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2017 (July thru September)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2017 Pages

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Adopted *** Venus ** Adopted



Venus is a gorgeous 3 year old Great Dane who lived not too far from us.  She lived with three other dogs, and for some reason, began picking on the other female.  It got out of hand and the owners decided she would be happier at another home.  They were not sure how to begin, so I drove over there and took pictures of this gorgeous dog. Several apps came in, but one seemed the best and he lived in Dodge City which is a 6 hr drive. Nevertheless, he got in his car the next day and drove all the way here. The first meeting with his dog, Max, was shaky, but Max kept his cool and Venus calmed down. Now they are fast friends and rode off to Dodge City together!





Adopted *** EJ ** Adopted


I got a call one day from a man who had found and "elderly Chihuahua" in his yard and it was blind.  He had to keep it outside away from his five children and the weather would be cold soon.  I was on my way to Kansas City with a dog, and called a friend to pick him up.  She worked for us for a long time, and called me saying the "elderly" dog was a 12 week old puppy and blind.  I took him to the vet who said he was born without any eyes in the sockets, and therefore is permanently blind.  Bridget adores him, has adopted him and carried EJ everywhere. What a blessing for them both!



Adopted *** Diane and Dottie ** Adopted


Diane and Dottie, aka Pumpkin and Oreo have had a tough life so far. Abandoned at a gas station in a small town, they were homeless.  An employee took them home but they had to stay in the back yard.  Then another employee took them home, but she had no time for them. And...they came to SCARS!!  They were so scared and shaking all of the time.  The along came a wonderful couple who spent time with them and they came out of their shells and were so happy!  They have gone off to their new home and we are incredibly grateful to the family who is keeping them together!



Dottie and Diane are two bonded females. They are around five years old, spayed weigh around `12-15 lbs. and housebroken.  Their owner can no longer take care of them, and both girls are waiting for a new home together. They are extremely quiet, hardly make a peep and have absolutely no aggression.  Hopefully they will find a home soon so they can start their new life and still be together. 



Adopted *** Rocky ** Adopted


We refer to Rocky as the death row dog. He was on Facebook with two days left due to hyperactivity and overstimulation.  I was tagged by many people about him, but we were very full.  We decided to go ahead and give him a chance.  Rocky came here and was wound up but weeks of running in the fields and swimming in the ponds calmed him down and gave him a chance to be a normal dog.  In time, a nice couple came along and they fell in love with him.  He played really well with their dog who is now his best buddy.  He went off to his new home and we held our breath! All reports are good...hurray for Rocky!






Rocky came to us from a city shelter where he was deemed unadoptable due to being hyperactive.  However, once he came here and had the run of 50 acres, two ponds and lots of friends, he started calming down.  After a month he is now adoptable!  Rocky shows no aggression and gets along well with both large and small dogs.  He seems to be housebroken, but no promises there.  He weighs about 130 lbs and adores the water.  The perfect home would have a pond where he could swim every day!  He is neutered , heartworm negative and up to date on shots. You will love him!







Adopted *** Aspen and Argus ** Adopted


We received two purebred Great Pyrenees pups and they were adopted before they even hit the website!  We had many great families interested in them, but they went home with the perfect family who decided to take them together. Their names are Aspen and Argus and they are absolutely gorgeous.  Hurray for this wonderful family who has taken on the responsibility of two pups who are going to be very, very large!!!







Adopted *** Sadie and Marley ** Adopted


Marley and Sadie were very sad when they came here.  Their family had a new baby who was allergic to them, and after being family pets, they were homeless.  One of our fosters took them in and gave them a lot of love and attention.  In time, they began to relax and enjoy life...but they wanted their own family.  Several people were interested, but did not want two dogs, so they passed them by.  Finally the right couple came along and it was love at first sight...both ways.  The girls came out of their shell and loved this couple.  Off they went and all reports are glowing!









Sadie and Marley are a bonded pair.  They are some kind of wire-haired Terrier, are both females, are two years old, 10 lbs each, spayed and housebroken.  Sadie is very shy but Marley is more outgoing.  They will do best as only dogs as they tend to be intimidated by other dogs. They are so sweet and loving, and will make someone great companions.






Adopted *** Carmen ** Adopted


Our beautiful little pittie has a new home all of her own!!!!  The perfect couple came along, fell in love with her and decided to make her a part of their family.  Her brother Baxter, a pit mix, and a bit chubbier loves her too.  She went from being hyperactive to a normal, happy dog and we love this ending!








When we first met Carmen, I thought she was impersonating a ballistic missile.  She was in the home of an older woman who had no way to exercise her, and no other dog for her to play with.  The end result was disastrous.  Carmen went to one of our fosters and played with her other dogs, ran in her yard and has become a wonderful, normal dog.  She is good with cats, small dogs, big dogs and people and she is GORGEOUS!!  Carmen is a blue pit mix of 7 months, now spayed and up to date on shots and weighs 40 lbs. 





Adopted *** Stella ** Adopted


When Stella came to us she was thin, full of fleas and unspayed.  SCARS took care of all of her medical needs and her foster took wonderful care of her so that she was able to go off to her new home!  We love you and know you will have a great life!







