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2016 (June to August)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2016 Pages

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Adopted*** Timber ***Adopted


Timber was bought by a couple who almost immediately decided they had no time for him.  He had until 2:00 to be rescued, or off to a shelter.  We got him around noon and he settled in nicely with one of our fosters and became part of the family. Wow…applications were coming in fast and furiously, but we feel he found the perfect home and, as you can see, he is being spoiled rotten!!









Timber is a ten week old, male, Australian Shepherd mix.  He weighs 12 lbs and will be neutered soon.  He has had his first round of puppy shots, and is an adorable, loveable, huggable little guy.  Don't you just love his coloring? His owners actually bought him and then decided they had no room for him.  I think he will be a perfect addition to some lucky family.







Adopted*** Sprout ***Adopted



Sprout had an interesting beginning!  A couple was in the parking lot of a city shelter and a woman got out of her car carrying a puppy.  She stopped them and asked them to hold it, turned around, got in her car and drove away!  Well, they had a dilemma - they did not want to take it inside, so they took her home knowing they were not in the market for a puppy.  SCARS received this call, one of our fosters took her in and we had her medical needs taken care of.  Along came a couple who were not in a parking lot, but on the computer looking at her picture and decided she was the one for them.  They met her, adopted her and now she has her very own family!






Sprout is a 4 month old female Lab/Sharpei mix.  She is a bundle of energy and loves everyone.  You can see the Sharpei in her cute little face with the wrinkles. She has had puppy shots and been wormed, but not quite old enough to be spayed which is right around the corner.  Needless to say, she is a perfect dog....and will make some family a wonderful lifelong companion.






Adopted*** Bella ***Adopted


Bella was transferred from a shelter with BSL in every town in the county. Therefore, if one is even part pit bull, they cannot be adopted so she and her friends languished for two years.  She had limited exercise and was not allowed to be with other dogs...."just in case!"  Feeling sorry for her, we took her and the other pit mix here.  Her friend was adopted and Bella continued to live and play in harmony here at SCARS.  Finally, the right couple came along and fell in love with her and off she went to her new home. All reports are glowing!!






Bella (brindle) is a 2 1/2 to 3 year old, female, Boxer/Pit mix.  She is spayed, weighs about 45 lbs, and is up to date on shots.  Bella was in a rural shelter for over two years where she languished in a cement run waiting endlessly to be adopted.  She was not allowed to play with other dogs and only got out when a volunteer came.  The amazing thing about this adorable dog, is she is still loving and sweet.  Her time here has been spent rolling in the grass, playing with other dogs and discovering that life can be good.








Adopted*** Junior and Jackson ***Adopted



Junior and Jackson lucked out!  We really wanted them to go together, but finding the right home who would take them both seemed to take forever!  Finally a wonderful family came to meet them and decided to adopt them together.  They are so adorable and so far they are happily residing in their new home!






Aren't we just too cute for words? We are both about 9 lbs, neutered, and up to date on shots.  Junior is 1 1/2 yrs old and Jackson a year old. Out foster thinks we are West Highland Terrier Mix (maybe some Scottie there, too).  We are very social - we live with several other dogs and get along great.  We can be adopted together or separately, as long as we are loved and spoiled!










Adopted*** Oreo ***Adopted


Oreo was taken care of by one of our great fosters!!  One night she called and said he was sick, and the first thing we all think of is parvo.  UGH..he spent several days on IV fluids and we all prayed like crazy.  Finally, Oreo got well and nothing has slowed him down since.  He was, however, waiting for a family of his very own and along it came!! Now he has a teenager to cuddle and adore him, and a great mom. We love happy endings!






Adopted*** Jack and Jill ***Adopted


While we were on a very short, and very rare vacation, two beautiful pups were brought to our place.  Well, that's what happens when the owners go away.  What could we say???  They had nowhere to go, the landlord said OUT that very day, so they arrived, a boy and a girl.  Wow..what cuties.  Rarely do we find homes for two dogs together and rarely do we find homes fast. That is why we are still stunned that these two have been adopted together and by a fabulous family with three little girls to love and spoil them. It does not get any better than this!






Adopted*** Mabel (now known as Skye) ***Adopted



Mabel was not doing well in a nearby shelter and the director suggested she have a change of environment where she could bloom!  She came to SCARS and ended up with a great foster and she did indeed find her own personality.  Several homes fell through but Mabel was undaunted.  She knew her forever family would come soon and they did...all the way from Oklahoma.  The fun part is they picked her up in their private plane and off she flew....out of OZ to Oklahoma where her name is now Skye.  All reports are good and we are grateful to this wonderful family for their love and devotion to this special dog



Mabel is a wonderful four year old Boxer.  She is spayed, house broken and gets along well with cats and other dogs.  She loves kids but does not like stairs.  We think she is afraid of them and in time, will get the hang of it.  Mabel is a bit plump and weighs about 50 lbs.  However, she has assured us she has lots of energy and can outwalk her new owner, whoever it might be.









Adopted*** Benny ***Adopted


Benny came to us from the son of old friends of SCARS.  He had a new job traveling and could no longer take care of Benny.  I honestly thought he would be instantly adopted because he was young, got along with dogs and people and was beautiful.  But time went by and the right family did not show up.  I decided to post his picture on my Facebook account and the son of a colleague at school alerted his parents.  I could not have wished for a better home.  Benny is settling in nicely and has a few bad habits to correct (killing rabbits) so he will not be in the "doghouse."  We know he is loved and safe.






Benny will be two years old in a few months.  He is neutered, housebroken, good with kids and other dogs. His dad got a new job and is on the road most of the week leaving Benny without adequate exercise and company.  Benny is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever mix with a chocolate sheen when he is in the sun.  He weighs 50 lbs and is having a blast running on our 50 acres and swimming in the pond.  Whoever gets him will have a great companion and we all know what good pets Labs can be.




Adopted*** Ginger (now known as Roxy) ***Adopted


Soldier Girl came to us several months ago from a rural shelter where she was kept in a cement run for over two years.  Her life was sad and lonely with little hope of being adopted since she has a touch of pit bull and they have BSL in the area.  I received an email from someone begging us to get her and her friend (they were never allowed to play with other dogs just in the event they MIGHT be aggressive) as soon as possible.  SCARS took them in and we fell in love with these two brave souls who still had faith in the human race.  Soldier Girl became Ginger and went to a foster who named her Marilyn because she has a beauty mark on her face like Marilyn Monroe.  And then it happened....the perfect family came along and saw what a remarkable and loving dog she is.  I wonder how she keeps track of all of her names, but the winner is Roxy which suits her perfectly. Her red hair makes her the perfect Roxanne! Miracles still happen and surely this is one!



Ginger, was stuck in a rural shelter with little socialization.  She is a red nosed, Pit mix, weighing about 45 lbs. She is also enjoying her stay here but is in need of a “forever home”.







Adopted*** Archie ***Adopted


Remember little Archie?  He had a tummy so full of worms we thought he might pop, but the vet fixed him up and he is all better now.  In the meantime, his forever family came along, adopted him and we are getting all kinds of great news about him!  He even has his own KU kennel and is doing great with his potty training.   Woohoo!!




2016 Pages

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