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2006 (Jul – Aug)


Here are the original stories and information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.




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Adopted***WINN DIXIE ***Adopted





Winn Dixie is going to her new home in Kansas City where she will have Honey, a blonde lab, as a pal and two adoring humans!! We wish you a wonderful life and will always miss you.


Winn Dixie is "the perfect dog." She is spayed, about 35 lbs and a Retriever/Wirehaired Terrier mix. She is sweet, loving and housebroken. She plays great with kids and other dogs and has no bad habits around the house.  Dixie "turned up" at a house in Wichita and no one knows where she came from. She is anxious for her own home again so please consider making her a part of your family.




Adopted*** DYLAN ***Adopted



Dylan has a new home! He lives with a family of four in a small town and gets to go to the park, chases tennis balls, run four miles a day and go to birthday parties!!







Dylan is a one year old, male, neutered Basenji/Akita/Shepherd mix. Like those of his breed, he doesn’t bark - he "yodels."  He is very sweet but energetic and is going to need some training. Dylan weighs 60 lbs, is up to date on shots, and nearly housetrained.  He will retrieve a ball endlessly and loves to play. Dylan needs lots of exercise and to be an indoor/outdoor dog.




Adopted*** LEROY ***Adopted


Leroy is now a Colorado dog! He is living in Boulder with his new family including a golden retriever playmate and lots of humans to take care of him. The last report was that he was adjusting well and having lots of fun with Izzy, the retriever. We miss that little guy!




Leroy is an adorable 6 week old, male, black and tan beagle mix. He weighs 4 pounds and has all of his shots.  Leroy is playful and healthy, and needs a new home!!  Give us a call if you think Leroy would be happy in your home.






Adopted*** MACEY ***Adopted


Macey has a new home with a (doggie) brother who came from SCARS several years ago. She has lots of children to play with and ten acres to play on. She gets to stay in the air conditioning during the day when its hot with all of the kids and plays with them and their toys!  Macey also has other (new) siblings like pet mice who live in cages! BUT...she is not allowed to chase the horses!!!



Macey is a one year old, female, boxer mix who is housebroken, spayed and has a wonderful disposition. She gets along with everyone, people and dogs, and must be a family dog, with inside and outside privileges. She was abandoned as a puppy but holds no grudges and loves to play and sleep. Won’t she make the perfect pet??






Adopted*** HARRY (now known as Sitka)  ***Adopted


Sitka's (formerly Harry) new family drove from Omaha, Nebraska to pick up their beautiful new family member. He now has a big fenced in yard, two children to play with and a cat to look at and not touch (which he is doing beautifully!) He is off to obedience school soon too. So far, Sitka is responding well to his new family and it looks like he now has a forever home.


Harry is a beautiful male, neutered Husky.  He is one year old and up to date on all his shots. Harry is friendly and lovable. His owner moved and left him in a garage where he was not discovered for a week. Now he is safe here at SCARS and ready to move in with some good people who will give him the home he deserves.




Adopted*** MOLLY  ***Adopted


Molly has been adopted. More info to follow….


Molly is a sweet, lively, one year old female Beagle. She is spayed, housebroken, and up to date on her shots. Molly is being fostered in the country right now, but is anxiously awaiting her own family. She loves kids and other dogs.  She would make a great family pet.  Give us a call if you’re interested!










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