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2007 (July – August)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2007.



2007 Pages

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Adopted*** Lab Pups ***Adopted


The Lab puppies have all been adopted.  They have gone to great homes and will start their new lives with some great families.  This one has gone to a home to be and “only (spoiled)” dog with two teenagers to fuss over him.


There are 8 of these gorgeous purebred black Lab pups right here in Auburn! They are 7 weeks old, weaned, and ready for a new home. They have had their first shots and been wormed. What more can we say? The picture speaks for itself.






Adopted*** Jack  ***Adopted


The adorable little Rat Terrier pup SCARS found running down an alley, scared and thin, has found a wonderful home where he will not be lonely or frightened again. His new name is Jack and he belongs to one of the 5 children who are all animal lovers. Jack has new toys and a new kennel but rumor has it he might be snuggling in someone's bed at night.


Jack is a 3 month old, male, Rat Terrier/Beagle mix puppy. He has been dewormed and had his puppy shots. He will not be neutered until he is 6 months old. Jack was found in an alley and the people in the nearby office building were feeding him. He is sweet and lovable and needs a home of his own.







Adopted*** Hannah ***Adopted


Hannah now lives on three acres with two little boys to play with. When the boys are not home, she spends her days resting comfortably on the sofa. All reports are that she is happy and they love her very much. She doesn't bother anything in the house so I guess she doesn't ever want to go back to the dump in Arkansas!!


This beautiful German Shepherd was found in Arkansas by a man down there on a motorcycle trip. He worried so much about her, hanging around a dump and very thin, that he got in his car on his return to Kansas, and drove back to get her. Unfortunately he already has 3 German Shepherds and feels he needs to find this gal a home. She is now getting good food and vet care and her new name is Hannah. She is up to date on shots, weighs 83 lbs. and is housebroken.  We will report more about her as we get to know her.







Adopted*** Pilgrim (now known as Reggie)  ***Adopted


Pilgrim came to us last Thanksgiving after having been hit by a car . In addition, the couple who found him said he dragged himself onto their porch, skin and bones. They had no money to help him, so SCARS paid for all of his medical care and the orthopedic surgery on his leg. Pilgrim has been adopted to a wonderful family who have a small dog and a son who loves Pilgrim very much. His new name is Reggie, but to us he will always be our Thanksgiving Pilgrim who found his way into our family.




Adopted*** Rocky ***Adopted


Rocky is happily settled in his new home with two Irish setters for brothers, Rocky no longer resides in a dirt pen, but runs around his beautiful new home and sleeps in a big comfy chair. Rocky's human parents are very loving and patient and he is working through a few left over problems, but seems to be fitting in beautifully.


Rocky is a 2 year old Sheltie mix. He is neutered but we’re not yet sure if he is housebroken. He is used to having another dog to play with but we don’t recommend a home with cats. He is a cute little boy looking for his forever home – call us if you’re interested.








Adopted*** Maggie ***Adopted


Magie has gone home. She now has a "sister" named Diamond who is a beautiful German Shepherd. At first Diamond didn’t know if she wanted any competition for affection but has decided a lab sister is okay. Maggie has two teenaged girls to play with and to protect now. We just know she is going to have a wonderful life.



Maggie is a beautiful, 1 year old, black, female Labrador Retriever. She is AKC registered, spayed, housebroken and up to date on shots. Maggie loves kids and other dogs … so why is she not staying in her home?? Her family has moved to a small house and yard and she has no room to run anymore. They describe her as the “perfect dog”, and feel their relocation is unfair to her so they will reluctantly give her up if the right family comes along. 






2007 Pages

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