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2011 (June to October)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



2011 Pages

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Adopted*** Maggie (now known as Chloe) ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: maggie home2 0811-1.jpgDescription: Description: Description: maggie home1 0811-1.jpg

Maggie is now Chloe and doing great!  She has two doggie pals and few random pets as friends.  She is eating dry food (would not do that here) and feeling much better than when she was found on a gravel road, matted and thin. Here she is with her mom and her human brother....isn't she a fashionista??





Description: Description: Description: maggie 0711-1.jpg


Maggie is a ten month old, female long haired, Chihuahua.  She is spayed and weighs 6 lbs.  She was found running down a dirt road, matted and filthy.  All efforts to find her home have failed.  She is now all fixed up and well on her way to being housebroken (but not quite there yet).  She is so sweet and adorable...wants to be held in your lap all day. Maggie wags her tail nonstop and loves everyone.  Isn't she precious!!





Adopted*** Ginger (now known as Jasmine) ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: GINGERwithJasonNewParent-1.jpg

Jasmine (formerly known as Ginger) is doing great!  She has adjusted very quickly to her new home and surroundings.  She loves going for walks in the neighborhood and meeting new friends at the bark park. There isn’t a dog or person she meets that she doesn’t connect with.





Description: Description: Description: ginger 0611-1.jpgDescription: Description: Description: JarJarsmilingCU-1.jpg

Ginger is a purebred, female, Pit Bull.  She is 10 months old, spayed and up to date on shots.  She weighs 50 lbs and is gentle with other dogs and children. Her mother is a purebred "blue" and just as gorgeous.  This dog is really special.....you can see how gentle she is.  I don't know how anyone could resist falling in love with her.


Description: Description: Description: Ginger3-1.jpg





Adopted*** Ranger (now known as Rho) ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: ranger home 0811-1.jpgRanger turned out to be a popular dog!  We sure got a lot of phone calls about him but we believe we found him the right home.  Ranger has been adopted by a graduate student who has trained German Shepherds in the past.  He understands the breed and will not only teach him commands, but treat him kindly as a companion pet.  His new owner knows Ranger is part fish and plans lots of trips to the pond where he can swim.  Ranger is getting along well with his canine companions and settling in his new digs.  By the way, his new name is Rho and apparently he is already responding to it! Oh...and grandpa is a veterinarian so he will be in good hands.



Description: Description: Description: ranger 0711-1.jpgRanger is a gorgeous 8 month old purebred German Shepherd.  His coloring is probably considered a sable or silver tipped.  I am told by a GSD expert that his coloring is rare and desirable.  Ranger was found running down a busy highway, thin and flea infested.  He has now been neutered, is up to date on shots and not yet housebroken (but working on it).  He gets along with dogs and people and is loving and playful. Ranger runs like the wind behind the gator on our 50 acres...he is tireless.  With some training he is going to be a remarkable and beautiful companion.





Adopted*** Bernie ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: bernie home1.jpg

From Bernie’s new Mom: “Bernie is doing fantastic. He plays with both Sam & Dave. They all hang out together in the yard, chasing squirrels & birds. Mostly barking at squirrels in trees. They keep busy. He's made himself right at home. We have to avoid the chase scene as they all run through the house!”





Description: Description: Description: bernie 0611-1.jpg

Bernie is an absolutely adorable 6 lb, male, Chihuahua mix.  He is neutered, up to date on shots and almost totally housebroken...not yet completely there.  Bernie was rescued when his owner was put in jail and he was abandoned.  He was adopted out and his family has decided they do not have time for him ... no fault of his.  He really is so precious...he will bring much joy to the family who gives him a PERMANENT home!





Adopted*** Anna ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: anna home 0711-1.jpg

Remember one of our two starvation case husky pups?  Well, now he has a sister!  Anna has finally found her forever home with Charlie's owners.  Anna was always such a free spirit and roamed our 50 acres at will...we usually found her at the pond or chasing some small critter.  She has apparently decided to be a city slicker!  She wears a halter and obeys commands.  She looks gorgeous and she and Charlie are clearly soulmates.  In fact, while we dogsat for Charlie when his parents went on vacation, she picked him as her favorite and waited for him outside the gate.  Who says animals don't have souls??




Description: Description: Description: new anna1


The Anna who came to SCARS many months ago is no longer the same dog!! She has settled down and "grown up." Anna has decided she loves being in the house with everyone.  She is still playful, but not hyper at all.  Anna loves everyone...kids and all other dogs.  In addition, she is so loving and beautiful.  We know she would just be such a fabulous companion for some lucky family.


Description: Description: Description: anna1

Anna is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Burmese Mountain Dog mix of some sort.  She is spayed, up to date on shots, heartworm negative, around 60-70 lbs and housebroken – or so it appears.  Anna is a rambunctious and energetic soul (although very well behaved in the house) with lots of love to give.  She has spent much of her life on a chain which accounts for her exuberance.  Hopefully, the run of 50 acres will work its magic on her as it has on so many others.  She gets along fine with other dogs and with kids ... if they are not too little or don’t mind getting knocked over.  Anna has beautiful markings and, by the way, she can catch a Frisbee!!





Adopted*** Dexter ***Adopted



Description: Description: Description: dexter home 0611-1.jpg

Dexter hit the jackpot when I asked a fellow teacher to foster him since we are so full!  The upshot was she has decided to make him a permanent member of her family.  When he was invited to go on the library tour for a week to show him off to potential adopters, I got suspicious when she turned pale and mumbled "well, ok."  Now he is settled in with her and her other dogs and I must say he is a real cutie pie.  Who could resist that face?



Description: Description: Description: dexter1-1 0511.jpgDescription: Description: Description: dexter2-1 0511.jpgDexter is an 8 month old Terrier mix of some kind.  He looks like he has Beagle in him, but exhibits none of the characteristics normally associated with Beagles...he does not have the bark, does not wander to "chase" things, does not act like a Beagle in any way. He has some Dachshund characteristics...mainly physical as his head appears to be much like one.  He is a fabulous dog.  He weighs 17 lbs and is neutered and housebroken.  Dex loves people and other dogs and plays nicely with them. He has a winning personality, must sleep on your bed and be adored, and will make a great companion!






Adopted*** Maki ***Adopted


Description: Description: Description: maki home 0611-1.jpg

Maki has gone to his new home!! He has a cocker spaniel, Sadie, as a sister and she has not decided if he is acceptable or not. However, mom and dad love him and he is getting spoiled rotten. His behavior is great...he disappeared the other night and after a frantic search, he was found snoozing in his own bed. They even liked his "plucked chicken " look after his shaving/grooming!! I think it was his big brown eyes that did it!




Description: Description: Description: maki1.jpg

Maki is a one year old, male, purebred Maltese who needs a home.  His owner had a change in her life and cannot keep him.  He weighs 6 lbs and is neutered and we Description: Description: Description: maki before1.jpgare working on his housebreaking skills.  Maki was severely matted and had to be shaved (see him before his haircut on the left) hence his naked look!! He is loving and sweet - loves everyone and has to sleep in bed with you at night!  He is really a doll!





2011 Pages

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