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2017 (May to July)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



2017 Pages

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Adopted *** Miles ** Adopted


We received a call regarding a cute little, white, male Shih Tzu mix who was picked up in town.  He had a tag on so the person who found him took him to the address on the tag, and the man said "Oh darn, we forgot to take his tag off when we dumped him." So, she took him home but could not keep him.  Miles went off to one of our fosters and I contacted a friend who was looking for a playmate for her dog who she had adopted from us 8 years ago.  I thought Miles might be a good match and he was! They even look alike, don't they???



Adopted *** Katie ** Adopted


Katie was our miracle dog!  She was running loose in town for over a month, and no one could catch her.  When SCARS was finally called, two of our employees went after her and caught her.  The reason was she was getting sick.  I could tell immediately something was not quite right and rushed her to the vet.  She has eaten rat poison and was beginning to hemorrhage.  Her trachea had collapsed, and her chest cavity was filled with blood.  The week that followed was nerve racking, but Katie beat the odds and came back to us a happy camper.  In time, the perfect owner came along....a pretty young woman who saw her picture and loved her.  Off she went to her new home and all reports are glowing. We love happy endings.





Katie is our miracle dog.  After being on the run for 6 weeks a woman in town found the number for SCARS and called for help.  Two of our YOUNG employees went out and caught her.  I knew immediately why they were able to catch her, she was dying.  I rushed her to the vet and they ascertained she had ingested a large amount of rat poison while foraging for food.  The prognosis was grim, but they treated her with large doses of Vitamin K and after a week of intensive care, she pulled ahead and is now well and healthy!  Katie is a typical Cairn terrier of about 17 lbs.  She is spayed and housebroken and quite lively.  Katie is cautious at first when she meets someone, but warms up nicely after a while.  She will do best in a family with a fenced yard, and probably another dog.  She will bolt out of a car and has to be watched carefully. We love her here and she will make the right family a fabulous companion.





Adopted *** Oscar ** Adopted


Oscar was one of four pups rescued from a bad environment.  He was the only Dachshund and the other were little Yorkies.  Oscar has overcome his medical problems and is now is the home of his new family who have already begun sending pictures!!  He is absolutely adorable and we know he will be so happy with his new family!




Adopted *** Lyka ** Adopted


Lyka has been the recipient of innumerable applications!  We all tried to explain how high energy she is, and when people did not believe us and came to visit, she convinced them from the get go.  Now here is a great story.  After a year of being fostered the foster mom resigned herself to keeping this ball of energy forever until one glorious day.  Guess who called??  The former owner who was now divorced, had a new relationship, new  house with a fenced in yard and wanted his buddy back.  When Lyka saw him ,she was delirious with joy.  She jumped and twirled and went happily off with her real dad. Isn't that just a wonderful ending??





Lyka is a 2 year old white, female, Australian Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and housebroken and only weighs 32 lbs.  Her owners were going through a divorce and neither one could keep her.  Lyka loves kids and gets along well with other dogs.  However, she is shy around men and will warm up in time.  Lyka has a lot of energy so would need an active family.  She settles down nicely in the house which is a real plus. This girl is really beautiful!





Adopted *** Murray ** Adopted


We were not sure Murray would ever get adopted.  He is hard of hearing and has some sight impairment.  To complicate things, he is very shy.  As time went by, his foster resigned herself to just keeping him until Maureen got a very compelling application.  Sometimes you just now when something is "right" and this was the right family for Murray.  The news has been encouraging.  He wags his tail, is happy and settled and they love him.  So you see, not everyone demands the perfect dog...or maybe perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder.






Murray is a one year old male, neutered, and housebroken Australian Shepherd.  He is slightly hard of hearing and not blind, but his eyesight is limited.  However, he gets along great with dogs and cats and runs up and down stairs with confidence.  Like many who have come from his "situation," he was not socialized well and takes time to warm up to people.  However, he is beautiful and sweet and will make the right family a great companion.




