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2006 (Aug – Sep)


Here are the original stories and information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.




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Adopted***Luke ***Adopted


Luke is off to a new family with a 13 year old boy who will keep him very, very busy playing Frisbee and watching TV!! He has a big fenced in yard and will be the center of attention in this family.  He will have a wonderful life.

Luke is a six month old, mail, Labrador Retriever mix who loves kids and other animals - including cats!!  He is neutered and up to date with shots.  Luke’s family is having a tough time keeping up with his energy and feels he needs a doggie playmate and more family time than they can give him.








Adopted***Miss B ***Adopted


Miss B has gone off with her new family to live on 80 acres with two ponds and three siblings: Molly, Jackie and Burt!! We know she will be spoiled rotten like the other dogs there... and she will be joining another adopted SCARS dog, Jackie!!



This sweet gal is a four year old, purebred Bassett Hound. She plays so well with other dogs and says she wants a canine friend in her new home. Her last owners put her on a chain and moved away. The neighbors found her in the back yard and brought her to SCARS. Miss B is spayed but we don’t yet know for sure if she is housebroken (she’s had no accidents here so far!!).






Adopted***TANYA (now known as Emma) ***Adopted


Tanya has a few family with four humans and one cat. She has a nice big fenced in yard and a Grandpa to keep her company during the day. We think she is going to be spoiled rotten and she deserves it!!!


Tanya is a female, four month old, purebred, blonde Labrador Retriever.  Her owner moved and abandoned her.  She was rescued by a neighbor who found her in a backyard with no food and little water during the recent heat wave.  She was brought to SCARS and is now safe with us. She recently was checked out by the vet, is up to date on shots, and has treated for worms. Tanya has the typical Lab personality, loves people and other dogs, and has lots of energy.  She is a beautiful girl who will make someone a great companion.  Please keep her in mind for a good home!!




Adopted***WILLIE ***Adopted


We went by to visit Willie in his new home today and, as you can see, he is well taken care of. He gets to watch TV and ride around in the car.  Willie’s favorite pastime is lying on the sofa with his four legs in the air. He also has a big yard with lots of trees and gets to go on long walks. He definitely has the good life now!!


Willie is a beautiful, loving male Rottweiler whose family is moving and cannot take him with them. Wille is kind and gentle and would never hurt a soul. Please consider him for your home. He is 5 yrs old and not yet neutered, but we will see it gets done. Willie is housebroken, up to date on shots, and gets along well with other animals.




Adopted***PRINCESS ***Adopted


Princess now lives in the country on 80 acres with walking trails and a pond.  She has another Great Pyrenees as a pal and lots of attention from her new owners. She sure is appreciative of the vet who called SCARS instead of putting her to sleep as directed by her previous owner.

Princess is a female, three year old, Great Pyrenees mix. She is spayed and up to date on all of her shots with a negative heartworm test. Her owner decided to move to Florida and abandoned her in an overgrown yard. Fortunately, the neighbors kept feeding her and a family member brought her to the local vet to be euthanized. The doctor did not want to put her to sleep because of her sweet, loving disposition and called SCARS. Princess is here and ready for a family who will never abandon her again.  She is a beautiful, loving dog in need of a home – give us a call!





Adopted***SADIE ***Adopted


Sadie has been adopted to a family in Topeka.  She now has her ‘forever’ home.  Have a great life, Sadie!



Sadie is a one year old, fixed female border collie mix, approximately 26 pounds and up to date on all her shots.  She sheds minimally and is housebroken.  She was originally rescued in Paola, Kansas from a woman who had over 200 animals in her home. The state intervened and seized them all. 

Her recent owners adopted Sadie from KHS in Wichita last December, preparing for the future passing of their fifteen year old German Shepherd.  Sadie has come to trust her new owners but is very wary of most other people.  Because her home is often filled with guests, Sadie spends much of her time hiding under the bed and is not adapting well to her new environment.


As Sadie is very young and not completely socialized, she is still in the "chewing" phase of life, enjoying toys, shoes and other things that are left out.


Her present owners desire that Sadie to be placed in a loving home that is somewhat quieter as she adopts to a more social life. She is good with kids, and adores other dogs!  Would she be right for you??






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