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2014 (July to September)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2014.



2014 Pages

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Adopted*** Karma (now known as Ginger)  ***Adopted


When I was first shown the picture of Karma she was in a vet clinic at  a neighboring state.  She was going to be euthanized that day.  I said "We will take her...she is darling!" And she came to us.  I really thought with her wonderful disposition, small size and being a Basenji mix, she would get adopted out immediately.  But the months went by and it didn't happen.  Karma became part of our family and I quit worrying about her forever home.  I figured it might just be here.  But then I got the right phone call and in the course of one day, Karma found her permanent home.  She has a beautiful huge yard, a darling doggie brother named Grady, and two loving humans.  As you can see, she is comfy and happy snuggled with her new buddy.  We are thrilled she is where she needs to be! (Her name is now Ginger, which fits her perfectly!)



Karma is a gorgeous, one year old, female Basenji mix weighing about 25 lbs.  She has gold eyes, is spayed, heartworm negative and almost housebroken!  Someone showed me her picture from a town an hour and a half from here and said she was due to be euthanized that day.  I told them to call the vet immediately and I would take her.  What a terrible waste of such a precious dog that would have been.  Not only is she exotic looking, she is sweet and lovable with lots of energy, but not hyperactive.

We absolutely adore her!!







Adopted*** Onyx  ***Adopted


There is no doubt about it, I am the perfect dog!!  I am totally housebroken, I don't chase cats and I get along with everyone.  My former owner was kind enough to give me another chance at a new home since she was having to work two jobs and I was alone.  I am now living in Iowa with a wonderful vet student so I will have the best medical care ever!!!  She took me shopping and bought me a new bed, and I have the run of her house.  I also have a wonderful grandfather who came with her to help us all get adjusted.  Many thanks to all of you who helped me on my way to a wonderful life with my new family.



Since an Onyx is a black precious stone, the name fits this beautiful Newfoundland perfectly.  Onyx is a stunning 5 year old Newfie who is so mellow and sweet no one can resist him.  He is neutered, up to date on shots and weighs about 80 lbs.  We are not sure if he is a purebred or a mix, but he is gorgeous.  His personality is perfect.  He gets along with everyone including cats and has a calm disposition while still being playful.  His owner is working two jobs and feels she is neglecting this beautiful boy.  He is anxious for a family who will love him and take him for walks and appreciate the gem he is.





Adopted*** Lilly  ***Adopted


Lily has gone to her new home and it is a perfect match.  Because she turned out to be heartworm positive, and is undergoing treatment, she needs a quiet place to recover.  Her mom is retired and home most of the time, and if not, Lily goes with her on errands.  One of our volunteers saw her and felt she would be the perfect match for her grandmother, and she was right.  We are so happy for her!





Lily is a 2 1/2 year old, female, Spitz mix . She is spayed, up to date on shots, housebroken, and weighs 30 lbs.  Lily gets along really well with kids and other dogs.  She is gentle but playful and does not seem to have any bad habits.  Her owner moved and the kind neighbor took care of the dogs left behind, and Lily came here.  We enjoy having her and she loves to snuggle in your lap. She is really a great dog and will be a fabulous companion.





Adopted*** Molly  ***Adopted


Poor Molly...she was really getting shipped around for a while! When her owner gave her up, I retrieved her from the vet clinic and found what we thought was the perfect home.  We were wrong.  She was returned and her foster mom fell in love with her again.  Actually, she was secretly hoping no one would want Molly!!  However, a great family came along and has taken her in and she is doing great. Isn't this just the cutest picture ever??






Molly is a 2-3 year old poodle/husky mix!  She does not shed!  Molly is spayed and housebroken, up to date on shots and heartworm negative.  She is playful and fun, weighs about 45 lbs, and loves everyone.  Including cats and other dogs.  Molly's owners had to get second jobs and she was spending all of her time in a crate and that is certainly not good for a dog.  If anyone needs a non allergenic dog and one who is perfect for a family, she is the one!!!





Adopted*** Ellie Mae ***Adopted


When my friend and I arrived at a large shelter in KC we expected a small female black lab transfer.  However, she had been adopted that very morning and instead we were delivered a bag of bones boxer mix who was not doing well....obviously.  She had barrier aggression and was not eating well.  Could we take her to our place and fatten her up and get rid of her anxiety?????  That is a large order, but we embarked on our mission.  Weeks later Ellie May aka Turtle (:  started filling out and becoming a surprisingly beautiful dog.  In addition she settled down and loved to play couch potato around the house.  No dog can truly be evaluated at a large shelter because it is a tough environment for everyone.  People should keep that in mind. Well along came a couple who were looking for a dog and Ellie seemed to fit their idea of what it should be.  Dad came to meet her and spend several hours with her and seeing what a wonderful girl she is, he took her home.  The rest is history. She is fine with their cat and the last message said "We could not have found a better dog!!!"  The two attached pictures of her alone are in her new home. Isn't she gorgeous???




Ellie May is a 2-3 year old Boxer/Great Dane mix with maybe a dash of Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She is spayed, heartworm negative, weighs about 60-70 lbs, housebroken and up to date  on shots.  When we took her in, she was very thin and ribby which is not good.  However, her appetite is really improving and she is gaining fast, and soon her ribs will not be visible at all.  Ellie May was in a city shelter and totally stressed out.  She is getting a lot of exercise here and has settled down into a wonderful dog.  She is gentle and sweet and really a joy to be around. Ellie May will make some lucky family a great companion.