Adopted *** Cinnamon ** Adopted


We are happy to announce another great home for a pup!  Cinnamon's owner could not keep her, so one of our fosters got on it and took her in under SCARS.  In the meantime, a great couple was looking for a dog just like this little gal, so we arranged a meet and greet.  So far, they are all one happy family and who could not love a face like this??? (these!!)




Adopted *** Odin ** Adopted


Another miracle is Odin.  We really did not think anyone would take him. He is only a year old and gorgeous, BUT he has hip dysplasia and floating knees.  His prognosis is not good.  Who would take a dog who might be a cripple in a few years?  A couple came to look at another one of our dogs and fell in love with dear Odin.  Who wouldn't?  They talked for a long time and then off he went to his new home in Manhattan, Ks....not New York!  I keep waiting for the phone to ring but so far, so good. Let's all keep fingers crossed that he has a forever home.




Odin is a happy year old Shepherd who is housebroken, neutered, and loves everyone...cats and dogs and people!!  However, x-rays h ave shown he has some hip dysplasia and mildly floating knees.  What does this mean? He may have arthritis by the time he is four but we are hoping moderate exercise combined with his youth will help this problem get better.  This is the sad result of back yard breeders....the dog pays but the right family can certainly know they will have a loving companion, if not physically perfect.





Adopted *** Roy ** Adopted


We had really begun to wonder if Roy was going to ever get adopted!  He was energetic, yes, but such a nice dog with a great disposition.  Would anyone be able to handle his energy?  A friend brought someone here who wanted a dog and we began to think maybe Roy would be a good fit.  The first thing Roy did was jump up and give the man a bloody nose, BUT that was not a dealbreaker!!  He said "I like this dog, and will give it a shot!" so off they went.  Well, Roy tore up his house the first time he left and jumped the fence and ran off. BUT...this was not a dealbreaker!!  When the adopter came home from searching, Roy was sitting on the front porch. Here is what he said..."You're not getting this dog away from me now!"  I do so wish everyone was as patient and understanding as this wonderful man.




Roy is an eight month old, male Boxer/Pit mix.  He is smaller than he appears in this picture, weighing around 42 lbs.  Roy is neutered and up to date on shots and is a real lover.  When a dog first comes here, he has to be introduced slowly so as to integrate into the pack.  We always use caution with new dogs, but Roy just fit in really fast.  He is friendly and wants to play with all of the other dogs.  We do not foresee any issues with beyond being a great, super and wonderful family pet.








Adopted *** Riley ** Adopted


Every so often, adoptions fall together perfectly.  This was the case with Riley's adoption.  One day I got a call from someone looking for a certain type of dog, young female, maybe Aussie, great disposition.  Good luck, I thought, everyone wants that.  However, I soon got a call from a young woman who had rescued a dog matching this description perfectly and she wondered if we could find her a home.  I went into action, calls were made … I drove a distance to meet this dog and brought her home.  The next day her would-be adopter came to meet her and loved her.  The rest is history.  They are a perfect match and I do believe, will live happily ever after. Now why can't it always be like this????






Adopted *** Burt and Ernie ** Adopted


We decided these two cuties would just have to stay together.  After being dumped in the country, they needed each other for support.  Once here, they slept and played together so any idea of splitting them up went out the window.  A couple came along who decided to take them together and off they went!  The news is they are doing great although a bit more lively than this couple had planned on. We love it when two guys get to stay together!







Burt and Ernie are two Pekingese, maybe Shih Tzu, mixes...who knows. maybe purebreds.  One is around five and one is around two years old.  They are neutered, housebroken and super people friendly.  They weigh around 15 pounds and have gorgeous, fluffy coats.  These two are a bonded pair, maybe brothers, maybe dad and son.  We think they will make fabulous companions for some lucky family. Neither of them do any nipping and absolutely no aggression with these two cuties!!!







2017 Pages

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