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2019 (July to present)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2019 Pages

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Adopted *** Ruger  *** Adopted


Poor Ruger was brought back after a year and a half because he killed the neighbor's chicken!  Well, he has Great Pyrenees in him so that is no surprise. However, we had to find a home without poultry!!  And along came a family with three children, no other dogs, a big fenced yard and no chickens!!  So far the news is all good...he adores the kids and seemed so very happy to be heading to his forever home.









Ruger was born here in a litter of six, all of whom were quickly adopted. Ruger was especially beautiful with his soft, fluffy and coat and luxurious tail. However, after a year and a half, he has been returned to SCARS for killing a chicken. Ruger weighs 100 lbs and is great with kids and other dogs, plus he is housebroken and neutered...the perfect companion. We think he is probably Great Pyrenees and retriever mix and will be a fabulous companion to a family....with no chickens!





Adopted *** Zeena  *** Adopted



Zeena was a rescue from an auction of puppy mill dogs because she did not produce pups...lucky for her, Zeena came to us very timid but gentle and loving. The first family returned her after four days for a strange reason...she would not climb stairs.  So we kept her here and worked on her self-confidence and along came the perfect owners.  Their comment was "She is never coming back!!" And that is what we want to hear. 







Zeena is a drop dead gorgeous, 2 year old, purebred, female German Shepherd. She was being auctioned off somewhere in Oklahoma because she was a bad breeder.  The person who saw her, and realized she would be destroyed if not bought, shelled out the money for her rescue and called us.  Zeena is now spayed and totally gentle.  She aspires to be a warrior princess, but it will be awhile as she is timid.  Zeena needs a quiet, loving home where she can be cherished as a member of a family who will know how lucky there are to have her.














Adopted *** Frankie  *** Adopted


Not everyone can handle a 100 lb St. Bernard who thinks she is a puppy!!  So, we were really beginning to wonder if we would ever find a home for Frankie.  Although she had some good inquiries, nothing was quite right UNTIL one of my former teaching colleagues contacted me to say her St. B had passed away.  I knew they would take wonderful care of Frankie and told them how much she needed a home. Frankie is now happily settled in with this wonderful family and apparently squishing everyone trying to spread herself on top of both of them as a pillow! We are thrilled she is home.



Frankie is a 2 year old, purebred, female St. Bernard.  She is spayed, and weighs almost 100 lbs.  Frankie was surrendered by a family with four children and they said they just did not have time for her.  She is people oriented, and thinks she is a lap dog.  Frankie wants to be held and petted and gets along great with small dogs.  We do not know much about her with large dogs yet. We do know she can be territorial and protect her "space." We think her freckles are adorable.





Adopted *** Mike (now known as Jupiter) *** Adopted


This gorgeous German Shepherd came to us from another state and we fell in love with him, as did several others!  In time he has found the perfect home with one of our closest friends who has taken him in, integrated him with her dogs and showered him with love. We could not be happier for this beautiful boy.













Mike is a gorgeous, 5-6 year old, male, German Shepherd.  He is neutered and heartworm negative, knows commands, and is the all-around perfect dog.  Mike loves kids, other dogs and all people.  He has absolutely no aggression and just wants to play and play.  Mike thinks he is a puppy and acts like one.  Everyone who meets him falls in love and we are looking for an active home where he can run in the woods and sleep inside at night.  This dog is all around wonderful.








Adopted *** Jack and Joe *** Adopted


It is not often we get purebred, registered, long haired Dachshunds, but we got two!!  They came to us from an auction of puppy millers where a friend went to pick up a dog.  When she saw them, she wanted to make sure they went to a safe place, so she brought them home and called us.  They were so precious but we had to make sure they stayed together.  Fortunately, this great family came to meet them and adopted them as a pair.  As you can see, they are just where they should be!!








Joe and Jack were also rescues from an auction (see Zeena above).  Although I have never attended one, I hear they are dreadful.  Can you imagine the fear a dog feels in a cage with people bidding on them?  So, my good friend rescued them with her own money and they are brothers and a bonded pair.  They only weigh about 12 lbs each and are now neutered and registered long haired Dachshunds.  I will be asked but have no information on how they do around cats. However, once you meet them it will be laughable to even ask.  Joe and Jack’s disposition is gentle and loving and they do not seem to have any personality problems considering they came from a puppy mill.  We are thrilled they found their way here and will make some lucky family and wonderful addition.



Adopted *** Gordon *** Adopted


Gordon is also safe in his new home.  We certainly despaired of ever finding him a home, but I love to be proven wrong.  His new owner is patient and his brother dog was adopted from SCARS some years ago. Gordon's transformation is nothing less than miraculous.


Adopted *** Dottie *** Adopted


Dottie is now safely tucked away in her new home.  She apparently fits in perfectly with the parents and grandkids.  They tell me she acts like she has always lived there which is the best news anyone can get. 









Dottie is a 6 month old, female Sheltie/Terrier mix.  She is a bit shy, but warms up quickly.  We think another dog might be good for her, but not crucial.  She was abandoned with her sibling and the neighbors took her in.  Her brother Gordon is not socializing well and needs a gentle home.  Daisy weighs 12 lbs, is spayed and up to date on shots.  Isn't she adorable?









Adopted *** Chili *** Adopted


Chili was turned over to us by her family as they had no funds for her care.  We got her spayed and caught up on shots and put her on our website.  Oddly enough, she did not get adopted fast and we began to really wonder if she would.  Then all of a sudden the apps started coming in and we could hardly keep up.  Chili is settled in with her new home and doing great!!









Chili is an absolutely adorable Terrier mix of some kind!  She weighs 20 lbs, is spayed and housebroken, has all of her shots.  She is about 8 months old and is shy when she first meets people, but becomes more relaxed and friendly once she knows you.  She loves to play with other dogs, especially ones her size or smaller.  Don't you just love this face??










2019 Pages

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