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2008 (July)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



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Adopted*** Nanuq (now known as Boone)  ***Adopted


Nanuq is now called Boone and is staying at a pit stop before becoming a Colorado dog! Boone is visiting ggrandparents before heading to Colorado with her new owner, a ski instructor.  Now, how perfect is that??? Boone will get to go with her in the mountains and become what all huskies should be...a snow dog!



Nanuq is a two year old, male, purebred Siberian Husky.  He is neutered and possibly housebroken (we are still evaluating him).  He is good with other dogs and good with kids, however, he does chase cats. Nanuq was brought in as  a stray to a vet in a town near the Nebraska border.  Isn’t he a beautiful boy?







Adopted*** Molly  ***Adopted


Molly was one of a litter being handed out at the dog park.  A friend of SCARS took her and brought her to us knowing at least one pup would get a good home!  Now Molly is living in Kansas City with two other canine companions and having a wonderful life.  She gets to go to retirement homes as a therapy dog once a week and also accompany her new owner to work.  The latest reports are that she is behaving very well and they love her.  We miss her here and so does her pal, Bunny.




Adopted*** Woody ***Adopted


Woody has finally found his long awaited home. He has gone with a woman who loves him for who he is...strong, affectionate, well behaved and protective!!! She is overlooking his obstinate refusal to get in a car and will probably enlist the help of the vet who does home visits. In the meantime, he has the run of the house and his own screened in porch. We are so happy  his new owner found him and has given him the home he so richly deserves!!


Woody's owner has fallen on bad times, and cannot keep him although she would like to very much. He is a happy 2 year old, male, Boxer mix. Woody is neutered , up to date on shots and totally housebroken.  In addition Woody loves kids and they love him. Kids can roll around and play with him all day long and he loves the attention. With his joyful nature and beautiful markings, he will make a great family pet.







Adopted*** Carley ***Adopted


Carley has finally found her forever home after much bouncing around.  She just couldn't seem to get settled in the right place, but has found it now. Carley lives in the country as an inside dog with a human brother and sister to carry her around and play with her. And, of course, she sleeps under the covers as she deserves.  Carley comes to visit at SCARS frequently and we can tell by her attitude how happy she is now!!



Carley is a 6 lb Rat Terrier/Dachshund mix female. She is spayed and mostly housebroken. Carley is about 3 yrs old and up to date on her shots.  Carley does not seem to like men or little kids. She needs a companion to cuddle with as she is definitely a couch potato. She is loving and sweet with women and would make someone a wonderful pet.  Carley tends to be jealous of other dogs and would prefer to be a single dog!!





Adopted*** Sam ***Adopted


Sam has gone to a wonderful home with a beautiful female black Lab as a buddy. He gets to go to a lake house on the weekends and ride around in a boat. We know Sam will have a great life.


Sam is a young, 70 lb., neutered, male, black Labrador Retriever – and he is still growing.  He is up to date on shots and doing really well in the house – no accidents yet.  Sam gets along well with other dogs and cats, and probably will do best in a home with another young dog.  He likes to play (but sometimes gets a little rough) and is learning quickly to walk on a leash and obey some commands.  He runs free around the grounds when we are home, and he always sticks around, so there’s little worry about him being one of those dogs that runs away.  We would like to see Sam go to a family with a big yard and another dog.




Adopted*** Momma ***Adopted


Momma has gone to her new home and is now Bluebelle. She has a black Lab brother named Sam and has so much room to run that even she may get tired. Her person is home most of the time and really loves dogs. When we left he was planning a fun night of a chicken cookout for her first night at her new home!!!


Momma was found by SCARS trying to feed her pups without the benefit of adequate food or water. We almost lost one pup, but he survived. Now all of her babies have new homes and it is her turn. She is a 2 year old, spayed (finally!), purebred black Labrador Retriever who is also housebroken. She is well behaved and loving. Momma is going to make some family a wonderful pet.





2008 Pages

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