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2009 (August - September)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2009.



2009 Pages

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Adopted*** Walker ***Adopted


Walker now lives in the country with his new family.  They have overcome his issues of storm anxiety but still wish he were a little better in that area.  Other than that, we hear glowing reviews. He lives next door to his veterinarian which means he is covered in an emergency!! We think they got a beautiful and sweet dog.



Walker is a beautiful, 4year old, purebred Walker Coonhound.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, weighs about 50 lbs, and is a gentle and quiet dog.  Walker was dumped on a dirt road, found his way to a kind home and now is at SCARS.  He really is waiting patiently for the right home which will make him a part of the family, not just a penned up, hunting dog.





Adopted*** Reggie ***Adopted

(now known as Riley)



Reggie, now known as Riley, has found his forever home.  He is now living with his new human parents and two doggie siblings, and he gets to go to work with his Dad every day. We are very happy for Riley and hope he has a long, wonderful life with his forever family.






Reggie is a one year old male, Walker Coon Dog, we think…  He is neutered, up on shots, don’t know yet about housebreaking but he is very gentle and gets along great with kids and other dogs.  Reggie is very energetic, friendly with no sign of aggression at all. He loves kids and other dogs and needs lots of room to run.

He would greatly benefit from some obedience training since he tends to jump up in glee and almost knock you over. Reggie possesses a beautiful, kind spirit and really needs his own home. The person who found him wandering in a parking lot had all of his medical needs taken care of which we sure appreciate!





Adopted*** Raven ***Adopted




Raven never made it to the SCARS webpage, but we have found her a fabulous home!! She is now a therapy dog at an assisted living home and getting tons of love and attention! She recently got to attend their luau and you can see she is wearing her scarf. She is even dancing in one picture. We are just so very happy for this gal and guess what, one of her puppies was adopted from SCARS by a caregiver at this facility...so they are one big happy family.




Adopted*** Diesel ***Adopted


Just when we were in despair and worried that the perfect family would not come along for Diesel, they found him!!  His new family recently lost their elderly pointer and were lonely without a dog. They decided to rescue another pointer, knowing what wonderful dogs they are.  Diesel must have sent a note to them via carrier pigeon saying that, although he loves "pointng," he really loves lying around on sofas.  This is their plan for him...lots of love, walks and evenings watching TV on the sofa!!



Diesel is a 2 year old purebred German Shorthair Pointer.  He is about 55 lbs, neutered, heartworm negative and has had all of his shots.  He does not run off if in the country and loves kids and other dogs. We think Diesel was "dumped" or abandoned because no one has claimed him so we got all of his medical needs taken care of.  He really needs his own home so please consider him seriously.





Adopted*** Brody and Homer ***Adopted

(now known as BJ and Kenny)


Brody and Homer are now BJ and Kenny!! They finally got to go to their new home together! These two lucky pups are living with a family of four, having the run of the house and dad works at home so he can keep an eye on them. They get to go to ball games and eat at outdoor restaurants so we know they are happy and safe.







These two little Miniature Pinscher mix puppies are about a year old - one weighs 9 lbs and one weighs 11 lbs. They are neutered, up to date on their shots, and crate trained.  We will adopt them either separately or together.  The little one is more snuggly while the bigger one is independent.  They get along fine with other dogs and, of course, love kids.




Adopted*** Tinker ***Adopted


Tinker gets a new forever home!  Tinker was rescued from a dog hoarder.  When we took her to get her spayed we found out she was pregnant with 5 puppies.  Unfortunately she lost the puppies, so Tinker stayed in a basket with 5 stuffed animals for about 1 1/2 weeks taking care of her "babies".  Finally one by one her foster mom removed the babies and she finally was back to normal.  Tinker is the sweetest little girl ever, a real cuddle bunny!  Her new owners lost their beloved little terrier to illness recently and feel like Tinker is a perfect fit for their family. 






Adopted*** Princess ***Adopted


SCARS has a wonderful family who fosters for us! In the process of fostering Princess, their grand daughter came to visit and decided to watch over Princess while she was there. Days went by and she seemed to be getting quite attached to Princess and dressed her up in cute clothes. Well, grand daughter has decided to stay at her grandparents for the school year and Princess now belongs to this family for good! We love it because we know where she is and how spoiled she is. And..we can go visit whenever we want to!!



Princess is a female, 2 year old, black and tan, 8 lb., Chihuahua.  She is spayed and up to date on her shots.  Princess was found as a stray and is being socialized so she can trust people again.  At first she wouldn't go to anyone, but now she loves kids and other dogs.  However, she does not like anyone to move quickly around her head area. Princess needs a home with lots of love and patience.







Adopted*** Shadow ***Adopted


We just know how happy Shadow's owner must be to see his dog so happy with her new family.  Shadow's owner is moving to assisted living and cannot take his two companions with him.  Shadow now has a family with two children to love her and a nice fenced in yard to where she can play.  As you can see, her "brother" is Superman, so she has lots of fun times ahead!!



This female, 5 year old dog needs a new home ASAP.  Her owner is being moved into an assisted living home that doesn’t allow dogs, and she is being threatened with euthanasia.  This Australian Shepherd’s name is Shadow.  She is housetrained, spayed, up to date on shots, and good with kids and other dogs.  Shadow weighs about 50 lbs. 




Adopted*** Abby ***Adopted


As we all know, Abby is a beautiful dog but high energy. We knew it would take someone young and strong to handle her!!  So...she has been adopted by a young couple with lots of energy and her new "Dad" is well over 6 ft and very strong!!  He has a beautiful boat and told me Abby has her own lifejacket...I am waiting anxiously for a picture with Abby in her boating attire.  In the meantime, she is getting lots of attention and hopefully will not wear out this great young couple too soon.



Abby is a spayed female, Shepherd mix. She weighs 40 lb, is totally housebroken, heartworm negative, and up to date on shots.  Abby is a fabulous dog ... she is good in a crate and well behaved in the house.  Her owner is moving to a small house with a small yard and Abby is a barrel of energy outside.  She can run and play endlessly and loves kids and other dogs.  Abby would be great in the country or with a big fenced yard. Whoever gets this dog will have a wonderful companion.






2009 Pages

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