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2010 (July to October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



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Adopted*** Bowser (now known as Jake) ***Adopted


bowser home1.jpg


Bowser, aka Jake, is now adopted and settled with his new family.  Jake is the gorgeous Mastiff mix pup we got a month ago and here he is with one of his new owners.  He gets to go to work every day with his person Dad and go home to his human brother!  All reports so far tell us that everyone loves him and he is one happy puppy!!



bowser1Bowser is a 12 week old, male, Mastiff mix.  He is up to date on all of his shots and the sweetest little boy.  This gorgeous, 14 pound, puppy just showed up on someone's porch in the country and stayed.  They have four cats and no fence and being old friends of SCARS, gave us a call.  I love cuddling fluffy puppies!  Bowser is quiet and a bit shy right now, but he started playing and wagging his tail today so he will make someone a fabulous pet. Bowser is still too young to be neutered, but we will have it done as soon as he is old enough.





Adopted*** Bandit and Kringle ***Adopted


bandit and kringle home1.jpgBandit and Kringle were adopted together!!!  We really lucked out when a friend of Terry's and her husband decided to pick out TWO of our dogs to adopt.  That is a dream come true!!  They came over and it was like "going shopping!"  The two that really touched them were Kringle and Bandit and they went off together like brothers.  So far it is reported that they are lap dogs and doing great.  I know these little guys will be spoiled rotten and since the new mom works at Terry's office, they will get to come to work and visit so we can have updates on their progress!




Bandit is about 20 lbs and, we believe, a Shiba Inu mix.  He is about 2 years old, neutered, has had all his shots, and probably not quite housebroken yet.  Because we have limited information on him, this description may change a bit.  Bandit arrived one bright morning at a house in the country and he just settled in.  However, they do have other pets and had not planned on keeping him.  He sits on command and loves kids. He is very gentle and sweet and will make some family a wonderful pet






Adopted*** Midnight ***Adopted


The couple who rescued these two pups have decided to keep Midnight.  He is one of 3 pups starved almost to death. We are glad they are keeping him with his litter mate - they really need each other.  SCARS has paid their vet bill so far, but she is a friend and employee, and we are glad to help.  They should very happy in their new home.



midnight and bro1midnight1Midnight is a male, 3 1/2 month old, purebred, black German Shepherd.  He is up to date on shots and has been our million dollar dog!  Midnight and his brother and sister were starvation cases and sadly, the sister did not make it.  However, after lots of vet treatment he and his brother are thriving.  He is really sweet and gentle and gaining weight like a trooper. In the picture with the two of them, he is the one in the back.  His owner was a breeder and we will say no more on that subject!!






Adopted*** Betsy ***Adopted


Betsy has been adopted!  Click here to see her story.


betsy 0710-1

Betsy is a 10 month old, female, Border Collie mix.  She is crate trained, spayed, and up to date on her shots.  Betsy's owner lost her house and had to move out of town and could not take her with the family.  She has a gentle temperament, is a little shy at first and does not seem to be hyper like some border collies.  She is not very good with small dogs, but does well with dogs her size or larger.  Since she only weighs 30 lbs, she is a dainty little dog who will make a great family companion.






Adopted*** Barney ***Adopted


barney home1

When I opened my email two months ago and saw Barney's adorable face, I knew I would have to cave in and take him into the SCARS program.  He had arrived as a stray at a vet's office some 50 miles from here.  Terry and I drove halfway and he was unloaded from a volunteer's truck and into our doggie van. He rode quietly all the way home with his rubber toy snuggled beside him. As time went on, we were amazed at his quiet disposition - an anomaly for a lab puppy.  He never whined or barked and slid gracefully into the daily activities of the pack.  And yet, no applications??  It was a mystery.  Soon we went to Colorado for a much needed 3 day vacation and a dear friend doggie-sat for him.  She had the wisdom to invite a friend over who was quite taken with Barney, went home and returned with his wife and daughter in tow.  Barney is now safely housed in their home and has a canine brother, Winston, a white fluffy little foo-foo dog as a brother and his very own people family.  His dad is a jogger and this will be perfect for his exercise as the weather begins to cool down (soon we hope!)  So far all reports are positive and we will hope for continued good news.



barney today 071310-1

Barney is now 5 months old and doing fine.  Here is a new photo:


barney and terry1Barney is a 4 month old, male, Labrador Retriever mix.  He is neutered, up to date on shots, and weighs about barney%20and%20toy130 lbs.  He has a gentle disposition and seems playful and healthy.  Barney came all the way from Girard, KS, the last of a litter from a momma dog found as a stray.  The vet clinic found SCARS on the internet and we decided to bring him into the fold!!





Adopted*** Jay ***Adopted


When I first saw Jay, he was languishing in a high kill shelter on death row.  I had responded to a plea to take a boxer who was also out of time and although I rarely enter these places, this time I decided to make an exception.  As I walked the boxer to the door, I inadvertently glanced to my right (strictly verboten) and saw Jay.  His look of resignation changed suddenly and he wagged his tail in hopeful expectancy.  I continued walking and got in my car with my latest charge, and went home.  However, his adorable face haunted me all that night and by the next jay homemorning I was back in the car, cursing my weakness, and heading again for the pound. Later, with Jay in tow, I drove to a friend's house who is one of our licensed fosters, and she took him in.  We had him fixed, got his shots and proceeded to put him on our website.  It seemed no one wanted this guy. My friend kept him for 6 months but in truth, he was "too much" for her and her small children. Luck was on our side...and his.  She had to be out of town and one of her friends came to dog sit and instantly liked Jay.  She made a deal with Jay.  If he would teach her dog to go up the stairs on his own so she would not have to carry him, Jay could stay. We waited with baited breath for the verdict. The call came.....her dog and Jay were bounding up ad down the stairs together!  It appears Jay is home...at last.


jay1milo1Jay is a boxer /lab mix around a year old. He is neutered, up to date on shots and weighs around 45 lbs.  Jay has lots of puppy energy and although he is housebroken, he needs lots of outside time.  He is great with young kids, small dogs, cats, and so-so with birds!  Jay sits on command - it just takes a few minutes to work!!  He will be fun addition to any family.  Jay was out of time at a local shelter and SCARS decided to give him a chance to find just the right home.  We continue to learn more about him every day!




Adopted*** Kansas ***Adopted


This note was provided by Kansas’ foster parents:

I believe we have found a new home for Kansas.

My son lost his 16-year-old hearing dog a few months back. He and my daughter in law kept coming out to the farm and visiting while we were putting in the garden.  They really like our old Aussie but he is just too "old."  They said they couldn't go through another doggy funeral for a while.

So last weekend when Brian was out fishing he picked Kansas up and took her home with him. She has taken her spot in the family.  She has an overstuffed chair of her own and a bed in their bedroom. She has a yard with a six-foot fence (except she has proven she can go over that).  Brian is working on training her only to jump when they want her to and that seems to be working as long as they are watching.

He would like her to catch a Frisbee but that hasn't happened as yet.  Kansas however believes she must have gone to heaven as she looks pretty comfortable in the photos they've sent us. Their schedules put one of them home except for a couple of hours each day and she will be in a crate for that time.  And since she had been raised as a crated dog she is comfortable with that.





kansas on aleash1"Kansas" is a 3 year old Cattle Dog. She is spayed, up to date on shots, housebroken and weighs about 25 lbs.  She is full of energy, loves kids and other dogs but not cats!! She can catch a Frisbee and, if alone, will not run off.  Kansas does not chew or do anything destructive in the house. Dont you love the pink nose and one blue eye???






2010 Pages

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