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2003 (Aug Ė Dec)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.



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Adopted*** CHASE ***Adopted




Chase is a 4 year old, purebred, apricot Standard Poodle.Heís a good boy, but needs a home.

Call us if youíre interested in Chase.




Adopted*** AMBER ***Adopted



Amber is a 5 yr. old spayed, housebroken, golden retriever mix in need of a new, permanent home. Her owners were divorced and neither want to keep her.Amber is a very loving dog and has no bad habits.Can you find it in your heart to adopt her??




Amber has been adopted by the lovely family in the picture, and they love her.She is working out great, likes to ride in the car, and has already visited grandma. She even has gone to PetSmart for a new collar, bed and toys.



Adopted*** DAGWOOD & BLONDIE ***Adopted


Dagwood and Blondie are 5 month old, male and female, Yellow Labs. Their owners moved out of town and left them behind, on their own.They really needs a new home and someone to love.We would really like to have some wonderful family adopt them both, as they are very attached to each other.Arenít they just beautiful!


Dagwood and Blondie were adopted by a wonderful couple who have a big fenced in yard. They arrived as the perfect anniversary gift and were napping in their new home the last time we called.



Adopted*** THOR***Adopted


Thor is a 1-2 year old, purebred, male Golden Retriever. He is both housebroken and neutered.Through no fault of his own, Thor is now without his own home. His owners had a baby and decided they didnít need the responsibility of caring for this wonderful dog.He is now at SCARS waiting for his forever home. Can you find a place in your heart for this beautiful dog?



Thor was adopted by a great family with 12 kids.He now has plenty of friends to play with and love. Way to go, Thor!





Adopted*** TUCKER***Adopted


(8/22/03)Tucker was adopted by a great family and has made himself at home with them.We are awaiting a picture so we can show the world how happy he is.




Tucker is a 3 year old, male, beagle mix.His owner has moved and left him in the country.Thank God the neighbor is feeding him.He is neutered, housebroken and gentle with kids. Wonderful family dog!!







Adopted*** NICO***Adopted



(8/10/03) Nico finally found his forever home with four humans to love him and a great big yard.  His first day with his new family was spent at a birthday party with lots of kids and going to meet his new grandfather. If he could tell us how he feels, we think he would say it was worth the wait!!


(from 7/28/03) Except for the fly bites on his ears, Nico is a healthy, 4 yr. old, purebred, Alaskan Husky. He is good with kids, neutered, and housebroken. His owners moved and appeared to forget about him, leaving him on a chain, never to return.Neighbors fed and watered him but couldnít find a home for him. In over 100 degree heat, he was beginning to falter, so SCARS took him in. Nico deserves a loving home with people who will love and care for him.








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