.  In time his skin healed and hair began growing back.  Max, however, is Houdini and the chances of him getting adopted were not looking good.  He could jump any fence and did so.  To her credit, the new prospective adopter kept hanging in there and finally, after many chases around her neighborhood, decided he was home whether he liked it or not.  Last report was good....he had settled in, loves her sofa and she signed her email "Max's mom."  Hurray!!





Adopted*** Molly (now known as Zoey) ***Adopted


Molly was taken to a vet and left there because her owner lived in an apartment and the neighbors complained about her barking.  She had to stay in a crate all day and she is young and energetic so she was obviously bored!  Her owner contacted us in desperation and I went to the vet clinic to meet Molly.  I said we would take her and she went to one of our great foster homes where she played with the other two dogs there.  In the meantime a family from KC had contacted us about adopting a new dog, and I thought this might be a good fit.  Molly is now Zoey and living happily in Kansas City in a big new house and has dogs all around her to play with.  She even goes on trips with her new family!!!




Adopted*** Oakley  ***Adopted


Oakley had a tough time at the beginning.  She came to us skin and bones, and eaten up with fly bites.  After months of work, she emerged beautiful and sweet, but very shy.  I knew it would take a very special family to work with her.  A young couple has decided to keep her forever and she is learning to be a wonderful companion thanks to their patience.









Oakley is a 9 month old, female black Labrador Retriever.  She is small at 35 lbs, spayed, and up to date on shots.  Oakley was a former starvation case but she has come a long way to health and happiness.  She now has a glossy black coat, shy personality, and will always be small due to her initial lack of food.  Will it affect her health in the long run?  NO!!  She is now just as healthy as any other dog her age, just smaller.  Oakley needs a quiet, gentle home where there is not a lot of commotion and stress due to her quiet nature.  Here at SCARS she is quite a favorite!!





Adopted*** Rhonda  ***Adopted


Rhonda was a challenge.  When I first saw her in a large city shelter, I could tell she was depressed and had given up.  We took her in to find she was heartworm positive and began treatment.  She was afraid of men, nervous and reclusive.  Rhonda went to a quiet foster home where she bloomed.  Eventually she was adopted by a K State veterinary student who says she is doing great!!  However, we have given up trying to get a picture of them together, so here she is with her foster!






Rhonda is a purebred, black faced, female St. Bernard.  She is spayed, housebroken and weighs around 100 lbs.  Rhonda is very quiet and well behaved when left in the house all day, and playful outside.  She is a bit shy around men at first, but warms up quickly. She is affectionate and gentle and deserves a wonderful home of her own.  Her first owner kept her on a chain for four years, and then roughly dragged her into a shelter in Missouri for no reason, and left.  She became depressed and would not eat so a friend of SCARS called me and brought her here. Her appetite came right back and a gentle personality emerged.





Adopted*** Sabrina  ***Adopted


We were beginning to think the right family would not come along for this special dog.  We tried one home, but the present dog was not very friendly to her!  She was shy around people who visited BUT when this couple came to meet her, everything changed.  From the minute she met her "new dad" she was in love.  She twirled and jumped and absolutely loved this couple.  It was astonishing!  All reports are good and she is, as expected, a "Daddy's girl."




Sabrina is a Heinz 57 variety!!  I am sure she has lots of different breeds, but it would only be a guess.  Sabrina weighs about 45 lbs, is spayed and housebroken.  She is named after the Audrey Hepburn's character in Sabrina Fair because she is so sweet.  She was left at a Kansas City shelter with deep abrasions from an ingrown harness.  She has waited for several months to be noticed for her wonderful disposition, but so far no one has been wise enough to adopt her.  We all decided she needed to get out and run and play after all of this time and she is having a wonderful time running on our 50 acres, playing with her new friends and swimming in the pond.  Whoever adopts this precious dog will have a companion for life.




Adopted*** Mickey  ***Adopted


Mickey has gone off to his new home and is very happy about our choice for him.  He has two, stay at home parents, and some grand kids who run in and out all week.  Mickey is an only dog and he likes it that way - he does not want to share the love and goodies!!





