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2003 (Jul Ė Aug)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes.



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Adopted*** BO***Adopted



Bo, the beautiful Boston Terrier, came to SCARS and went to his new home so quickly that his picture didnít make our website. He was hand picked for his new family by his doggie angel friends and is now safely tucked away with his forever family. Bo has come a long way from being abandoned and homeless to sleeping in bed with his new master! Have a wonderful life, Bo.









Adopted*** MISS TILLY and CRUISER***Adopted



Hereís Miss Tilly (Beagle) and Cruiser (Dalmatian), living it up, with a friend, at their new home in NY.Our former assistant is attending Vet school at Cornell University.She adopted Miss Tilly and Cruiser, and took them to school with her.What a life!




Adopted*** FOXIE***Adopted


Foxieís owner needed to move into a nursing home, so we took her with a promise to find a new, loving home.Foxie is about 7 years old, and just the most loving dog you ever could own.As you can see from the picture, she has a new home and a wonderful lady who has fallen in love with her!We just love to see our dogs so happy!









Adopted*** SYMBA***Adopted



Symba is a 2 year old, neutered, and housebroken purebred Yellow Labrador Retriever (with papers) who needs a home. He is good with kids and very energetic!!Symba desperately wants a new family.








Adopted*** MAJOR***Adopted



(7/27/03) Major (now Cooper) has a great new home with his pretty owner in Emporia, Ks. He will be an "only child" and thus, the center of attraction which he will love. He will be an inside dog with his own yard and be spoiled rotten. He sure deserves lots of love after surviving being "dumped" in a frozen field as a puppy!


Cooper (formerly Major) goiní home!



(arrived 3/25/03)

Major was one of three survivors left in an open field as a puppy. A farmer found them, took them to his barn and fed them and made sure they had a warm comfortable place to sleep. He said they were "froze and nearly starved." He found homes for the other two but was unsuccessful in finding a home for Major.The farmer and his wife are too old to keep him so they turned to SCARS for help. The young girl who helps me picked him up in the middle of nowhere at this farm and took him to the vet.  We had him neutered and got all his shots and here he is!He probably will not get very big. Major is a little timid and will need a loving home where he can establish a trusting relationship with his owners.





Adopted*** DOMINO***Adopted


Domino has been renamed Joey and has gone home to Council Grove with his wonderful new family! He will have four people to love him.He has a new four-legged brother -a German Shorthaired Pointer. And, of course, Joey looks forward to meeting Jake, a beautiful Golden Retriever, when he comes home from his "trip."












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