Adopted*** Lila ***Adopted


When one of our fosters decided Lila needed to be moved from big shelter to SCARS she vowed to keep her until she found a home.  She discovered all sorts of good things about her...Lila loves kids (her form at the other shelter said NO KIDS), she doesn't chase cats and she is good with other dogs.  All positive!!  But then my friend decided to go on a trip for two weeks and Lila came here.  We were very full but when another friend showed up with a family looking for the perfect dog, Lila really filled the bill!!  The little girl is only 5 years old but Lila adored her.  So, there have been a few bumps in the road but I got the call I was praying for....Lila has found her forever home!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!



I am not sure what I am.  In fact, I have an identity crisis because I have been called so many things.  I have been told I am part American bulldog, part pharaoh hound with some helicopter dog thrown in for good measure. Whatever I am, I am good.  I actually like cats and leave them alone and love wrestling with other dogs.  I am spayed, weigh about 45 lbs, and am up to date on my shots.  I was in a city shelter for a long time so now it is time for me to settle down. It has been recommended that I not go out on windy days, as I may become airborne.  How about giving me a chance?





Adopted*** Beauregard and Isaac ***Adopted


When we acquired Bo and Isaac from a woman who had lost her home, we had little hope for their adoption separately - much less together due to their age.  However, miracles do happen and we feel it has today.  Bo and Isaac headed TOGETHER to their new home with a mother, daughter and grandpa nearby.  They have their own fenced in yard and now reside with an old friend of ours....(not in years...she is young!!!)  Their new mom came to see us ten years ago, moved back east and now is back in Ks. and looked us up.  As luck would have it, she loves giant breeds and feels empathy for older dogs.  Despite a few lumps and bumps and tons of drool, she and her daughter love these two precious boys.   May you all have joy every day. Many thanks from SCARS.



Beauregard is an 8 year old, male, Bloodhound/Mastiff mix.  He weighs 105 lbs and is neutered and housebroken.  "Beau's", owner lost her home and had nowhere to go, so he and his friend, Isaac (see below), were homeless also.  I got a desperate call while driving to please take them in.  Well this is going to be interesting, I thought, Two giant breeds arriving at my house unannounced!  We hope they will both find wonderful, loving homes to live out their years.




Isaac, a male, Mastiff mix, weighs 90 lbs, and is neutered and housebroken.  Isaac is a quiet one - he just lies around being lazy and happy.  He is 8 years old, and although he and Beauregard (see above) have lived together as inside dogs, they are not necessarily bonded.  We feel they would be fine adopted out separately.  Both dogs have wonderful dispositions and would be gentle giants in your home.  True, they are older, but not so old they don't have some good years left.  We hope they will both find wonderful, loving homes to live out their years.





Adopted*** Coco ***Adopted


When Coco came to SCARS she was very thin and scared.  She almost "walked" on her tummy to get to you.  She flinched when someone tried to pet her.  We were joyous to see her gain confidence and trust, and become a playful happy dog.  In addition, she was probably the cutest dog we had ever seen.  Along came just the right home for her...a single woman who loved her picture and kept thinking about adopting her.  For one thing, her new brother is a tiny Chihuahua (Diablo!!!) and we feared Coco might play too rough, but she is doing very well.  The reports from "the front" are wonderful.  Coco is adjusting well and loved by her new mom and all of her relatives. We miss her, but we are very happy for this precious and most deserving dog.



Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!  I am a smooth faced terrier of some unknown breed mix.  Some people think my grandparents were pit bulls, some boxers, and some think I am just plain cute.  I have tried to trace my lineage, to no avail.  It seems I am a foundling.  Here is what I do know.  I adore kids, adults and other dogs.  I like to play and have fun but am a little timid.  I had some beautiful puppies but right while I was taking care of them in a little nook in the woods, some kids came along and I never saw them again.  I miss them so much, but some kind people took me in for a while and then brought me to SCARS.  I like it here and they are really nice to me.  I have gained weight (I now weigh almost 40 lbs and went to the hospital so I won't have any more puppies for anyone to take away from me.)  Now I just want my own family.  Oh, and by the way, I was voted most popular in the group here at SCARS!





Adopted*** Brutus ***Adopted


Brutus came to us from Missouri from a family who had no more money for dog food.  He and two "friends" were loaded up and driven to Topeka where I met them and brought them to SCARS.  Everyone fell in love with Brutus who definitely wanted to be an inside dog.  He liked sitting on your feet! A great couple from Boulder Colorado filled out an application and after a few phone conversations, we felt they would be a good fit.  They drove from Colorado to Topeka, met Brutus, spent the night and drove him home.  Since then we have received many adorable photos of Brutus in his new home. He is a dog who should live in the mountains and do lot of hiking!



Brutus is between 2 and 3 years old, neutered, and weighs 70 lbs.  He is absolutely beautiful.  Here is what our vet thinks.....he is a cross between a retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog and shepherd.  Brutus loves everyone and, like his buddy Rover, has boundless energy.  Brutus is so friendly and laid back, he really will be the perfect pet for some lucky family.  He came from the same sad environment as Rover, but both of them seem none the worse for wear!





2014 Pages

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