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2008 (June - July)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2008.



2008 Pages

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Adopted*** Ranger (now named Blackjack) ***Adopted


Ranger is now Blackjack and has gone to be the brother to Cooper, a former SCARS dog. Cooper is also an Australian Shepherd and so far, they are just sizing each other up. Ranger had lots of energy but just couldn't handle the pack of 50 dogs so he is much happier in a quiet environment!






Ranger is a male, 3 year old, Australian Shepherd.  He is housebroken, neutered and gets along well with other animals and people. Ranger weighs about 40 lbs. Somehow he either got lost or dumped, but all efforts to find his owner have failed. He is a lively dog with lots of energy, but is not hyperactive.  Ranger loves people and wants to socialize most of the time. He will lie down quietly when he gets tired and is quiet at night!!





Adopted*** Pipsqueak  ***Adopted


Remember Pipsqueak?? He was the runt of the litter SCARS took in and he was taken to the emergency vet to be put on IV's for severe dehydration. We were not sure he would ever get well. Pippi was kept separate from his litter because he was not strong enough to play with them so he stayed in his "penthouse apt" and watched TV with Dad in the evenings. We wondered if anyone would ever want the runt, but the perfect family came along, loved him and he is now a  beloved member of their family. A picture is worth a thousand words...here he is with his two new human siblings and the look on the children's faces tells us how much that puppy is loved!!




These four purebred lab pups are all males. They have been wormed and will get their shots around April 26. They will be ready for adoption when they are 8 weeks old (about May 4th).


View a short video of the ‘runt’ of the litter, Pipsqueak, by clicking here.  He was very dehydrated and weak (with a bacterial infection too) when he arrived at SCARS.  He spent several days in the emergency vet clinic and is now doing great.





Adopted*** Lab Pups  ***Adopted


Two of the Lab pups have gone to the country to live with their new family. They got to go together so each would have a buddy. Their human parents have lots of time to spend with them and so far all is going well.




This big guy has gone off with his new family and gets to go to work with Dad!! He rides in the truck during the day and sleeps in the house at night. He has become a spoiled only dog and is loving it.






These four purebred lab pups are all males. They have been wormed and will get their shots around April 26. They will be ready for adoption when they are 8 weeks old (about May 4th).







Adopted*** Lucy  ***Adopted



Lucy is proof positive there is the right home for every dog.  She was brought to us with complaints that she was destructive but, Gee! – they had her locked in a crate all day.  She was placed with family #2 who brought her back in a rage saying she was mean, snapped at everyone, and they had been lied to about her disposition.  So, we kept her here for a year and finally put her on the website, explaining all of her supposed ills.  We had no trouble with her other than having to hold our ears for her Beagle bark which sometimes woke farmers 10 miles away.  Since then Lucy has found her forever home with a family of two boy Beagles who have come to like their new little female playmate, lots of grandchildren who love her, and, wow … she adores the one year old and never snaps!!


When I stopped by one day, Lucy was sleeping on the back of the sofa in front of the window.  She greeted me happily and then sat down on her new owner’s lap.  When I left, I admit to having tears in my eyes.  Thanks goodness for the families who realize pets are animals and must be treated with care and patience.  They are rewarded in full measure.



Lucy is a 3 year old, female Beagle.  She is spayed and UTD on shots and weighs around 25-30 lbs.

Lucy was brought to SCARS in disgrace. She had been "thrown out" of three homes before we took her in. Here are the reasons why

* tried to nip the kids when they grabbed her

* had occasional accidents in the house

* had a piercing beagle howl

* gave them "funny looks"(she glares at you if she thinks you are coming over to grab her or steal the toy in her mouth)


So ... we have kept her here for almost a year under observation and all of this is true. It is also true that she will warm up to you if you give her attention, loves to sleep under the covers at night and is probably the cutest beagle we have ever seen.  Everyone who comes out adores her, but of course they don’t have to put up with her quirks!!  If she doesn't find the right home, she will just stay here with us.




Adopted*** Ben  ***Adopted


We have been waiting and waiting for the right home to come along for Ben, and it finally has.  He is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had.  Now he is off to his new home with loving parents and lots of relatives who will visit – including canine relatives.  His first two days have gone well and he is adjusting.  Ben has been patiently waiting to belong to a family and now he does.




Ben is a six month old, male, Labradoodle/ Wirehaired Terrier mix. He weighs about 70 lbs, is neutered, up to date on shots, and loves everybody. Ben has lots of energy and wants to run and play with other dogs. He is well behaved in the car and walks well on a leash. This young guy has a gorgeous blonde wavy coat and is one of the cutest dogs ever!


Ben’s trip to SCARS





Adopted*** Molly  ***Adopted



Molly is a  2 year old, female, purebred Boxer. She is a puppy mill rescue but ready and willing to become a normal family dog. Molly is spayed, up to date on shots, and almost housebroken. She needs a loving patient family to bring her into the real world of love and affection, not cages and neglect.  She is a beautiful dog and would love a chance to have her own family.






Adopted*** Sasha  ***Adopted


Sasha is a three year old, female Boxer.  She is spayed, housebroken, and up to date on shots. Shasha is a wonderful dog and seems to get along well with other dogs. Unfortunately, her owners have decided they do not have time for her anymore.










Adopted*** Greta Garbo  ***Adopted


Greta has finally found the right family for her!  She has three human siblings and two parents who think she is just great the way she is.  She had way too much energy for her prior placement but her new, young family can keep up with her.  We feel it was worth the wait since she is such a doll.


This cute gal is 9 months old, spayed, and up to date on shots.  She is housebroken and crate trained. Greta is a wire haired terrier and weighs in at about 20 lbs.  Her former owner has experienced some serious health problems and can no longer care for her.  Greta has a lively personality and loves to play with dogs and people!!  Isn’t she just the cutest thing?!








2008 Pages

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