Mickey is a beautiful black and tan, purebred, male Dachshund.  He is neutered, weighs 10 lbs, and is housebroken.  Mickey gets along well with cats and other dogs and LOVES kids!!  He is just a precious and fun little guy and will be a great family pet!





Adopted*** Toby  ***Adopted


Toby is a Jack Russell Terrier/Corgi mix.  He was found sitting on the side of a country road, watching each car go by.  That is usually a clear sign of a dog having been dumped from a car.  Finally a kind woman scooped him up, brought him home and took care of him.  Since she could not keep him, she called us and a wonderful family with four children adopted him.  He is doing just great and he has lots of siblings to play with!  We are so happy he is settled in his new home and has left his sad experience behind.





Toby is a one year old, male Terrier mix of some type!!  He weighs 17 lbs and his fur is as soft as angora.  He is playful and sweet and as you can see, absolutely adorable.  We are working on the house breaking.  Toby was found sitting on the side of a country road watching each car pass by.  He would not move for three days until a neighbor picked him up and took him in.  Unfortunately they could not keep him and called SCARS.  He is here now and has been neutered, given all of his shots, heartworm tested (negative) and ready for a new home of his own. Whoever gets this precious little guy, is going to have a wonderful companion.







Adopted*** Marvin  ***Adopted


   We carried Marvin to the car, a bag of bones, and to the closest vet where he was put on IV's and treated for many medical problems resulting from neglect and starvation.  When released, our job was to build him up and finally get him up to par with his shots and sterilization.  Slowly, he got well and became a healthy, playful dog.  He was ready for the next step... Along came a family with a special request - their youngest daughter had been abandoned in China at a gas station and they adopted her and brought her to this country and made her part of their wonderful family, but time revealed she needed someone to protect her in the night from boogie men!!  She needed a dog!! 

   Who better than Marvin, aka Starvin’ Marvin, to protect a little girl now that he was big and strong??

   When we took him to his new home for a trial adoption, one of our volunteers looked at him , put her hands on his face, and said, "You can do this Marvin, this little girl needs you!"....   AND HE DID!!!.


You really need to read this beautiful article in CJonline.com.  Marvin, adopted in September, 2013, found a home with his, now best friend Eden.

 Click here to read…


Marvin is a one year old, neutered, male of some sort of exotic breed!! He is possibly a mix of Great Dane, Mastiff, Boxer, Catahoula Hound, or Hyena?? He is small at 35-40 lbs, housebroken, and well behaved in the house.  I named him Starvin Marvin because he was so thin and ill he had to be carried to our car. He is now strong and energetic and ready for a new family!!







Adopted*** Cowboy  ***Adopted


Two years ago our Charlotte was adopted by a wonderful woman and she decided recently that Charlotte needed a pal!!  Our dog, Cowboy, was purposely never put on our website for a variety of reasons.  He is a pit bull mix male who had a harness that had grown into his chest as a young dog.  He bears a permanent scar. Although he is intimidating looking, he is a kind and gentle spirit which his new mom was smart enough to see.  He and Charlotte have become fast friends and although we miss his beautiful face, we are happy he has gone to his new home.





Adopted*** Ava  ***Adopted


Ava was a stray in a bad section of town.  A friend of SCARS took her in and kept her for a while thinking she belonged to a relative.  Ava needed exercise and her own home, but most of all she needed her own person.  We were on a short vacation in Colorado and stopped to see some friends.  There was a man there doing contract work and he was a dog lover and had been looking for a dog.  When we got back to Kansas, we emailed Ava's picture and it was love at first sight.  The next problem was getting her to Colorado.  Thanks to the wonderful people with CARE transport, we got her all set up and she arrived in Denver last week.  The two are getting along great and Ava is one happy dog!!



Ava is a beautiful, well behaved, one year old, female Shepherd.  She is lively and sweet, but somewhat submissive. Ava has been spayed, weighs about 40 lbs and gets along well with other dogs and kids.  She was adopted from a shelter and then "thrown out" as a stray.  She was rescued by one of our foster parents and they are taking great care of her while we search for home. Ava responds to commands and does not run off even in the country.  She is a such a doll!!!!











2013 Pages

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