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Our Adopted Friends

2003 (Jun – Jul)


Here are more of the original stories and information about those dogs that came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have since been placed in permanent homes. 



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Adopted*** LADY  ***Adopted



Lady was adopted by a great family with kids and another Australian Shepherd, Lucy. 

In a recent email message, the new family says, “I sure hope you aren't wanting Lady back because we are madly in love with her!”


(5/27/03) Lady is a female, purebred, Australian Shepherd. She is housebroken and spayed, however, she is very energetic and proved to be too much for her family. Since they could not keep her she is in need of a good home where she can get love and exercise she needs. She is beautifully marked, and has a great disposition!





Here’s Lady’s new family.  Lots of brothers and sisters to play with. Doesn’t she fit in well? (Mom’s taking the picture)







Adopted*** LUCKY  ***Adopted



Lucky’s been adopted and has gone home to his new family!


(arrived 6/18/03) Lucky is a 5 year old, neutered, housebroken male Dalmatian who is loving, sweet, and very gentle. His owner was a jogger and he is used to regular running with a human friend. He has no bad habits, but his owner got married, and through no fault of his own, the new wife decided he did not fit in their new family. He is now confused, scared, and shy, and needs a loving, understanding home where he will not be abandoned again.








Adopted*** CARAMEL ***Adopted



Caramel (now known as Gracie) is now safely home with her new family in Topeka and they love her!!


(From 6/18/03) Don’t know much about Domino (left) and Caramel (right), except that Domino is a boy, Carmel is a girl and they are both about 10 weeks old.  Their mother was a small beagle, but the father is unknown.  They are litter mates of Cocoa (Mocha Latte – see ‘Success Stories’) adopted last week.





Adopted*** CAPTAIN ***Adopted



Captain is on his way to Oklahoma where he will live on a huge farm and be the companion to an older man who recently lost his wife. We will miss him!!


(From 6/13/03) Captain is a one year old, neutered, male German Shepherd who just ‘showed up’ out in the country. SCARS was called, and we took him in. He’s been trained in basic commands and will make someone a marvelous companion.






Adopted*** COCOA ***Adopted




Here is Cocoa (newly named Mocha Latte) with her new family.  They recently lost their dog (Cocoa) of 16 years, who looked just like their new puppy.  Don’t they make a beautiful (now complete) family?





(6/3/03) Cocoa is a 8 week old pup, rescued from beneath the house of a loner way out in the country.  She’s a bit shy, as her life thus far has been spent alone with her siblings and little human contact – but she is starting to respond to the humans around the shelter.


She is absolutely darling and will make a great companion for a loving and attentive family.






Adopted*** JESSIE ***Adopted



Jessie was adopted by a great family with kids.  She’s going home!


Jessie is homeless and needs a family.  She is a 4 month old, female retriever mix, and as precious as they come.  We all believe that she will grow to be a beautiful, loving companion, perfect for any family. Please adopt her before it’s too late! (She has a sister who looks very similar and also needs a home.)






Adopted*** BUCK ***Adopted


Buck has been adopted to a wonderful family on 400 acres with a dairy farm. He
has a blonde and a black lab for brothers.


Buck is a 2 year old purebred neutered Black Lab male (not quite housebroken) with a WONDERFUL disposition. He does well on a leash, loves kids, and, like all retrievers, loves to swim in the pond.  Buck deserves a caring home where he will be both an inside and an outside dog.








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