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2007 (August – present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2007.



2007 Pages

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Adopted*** Hannah’s Pups  ***Adopted


Big Boy is the last of Hannah's pups to be adopted!  He is the largest of the litter and his feet are so big he stumbles when he walks. His new family will be perfect ... he can ride around in the truck with dad and hang out with him when he is working. Mom is in nursing school and can doctor him if he gets sick! We know he will have a great life.




A wonderful family from Colorado made the long drive to Kansas (10 plus hours) to adopt one of Hannah's precious female pups. However, when they got here and met her sister, they fell in love with both beautiful girls and decided to take both of them back home. The pups will have a 4 yr old to play with, two schnauzer's and a 19 yr. old to watch over them all. The parents of this family have a big job ahead but we know that these two pups are in great hands and we at SCARS look forward to their pictures as they grow up.



Slowly but surely we are finding great homes for Hannah's pups. We have chosen to be extremely picky about who gets her pups as they are extra special to us and we promised Hannah we would protect her babies. Aubrey took off today for her new home near Wichita . Her new family is an Air Force family and are settled here in Kansas permanently. She has a new chihuahua brother and a human brother and sister too. Since Aubrey loves people and animals, we think her new home will fit her perfectly.They promised to keep us posted on her progress and send pictures so we can see her grow up" (go ahead and write all of that!)


These two cuties are now Veronica and Reggie and on their way to 140 acres and 68 mustangs! In addition, they are going to have doggie friends and a variety of other animals to entertain them. Their new owners recently lost their german shepherd to cancer and were only going to get one puppy, but Reggie screamed so loud whentaken away from his litter, that they decided to take two. We think that was a wise decision if they want a good night's sleep. We know they will have a great life!!






Remember Hannah? She is the German Shepherd rescued from Arkansas that was wandering around an old mill.  Well, she came to Kansas and we discovered her with 8 puppies before we could get her spayed. In addition, it appears Dad was also a GS because these are dead ringers for purebred shepherds and they are adorable!! They are now about 7 weeks old and just about ready to go.  They have been wormed, however, puppies CANNOT get any shots until they are two weeks off their mother because her antibodies will prevent the shot from taking effect.  They are still nursing but on dry food now too. Hannah will be going home in a week to her owner and the puppies will stay here.  These cuties will be adopted fast, so give us a call if you are interested.





Adopted*** Bingo  ***Adopted


Bingo lost his little boy to love and protect when the family moved and could not take him with them.  After waiting a month or so patiently, Bingo now has another little boy to take care of and play with.  He has a big yard and gets to sleep in his pal's bed at night. We are so happy Bingo has found his forever home and wont be lonely again.


Bingo is the product of a divorce and has nowhere to go. He is a precious little boy! Bingo is 2 years old, weighs about 45 lbs, is neutered and housebroken and up to date on shots.  He loves kids, other dogs, and playing fetch. Bingo has one blue eye and one gold...so we suspect there is a husky in his heritage. He appears to be a lab/shepherd mix. Whatever he is, he is a doll.








Adopted*** Ivan  ***Adopted


Ivan has gone to a great home in the country and has two adults, two grandchildren, and a few horses to keep him company. He has decided to claim the family (leather!!) sofa as his own. All reports regarding his behavior are good!!!  Have a great life, Ivan.




Ivan is a 2 year old, 80 lb, male Boxer (probably a Mastiff mix). He is neutered, heartworm negative and has had all of his shots. He is housebroken and loves being inside. Ivan's owners decided they didn't want to be bothered with him and left him in the dirt on a logging chain with a tiny doghouse full of flies. Some kind people talked the owner into releasing him from his hellish existence and paid for all of his vet care. He is no longer depressed and happily settled in his new rescue home here at SCARS.





Adopted*** Emma  ***Adopted


Emma has gone to her new family and has a wonderful little girl to play with . Emma has a fenced yard but spends most of her time in the house since it is so hot in Kansas! When SCARS got her she had been tied to a neighbor's porch with a note "PLease take care of my dog." Well, whoever owned her can relax because she is definitely being taken care of! She is housebroken and a great dog.



Adopted*** Buddy  ***Adopted


Buddy is safely tucked in his new home with his brother, Husker. Buddy has undergone a month of intensive treatment for heartworms and is has been given a clean bill of health from his vet. After being a survivor of a flood, and now heartworm, he deserves the wonderful family he has. He and Husker are best buddies and have a huge yard and a come in when their parents get home from work. Have a great life, Buddy!!!


Buddy is a purebred black lab puppy under a year old. He is now neutered, up to date on shots, but his housebroken status is unknown. Buddy showed up in a nearby town after the terrible flooding in late May. Animal control felt he was so lovable, they did not want to put him down and called SCARS. Here he is in the car on his way to safety. Buddy is thin, but healthy and loves people and other animals like most labs.







2007 Pages

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