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2016 (May)


Here are the original stories and adoption information about those dogs who came to us as a result of abuse or abandonment, and have been placed in permanent homes during 2015.



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Adopted*** Chico ***Adopted


Chico was a skinny, bedraggled little guy when he came to us.  He was rescued by one of my former students who is a dog lover.  He had been left outside and neglected, was not housebroken and because he peed walking on his front legs, he often peed on himself.  In time his foster home worked him through all of this, but there were still a few bumps in the road.  When this wonderful family came along, we all held our breath.  Maybe being precious is not enough??  After all, this is a demanding society we live in, isn't it?  Chico loved the little boy, but when dad picked him up he went "postal."  Did this spoil his chances?  Nope..dad said "I am a big guy, it is probably scary for him, he will come around."  This remained their upbeat attitude regardless of the curves thrown.  They could see the wonderful little dog waiting to be loved, and he truly has hit the jackpot.  I wish we could clone this family!



Chico is a two year old male, neutered and almost housebroken, 8 lb poodle mix.  He is adorable and loving, and has the cutest way of prancing when he walks.  Chico loves everyone!  He gets along great with other dogs and with cats.  Chico has a sad past, but now he is happy and looking forward to finding his very own family.





Dodge City Gang


Adopted*** Doc Holiday (now known as Expo) ***Adopted


The Dodge City Gang is on the move.  The first one went off to this new home yesterday. Once known as Doc Holiday, he is now Expo!! His new dad is the manager of Topeka's Expo Center and a dog lover.  Thank you for finding a dog at a local shelter and supporting your community. We love you!!!








Wyatt and Festus went to their new homes on the same weekend!  These two were part of the Dodge City gang, and all but Marshal Dillon have found homes!  Wyatt went to a family whose kids have volunteered here for years, and Festus went to a couple in Ks. City who have been waiting for him for over a month.  We think both of these little guys are too cute for words and have been so darn much fun here, we really hated to see them go.  The good news is that both went to wonderful families so we expect many happy days ahead for them.




SCARS recently took in four adorable dogs whose past is a bit murky.  Their home consisted of jail, eviction notices, poker games, saloons and dancing girls.  All of the dogs, except one, are around a year old and are just darling. They are sweet and loving and have been inside dogs!!  They have never been to a vet until this week, and soon they will be totally up to date on everything medical.  We cannot answer about housebroken yet, but it looks promising.


This is Festus who is about a year old and probably some sort of Beagle/Terrier mix.  He is gentle and loving and weighs 12 lbs. We are hoping to put some weight on him soon!!





Wyatt is a male, also around one year old.  He weighs 14lbs and needs to gain a few pounds.  Like his family, he is loving and sweet.  He is upset being taken from his home but is slowly getting acclimated to a new environment.  Wyatt really needs his own home again soon.



Doc Holiday is a small retriever mix of some sort!  He only weighs 17 lbs and is under a year old.  He is also loving and sweet....such a gentle soul.  It is our hope he will find a great home soon!





Dillon is the eldest of the gang...and therefore the wise one.  The other three go to him for advice, which he dispenses sensibly.  He is probably around 6 or 7 years old, which is not really old for a Chihuahua.  The great thing is he is so loving and gentle, and definitely not an ankle biter!!  Dillon weighs about 7 lbs and adores being around people, and sitting on laps!




Adopted*** Stubbs ***Adopted


Stubbs came to us at one week of age.  His mother had become confused and chewed off his hind feet, and would not stop.  We found a surrogate doggie mom who nursed him until he could eat on his own, and a foster took over.  In time the right family came along and it took a while for them to find him!  Not everyone wants a handicapped dog, although he had no idea he has any kind of a problem. He is doing great and has the perfect family to love him. Woohoo!!!!





Remember little Stubbs?  He was brought to the vet clinic when he was two days old because his mother kept chewing at his feet and she feared mom would not stop.  As a result, he has no toes and part of his back feet are missing BUT he is a happy, fun loving little puppy who is now ready for a home.  Stubbs mom is a Pomeranian, and dad a Pekingese.  He is 4 months old, neutered and had his shots.  He is not totally housebroken, but we’re working on it.  He weighs 9 lbs and probably will not get much bigger.





Adopted*** Kingsley ***Adopted


Kingsley never made it onto the website, but he did make it to the SCARS Facebook page! Needless to say, he was quite a hit.  The family could not keep him as the child was allergic, so he was looking for a new place to live.  A family whom we have known for years saw him, and one of their daughters decided he would be a great fit for her and she really got "on it."  The latest news is that all are doing well and Kingsley has a new home!