Stella is a one year, female, old St Bernard mix.  She has one blue eye, but she sure looks like she is 100% St Bernard! Stella weighs 100 lbs, is spayed and housebroken. She is truly a gentle giant.  Stella gets along great with kids, cats and other dogs and has laid back disposition.  I guess you could say she is perfect!!!












Adopted *** Delilah ** Adopted


Remember the picture of Delilah looking out the door and waiting for her forever home?  Well, it came along!!  She is now the proud owner of a 2nd grade teacher and protects her fiercely against the neighbor's attack Chihuahuas!  We are thrilled she has found her own family!











Delilah is a two year old American Bulldog.  She is spayed, housebroken, good with other dogs and kids.  Delilah weighs about 50lbs and loves to run and play, but is definitely a people dog.  She is well behaved in the house...so far!  She does have a piercing shriek when a car or something with a motor zips by her.  We are working on her not to chase our Gator and today she did fine.  Delilah is a delightful dog and will make a super companion.





Adopted *** Chiweenies ** Adopted



Several months ago a group in Topeka rescued 125 puppies from a high kill shelter in Texas.  SCARS took six and all have been adopted!  Today all of our adorable Chiweenies went off to their new homes.  We love all of the new families and thank them for being the winners in the contest of who will be best for these cuties!









Dallas, Austin, Laredo and Garland are 14 week old Chiweenies (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix).  Two are females and two are males.  Garland is spoken for, but the other three adorable pups will be up for adoption in about one week when all are spayed or neutered.  They are so much fun and very playful.  They are not afraid of big dogs, and are in great health.  If you want something adorable to love, these are for you!







Adopted *** Kylo ** Adopted


Kylo was very sad when we met him.  He had made the mistake of licking the face of his owner's girlfriend, and was banished to a crate.   When he was turned over to us, he did not ever want to be crated again! He slowly came out of his shell and discovered life was good and there were kind people out there who didn't mind if he acted like a dog.  A wonderful young woman came along, loved him and off he has gone to his new home.  We all feel super good about this and know he will be loved and have a happy life!








Kylo is a three year old, 18 lb, male, Spaniel mix. The vet is calling him a Cocker Spaniel mix, but he also looks like a small retriever.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, and very loving.  He gets along great with kids, cats and other dogs.  Kylo loves attention and not only does he not want to be kenneled, he doesn't need to be.  While his owners are gone, he spends his days under the couch!  Kylo is really the perfect size and personality for a great companion.




Adopted *** Mindy and Mandy ** Adopted


Mindy and Mandy went off to their new home together!  Their family is looking forward to hiking trips with them when they are old enough to walk alone, but might have to be carried back if they don't grow a bit bigger, which they will, of course.

They are still adorable fluff ball babies and we look forward to updates from the parents!







Mindy and Mandy are two purebred Australian Shepherd puppies.  They are nine weeks old, spayed and up to date on puppy shots.  One is a tri color and one is black and white. The black and white one is the runt but most miniature Aussies grow to be around 20 -25 pounds as adults.  They are soft fluff balls and totally adorable!







Adopted *** Buffy ** Adopted


Buffy was so thin when I first saw her.  She had gotten used to not eating, and she had no appetite.  She had only been given dry, apparently tasteless dog food and was banished to a garage after the "new baby" arrived.  I believe she was so lonely and scared she could not eat.  One of her kind relatives called us, and when I saw her I knew I had to help.  And so she came to SCARS. She refused to eat the first day or two, would not even touch canned dog food.  So I called my vet and sent him her picture and he said, give her lots of carbohydrates and get them in her any way you can.  So I began shopping daily at our good ole Dollar Store.  I bought so much canned food, I think they thought I had ten kids.  I bought canned chicken, pot pies, chicken nuggets, and the list goes on and on.  Her favorite was Dinty Moore chicken and dumplings.  I fed her four and five times a day and she started caring about food.  She would look at us when we were eating, and we handed over our food too.  I was determined to win.  I can be very stubborn and OCD when I have to, and I had to with this gal.  Two weeks went by and I could not really see an improvement, but she did start playing with the other dogs and coming to the pond.  After three weeks I took her back to the vet and she had gained TWENTY pounds!!!!
Then the applications started trickling in.  I was amazed at how many people love Great Danes, and this dog is the best.  She never has an accident, is loving and gentle and became one of our favorites here....we all wanted her to have the BEST home so I screened everyone carefully.  Today she went home to Nebraska to a wonderful family.  Her new dad drove 7 hours to get her, and spent time with her today before taking off. I knew in my heart, I had chosen the best family....two kids and a huge ranch in Nebraska.

This rescue business is tough. You take them in, save them, get them well and socialized and then you love them. You want to keep them forever, see them grow old. But if you love them, you let them move on to their very own family and keep the ones who are never chosen.  We love you Buffy, and are so proud of you. Know that I will envision you every day galloping through our fields.




Buffy is a 3 1/2 year old, purebred, merle Great Dane. If you are looking for perfection, you have it with this dog.  She is housebroken, spayed and perfectly behaved in the house and loves everyone.  Buffy just wants to be a lap dog, so your legs will get sort of numb if she sleeps on your lap long enough.  Buffy was emaciated when we got her and she is now getting four meals a day and we are seeing a slow improvement.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with this gentle giant. You cannot go wrong with this gal.






2017 Pages

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