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2008 (August - September)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



2008 Pages

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Adopted*** Larry***Adopted


Larry came to us a total mess...heavily flea infested, losing his hair and unneutered.We set about getting that taken care of and introducing him to all of the dogs at SCARS.Larry was a winner!!He loved everyone.Along came a great family who needed a pal for their dog, Nash.Larry fit the bill perfectly and his name was changed to Crosby ... you got it, Crosby and Nash!Here they are together having lots of fun!



Adopted*** Button***Adopted


Button is a 5 pound Yorkie picked up on the street, flea infested and dirty. She was taken to the emergency animal clinic, released to SCARS and adopted a day later by a Yorkie lover!!Here she is with her new mom and will get to have 5 Yorkie brothers and sisters!!We are happy she is off the streets and in a good home!




Adopted*** Spencer***Adopted


Spencer has finally settled into his new home. After having been left to starve to death in a cage, he was rescued by a man who paid all of Spencerís vet bills and then brought him to SCARS.†† Because he is getting on in years and has arthritis, we were worried no one would adopt him, but we were wrong! Spencer is now living happily with an older couple on 24 acres with a pond next door and a neighbor dog, Freckles, to play with.  We wish this special guy all the luck and happiness in the world.


Spencer is an 8 yr old black lab, who is neutered, housebroken and up to date on shots.Spencer was found almost starved to death in a cage behind a house when a man was moving in. He had a chain around his neck and could not lift his head. A kind person took him to the vet and paid all of his bills and kept him there for several weeks. Now he is a strong, healthy dog with many good years ahead of him. He tends to be aggressive with other male dogs so it is recommended he either be a single dog or just have a female companion. He is loving and gentle with people and very obedient. Hopefully the right person will come along for him. He deserves a good life now.




Adopted*** Millie***Adopted


We have finally found the perfect home for Millie, which we doubted would happen.She is timid and shy and snaps in defense to make scary people go away.This strategy has been successful and although people have come to meet her, they "mysteriously disappeared" probably not patient enough to work with her.However, a wonderful family has faith in her, is undaunted by her tricks and has brought her into their home and she is now a "lapdog!"We are so happy because she is a cutie pie, and only a special person could see that.




Millie is a one year old mix of some sort. She is up to date on shots and housebroken. As you can see, she likes kids and gets along with other dogs. Millie needs a home of her own soon as her present owner cannot keep her.






Adopted*** Murphy***Adopted


At long last, we have found a home where Murphy will be loved and cherished and never hurt again. Although many special people have shown an interest in him, the right family just took awhile to come along. He now has a canine sister (a Visla named Penney), two loving parents, and a baby to look after. This family did not flinch when we said he loves to lie on the bed and pretends to be scary around food because he sometimes thinks he is still starving. They seem to love him for his kind and gentle spirit. Murphy has been an angel that we have been privileged to have live with us while he healed and began to enjoy life Ö a life he richly deserves. We will always love and miss you, Murph.



This is what Murphy looked like when we rescued him last winter.See how much he has recovered in the picture with his new family above.





Murphy is a gorgeous 3 yr old purebred Weimaraner. He is neutered, housebroken, and up to date on shots.Murphy was a poster dog for a starvation case. He was left in a pen without adequate food or water and when he was rescued, he was a skeleton.It took months of care to bring him to the point where he is today, which is a flat out beautiful dog.He is now strong and healthy and must be an indoor dog and part of a family.He will not be happy if left outside alone as he loves people and is a gentle giant.Whoever adopts this dog will get the best dog in the world.







Adopted*** Blue Eyes (now known as Mya)***Adopted


Blues is now called Mya and has gone to a great homewhere she is the center of attention.She is getting to know her new humans, and is working hard to get over her shyness around men.Mya has her own yard where she plays fetch with her rawhide bone (see the picture) and gets to go on long walks in the park.We think Mya has found her forever home.Way to go, Mya!



Blue Eyes is a one year old, female, housebroken and spayed Siberian Husky. Her owners love her very much but are moving to an apartment where the landlord will not let them have a dog.She can jump a fence if it isnít 6 feet, or higher,She is really a beautiful girl, isnít she??






2008 Pages

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