Adopted*** Destiny (now known as Pepper) ***Adopted


No one can forget our Destiny who was found with a rope embedded in her neck, and a litter of her pups hiding under a shed.  A rescue saved her and brought her to SCARS where she and her babies settled down.  One by one, her kids got adopted, but she stayed on...and on.  She became BFF with Addie, the dog thrown from the car and her life was happy.  However, she knew at some point she needed her very own family to love and the right one finally came along.  Now she has two little girls to love and a cat to glare at!  Destiny is now Pepper and so far, she is doing great and they adore her.  Nothing is too good for this wonderful dog we will always miss.



When Destiny came to us she had been rescued by a group in Topeka after being transferred from Kansas City.  She was found running loose with a rope embedded deep in her neck, and her five puppies were under a nearby shed.  She is now settled down, happy and ready to be adopted.  Destiny is spayed, housebroken, and heartworm negative.  She weighs about 40 lbs and our guess is probably some kind of a husky/Shiba Inu mix.  We love her here and she is so happy playing with the other dogs.  The right family should have a dog for her to play with and she loves children too!  She will have a permanent scar on her neck forever.





Adopted*** Zoey ***Adopted


Zoey had "shut down" in a large shelter and, since she was a favorite of the staff there, they called us and asked if we could take her.  She started out shy and nervous, and did not like new people. In time she grew comfortable and loved the pond and running with the dogs. Along came a family with another dog who looked just like her, and off she went.  The news is good and we got pictures of her with her new family and she is smiling!!





Zoey is a two year old, female, Basenji/Shepherd mix.  She is spayed and housebroken.  Zoey came from a difficult background, went to a shelter where she was "shutting down."  Zoey is gentle yet timid.  She is non aggressive with other animals and loves the company of other dogs.  She is great with people once she gets to know  you.   Zoey must be approached quietly and gently and will be your best friend.





Adopted*** Rugar ***Adopted


Rugar was running out of time at a large city shelter, so a foster for SCARS decided he needed to come home with her.  Rugar is beautiful, but large dogs are hard to place.  He settled in comfortably in his new foster home and finally, along came the perfect family!  As you can see, he is now a cowboy, rough and tough, but he said the pink hat is too sissy for him!  However, we all feel he looks absolutely handsome and adorable in spite of the pink!!!  Live happily ever after gorgeous boy!




Rugar is a male, 70 lb mix of some sort.  He is mostly Great Dane, Boxer, and Pit Bull.  He is housebroken, neutered and beautiful. Rugar gets along great with kids and other dogs and leaves cats alone.  Rugar was not doing well in a large shelter and was moved to a quieter foster home.   He is anxious to have his very own family.







Adopted*** Dixie ***Adopted


Dixie is a miracle.  First of all, she lost her home when her owner fell ill.  Then she moved in with relatives but they were renting, and the landlord said she had to go.  SCARS was called and I drove over to find two of my former students were taking care of her...but she had to go soon.  Feeling overwhelmed with requests I tried a long shot.  I called a family who wanted a similar dog, but smaller.  Long story short...they loved her picture, drove to Topeka and adopted her.  How often does that happen???  Maybe once in a blue moon.  Here she is in her new home, happy and content.  They love her! Woohoo




Adopted*** Paisley ***Adopted


Paisley has gone off to her new home and seems to be fitting in very well.  All reports are good that she gets along with the relative's dog who comes to visit and loves her  new parents.  However, they have been unable to send a picture that is able to be posted...they are all too dark!!  If I can get an updated, lighter one, I will send it along!



Paisley is a female St Bernard who weighs about 100 lbs.  She is spayed, heartworm negative and housebroken.  Although she is 6 years old, she has the energy of a puppy and can play for hours.  When she crashes, she sleeps like a log! Too many canine companions makes her grouchy. Her owner died leaving her and her elderly lab brother homeless, so SCARS took them both in. He will probably just remain here.










Adopted*** Nugget ***Adopted


He is surely the embodiment of the American puppy with that adorable brown spot around his eye.  Nugget was rescued by a kind person who took him in and later asked us for help finding him a home.  When we put Petunia on the website, all kinds of people surfaced, including a family we had met earlier.  To make a long story short, I sent them a picture of Nugget and who could resist him?  He is the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world and so far, all is good and he is happily settled with his new family!!







2016 Pages

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