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2018 (May to August)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted *** Ringo  ** Adopted


Ringo is an adorable Border Collie mix puppy who has now gone off to a wonderful home!  As you can see in the picture, he is going to be spoiled rotten and that is just fine with us.  Have a great life, Ringo, and send us grown up pictures.











Ringo is a 10 week old, neutered, male Border Collie/Lab mix.  He has a gentle and loving personality and will make someone a fabulous pet.  He lives with other dogs and cats, and also kids, so he has been carefully tested and gotten straight A's!!













Adopted *** Pretty Boy  ** Adopted


When I got a call from a woman who had found this beautiful dog, we felt he would be quickly claimed.  But time went on, and he was not.  One day a family came to SCARS looking for a dog so I told them about Pretty Boy and they were definitely interested. Off they went to meet him and in time, they made the decision to adopt him as a member of their family.  What a great life he has ahead of him.





Pretty Boy was a stray and all attempts to find his owner failed.  The wonderful people who rescued him have taken great care of this cutie, and he is thriving.  He is probably a Staffordshire terrier, around a year old and loves everyone.  He weighs about 60 lbs and thinks he is a puppy.  He sits on command and does not jump any of our fences.  He is well behaved in the house and does not tear up anything in his kennel. Pretty Boy will be neutered as soon as we can get an appointment!  He also seems to do well with other dogs, but cats are probably not a good idea!!





Adopted *** Cooper  ** Adopted


Cooper is not the Golden Retriever in the picture - that is his best friend and now his brother.  Cooper had a close call as he was abandoned in a yard and just as the police came to get him, a neighbor stepped in and agreed to take him.  In time it proved to be a bit much with their other dogs, and they called SCARS and he went to our foster who took wonderful care of him until his new mom came along.  Now he is settled in his home with his brother dog, a huge yard and, when I pulled into the driveway, he was peeking around the curtains checking me out!




Adopted *** Thor  ** Adopted


When Thor's owner called to surrender him, I went over to meet him.  He was too thin and covered in sores.  I explained we could not adopt out a sick dog and offered to take him to our vet, which we did.  She had continued taking him to a vet clinic who was clearly lost as to how to treat him.  In time, he began recovering but had a long was to go.  I happened to show his picture to a friend in Kansas City and she called me later and said he was the dog for her!  Now she has taken on the task of getting him back to full speed and is doing a fantabulous job. Wow!  Good old Thor is really looking good!



Adopted *** Jess  ** Adopted



Jess is happy, happy, happy!  She has a sister named Catalina who is a playful husky.  The two of them entertain their mom all day long with their antics.  Jess has decided this is her home, and she will protect it at any cost.  She has learned to climb stairs and hog the bed!  Jess has come a long way from the starved, poisoned poor dog who came to SCARS on her last leg.  Glad she is an easterner now!










Jess is a five year old Pointer female, 50 lbs,  spayed and housebroken.  She was found, half starved, on a country road and brought to us.  When her owner surfaced, he said she had gotten into rat poison and wandered off. He surrendered her to SCARS and the battle to save her began.  Three weeks of vitamin K and lots and lots of groceries, brought her back to being well and healthy.  Jess is now energetic (and some) and loves everyone.  She will make some family a fantastic pet and, by the way, she says her days of being an outside dog and a hunting dog are OVER!  She has gotten adjusted to the good life of lying around on a sofa and this works for her.







Adopted *** Carmen  ** Adopted


Carmen has been adopted and is doing great. Unfortunately we have been unable to get  apicture, but we do know she is doing well.



The first time I met Carmen, I ducked.  She flew across the room like a bat and landed on the table in front of me.  “Wow, no wonder they cannot keep this dog”, I thought to myself.  So the next step was to go to a foster where she continued to be wild, but calmed down a bit.  Then off she went to her new home.....three guesses - the first two don't count.  They love her, but her energy level is too high.  Carmen is a year and a half old, lavender, female pit mix.  She is spayed, weighs around 50 lbs, housebroken, and good with kids.  However, her high energy level makes it difficult for working parents to give her the exercise she needs.  She is now housebroken, crate trained and weighs 55 lbs.  What does this beautiful dog need??  Lots of exercise and room to run.  I know, that's hard to find in our world today, plus they feel she would do best as an only dog.





Adopted *** Bruno  ** Adopted


Bruno has been adopted to a family who got a dog from us a few years back. They recently lost their Chihuahua so they felt Bruno fit the bill and he is doing great as you can see from his picture! We know he is in good hands.







Bruno is a year old ten pound Chihuahua.  He is neutered and mostly housebroken and is a sweetheart.  Bruno takes a while to warm up to people, but once he does, he is devoted.  He is not recommended for small children as they make him nervous. He is very handsome in his winter sweater!










Adopted *** Pups from Hoarder ** Adopted


Remember the gorgeous blonde dog we got from a hoarding situation?  Well, she came to SCARS and a week later had six beautiful pups.  One is the famous Bianca, the runt, who was born with a heart abnormality.  However, the other five were perfect!! Here they are......Millie, Gus, Bentley, Roxy and Rugar!  All are happily settled in their new homes and living the life!



Adopted *** Eve ** Adopted


If ever a dog could debunk a myth, Eve will about Pit Bulls.  She turned out to be the gentlest and sweetest dog our foster has ever had.  In fact, I did not think our foster would ever let her go BUT when the perfect family came along to spoil her rotten, she gave in and let her get adopted.  We see a wonderful life ahead of her!










Eve is a four year old blue nosed pit bull. She is now spayed and up to date on her shots. Eve was being neglected with her previous owner and extremely thin and underfed and is up to about 70 lbs.  She ended up with a foster of ours and is truly the perfect dog. She is housebroken, gentle with kids and other dogs and cats, and happy to lounge on the sofa!!  Eve debunks all of the rumors about pit bulls as she is truly a loving, gentle soul. 







2018 Pages

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