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2010 (June to July)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2010.



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Adopted*** Riley ***Adopted


riley home 0710-1

Riley is an adorable 4 month old, female, black Labrador Retriever.  She was found wandering around a neighborhood and all efforts to find her home failed.  Riley has been adopted by a wonderful family who already have two SCARS dogs!!  Their dogs are getting up in age and they decided they had room for a puppy - their boys love her!!  We know this is a great home and are so happy they adopted her.







Adopted*** AJ ***Adopted


aj home-1

AJ came to us from an old friend in Wichita.  He was found on the side of the road, limping, but our friend had no money to get him to a vet.  Our new helper at SCARS drove to pick him up and fell in love with him. We have had him neutered and X-rayed and his hips are dislocated but it is an old injury and for the time being, he is doing fine on his medication.  If surgery is needed down the road, we will take care of it.  In the meantime, here he is with his new mommy (the one who picked him up!!!)




Adopted*** Lily ***Adopted


lily homeLily is doing great with her brother who also has a physical disability. She is enjoying life, running around and playing and, as you can see, taking lots of naps!! (she is the one in the back!)  If at some point her condition deteriorates, we will all (SCARS and her new family) take her to K State for an evaluation but for now, she is doing really well. We could not have found a better home for this lucky little pup.




Lilly was found by one of Maureen's students one cold winter night on the side of the road.  He lilly1(the student) thought she had been hit by a car because she dragged her back legs and was nothing but skin and bones.  His family had no money to take her to a vet, so Maureen encouraged him to turn her over to SCARS.  The vet feels her prognosis is good and is not sure if she suffered trauma as a puppy or if it is a congenital problem. Lilly is now 5 months old and weighs 9 lbs.  She will be spayed soon and is learning to go to the potty outside.  She has now been wormed and had her puppy shots.  As you can see in the short video below, she gets around really well now and sort of bunny hops!! Lilly is brave...she never complains about her fate and is so happy to be warm now.  Do you want a true rescue dog? If so, here she is!!





This family has been adopted!




buffy home 0610-1

The family who contacted us about momma's pups had actually seen her story on the Internet and had considered rescuing her and her babies but SCARS got them all first!!  When she saw them on our website, she felt it was fate!  They drove from Omaha, NE and adopted a darling female named Buffy and here she is with her new human sister!






brutus 0710-1




chloe 710-1



lilly 710-1



momma home 0710-1One of our licensed fosters found Sadie and her pups on the internet with a plea for help from a large city shelter in Kansas. She asked if we could do a shelter transfer and she would take care of the pups and SCARS took care of the vet bills.What a wonderful job she did raising these pups to be the healthy, fluffballs they are. In the meantime, she decided she could not give up Momma and has now adopted her as her own. I love happy endings!!!




lisa foster1Mamma and her 5 newborns were dumped at a high kill shelter in Kansas who put out a plea for help, "This is no place for this little family."  A friend of SCARS called me and offered to go get them if we would do a shelter transfer and now yorkpompups3-1her babies are 8 weeks old and precious.  It appears they are a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix and there are 3 females and 2 males.  They have been wormed and had their first puppy shots and declared very healthy by the vet.  The two males are blonde and tan, with 2 blonde females and one tan. Aren't they just precious?  Here is mom on arrival...






Adopted*** Max ***Adopted



max%200610-1Max was found as stray and taken in by SCARS.  He was advertised for several days and never claimed.  We gave up looking for his owners maxhome 0610-1and found him a great new home with a family who had lost their Boston Terrier and were ready to rescue another one.  Max came and went before we could even get him on the website which is wonderful when it happens!!   So far..he is doing great.





Adopted*** Freckles  (now known as Pippi)  ***Adopted



freckles home 060610-1Here is a great SCARS story....one of my student's mom has Cocker Spaniels and SCARS has placed many of them!  "Freckles" was the last and needed a new home and I remembered someone had mentioned wanting one.  Freckles' mom is now a therapy dog at a nursing home.  Anyway, I went through my notes, found the name I was looking for and everything fell into place really fast!!  Freckles is now Pippi and she has a sister named Gatsby.  These two are doing great and I wish all adoptions could be so smooth.





Adopted*** Maya ***Adopted


Maya has been adopted and has gone to a nice home in Osage.  She has her own fenced in yard where she can run and play.  Have a great life, Maya!


maya1-1Maya is 17 months old and her energy is too much for the elderly dog that lives with her.  Maya is spayed and housebroken and weighs about 60 lbs.  She is up to date on shots and heartworm negative.  Maya is a Husky/Malamute mix andmaya2-1 loves to eat ice cubes and play Frisbee.  She also loves kids, adults and other dogs. Actually, she would be okay as an outside dog if she had good protection from the elements, a fenced in yard, and lots of room to play.








2010 Pages

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